Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Cat Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Cat Food is nutritious cat food, made with completely natural ingredients and manufactured in the USA.

Designed and marketed to cat owners who want to avoid many artificial additives and byproducts, Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free is much more affordable than many other products targeted at similar owners.

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free


Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free is a great grain-free option for owners of cats that have allergies to wheat, corn or other grains. Although they occur pretty far down the ingredient list, Whole Earth Farms Grain Free does contain a few whole proteins.

Finally, Whole Earth Farms’ facilities are located in the USA, so you can be sure that it is made in accordance with strict quality control standards.


The ingredient list is probably the most disappointing aspect of Whole Earth Farms Grain Free. While it includes a few whole proteins in its recipe, it doesn’t feature one at the beginning of the ingredient list.

Additionally, it doesn’t include a lot of antioxidant-rich foods, which can help to support your cat’s immune system.


Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free does not have the most impressive ingredient list among cat foods, but it does feature a number of healthy, nutritious items. While it does leave out the artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives that many cat owners like to avoid, it doesn’t have many of the fruits and vegetables that can provide important vitamins and minerals for your cat.

However, the most significant problem with Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free is the lack of a whole protein at the beginning of the ingredient list. You’d always like to see chicken, turkey, salmon, or some other protein at the beginning of the list, but instead, Whole Earth Farms relies on turkey meal as the primary protein source.

While turkey meal is a perfectly safe, nutritious ingredient, it isn’t the same thing as whole turkey or chicken. Whole turkey and duck are included in the recipe, but they are listed farther down the ingredient list that we’d like to see.

It does contain four different probiotic supplements to help provide your cat with a smoothly operating digestive system, but it lacks many antioxidant-rich foods.


Perhaps the most appealing characteristic of Whole Earth Farms Grain Free is its low price. This is one of the most affordable grain-free options on the market, and it is sure to appeal to customers who need to maximize their cat-food dollar.

 As always, try to purchase Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free in the largest quantity possible, as this may help you reduce your per-meal food costs.

Ideal For:

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free is a great option for budget-minded customers, who need good grain-free food, but don’t have the budgetary flexibility to purchase some of the premium brands available

It is also a good option for those customers who are simply interested in finding affordable and nutritious food. It isn’t particularly well suited for indoor cats, but it does feature salmon oil, which provides some omega fatty acids, which may help improve the coat condition of your cat.

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