Why Won it my cat Sleep Next to me Anymore? The Answer You Need to Know

Why Wontt my cat

Some cat owners do ask, why does my cat not sleep with me anymore? Most of us probably thought that when our cat comes up to the bed, he’s pretty well comfortable but this is not always the case. 

Surprisingly, there are cats that don’t like to sleep on the bed or suddenly don’t want to sleep next to you. Many possible reasons why your cat does this.

As a matter of fact, just like humans, felines have their own preferences about where they want to sleep. It could be due to the comfort and any other reasons.

If they appear to be not comfortable with us, how can we really tell? Their sleeping mark could depend on warmth area, high spots, favorite window or in an area/furniture where they are comfortable.

These favorite spots could change easily in one snap. So, what could be the reasons why your cat won’t sleep with you anymore?

Likes Being Up High

cat like higher

Your cat may like to be in a higher position. Their wild family usually spend time in trees in order to survive from possible threats in the surrounding area from the predators. Also, lions like to play in trees. If there is one place in the earth where tree climbing lions are popular, this is Tanzania. You can search for it.

Sleeping in high spots may be due to inheritance from their wild ancestors. This could be the reason why your cat won’t sleep with you. He might think that the bed is not that high to satisfy the view of the surroundings. 

Cats can adjust in all types of landscape. If the place has no trees, they are able to find a place in caves or underneath the rocks to sleep. If there is a place similar to a cave in your home, you may be able to find them there. If this is the case, you can try to create a nice and comfortable sleeping bed in that spot.

Another thing is that your cat may just be personal. Maybe he just doesn’t feel the need to share the bed with you or just cuddle with you.

Moving Too Much in the Bed

Types of cat beds

Did you know that cats are able to find a comfy position instantly? Unlike the human, they don’t usually move too much in bed to adjust themselves. We as pet owners do this most of the time, turning around side by side or front to back trying to get the position we want and comfortable with.

Moving too much in bed can cause annoyance to them. Since we cannot control our movement at night, it could be one of the reasons why your cat doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore.

There are cats that love to sleep on top of their human particularly in the chest. So, if you happen to move at night, the cat may end up on the floor. Another reason for contentment depends on the covers. Most of the cats don’t sleep under the blanker and prefer to be on top.

The cat may not want to be disturbed whenever you pull the blanket. Also, those cats that select a spot at the owner’s foot are risked of being kicked. In this way, it is safer to sleep somewhere else instead.

Don’t Want Many Pets Sleep on the Bed

Your feline friend may be good at getting along with other pets in the daytime but may not want to share the sleeping spots with them. As we all know, pets are very territorial and if your cat is being harassed or chased off the bed for several times, she will not stay there but will look for another spot to sleep where no one can disturb.

Want to Mix Up Sometimes

There are cats that want to sleep in different locations sometimes. It could be in your bed, furniture or anywhere! They just want to mix up occasionally. From their point of view, the place she chose to sleep is where they find comfort and security.

Our responsibility as a pet owner is to ensure that we provide the best care, attention and safety for them. It’s best that we let then decide where ever they decide to sleep even if we don’t want to.

Your feline may be happy to cuddle with you in bed while some may want to sleep alone. You can never change their mind and never try to make them sleep with you if they don’t want to.

What Can You Do?

If you want your feline friend to sleep with you, there are things you can try. Before bedtime, try to put a heating pad in low temperature in the place where you want them to sleep.

The warmth may attract your cat. Just make sure to turn it off and remove it before you completely sleep at night. Another thing you can do is take the favorite sleeping pad or sheet and place it where you want him to sleep.

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