When Do Cats Reach Full Size? The Answer You Need to know

When Do Cats Reach Full Size

Your beloved kitten will grow soon becoming an adult cat without you knowing it. But do not be deceived by the appearances. Some feature of female cats matures immediately than others. 

Deciding to neuter or spay your kitten can make a difference to their growth. But the question is, when do cats reach its full size?

Different cat breeds mature in different aspects. For cats with short hair usually reach its full size at the age of 3. Some cat breeds mature quickly or slower than the others.

Average Growth

When the kitten is 1-year-old, they are considered as an adult cat. However, they are not actually fully growth at this stage. There are kittens that reach the average weight and length or somewhat close to it at the age of 9 to 12 months.

Large cats like Maine Coon usually grow longer to their average size. These breed reach its full growth by the age of 2 to 4 years.

Sexual Reproduction

Sexual maturation in cats or what they call puberty happens between 6 to 9 months of age. Possible cases of pregnancy happen in this stage because their body starts to mature physically right away. 

Male cats at this age period have the possibility to become a father so it is important to keep them away from female cats as to avoid this occurrence.

Most vets would recommend pet owners to have their cats spayed or neutered before their reproductive system matures. For male cats, the average months to neuter them is about 6 months of age.

Skin and Bones Development

munchkin kitten

Despite of their cuteness and playfulness, kittens won’t stay small for a long period of time. Kittens have a sudden growth factor especially during the stage of 6 to 9 months. At this point, their skin and bones starts to grow and becomes stronger.

You will notice that their body increases dramatically. In some instances, kittens reach its sexual maturity at 4 months of age which causes more growth although it is not as rapid as the others.

Social Development

When the kittens are about 6 months of age, they start to become more secured due to hormonal changes. At the age of 2, pet owners will notice that their cat has become more well behaved and relaxed because they are already considered a full grown cat.

Spaying your friend may cause them to become more of a kitten not a complete adult cat. It means that a neutered cat may preserved playfulness while in the adult stage.

Nutritional Needs

The cats may stop growing or increases its growth if the nutritional needs are not met. Too much intake of sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron can eventually slow the growth process while lack of calcium makes the development of bones slower and softer. 

Most vets suggest high quality kitten food. In the US rules, any type of pet food designed for certain age must meet the qualities set by the AAFCO. They believe that the right amount of food will help contribute wellness and proper growth in the cat.

Special Considerations

When your kitten matures effectively and turn into a beautiful adult cat, his diet must change to meet the nutritional needs. Switch from kitten food to adult food when they reach 1 year of age.

Also, pet owners must understand that the amount of feeding should be less when they become adult especially if they had been spayed or neutered. If you notice a sudden development of big belly, lessen the amount of food you give.

There are cat breeds that experience other physical changes aside from the size while they are still kittens. 

The Egyptian Mau cats are naturally born with amber eyes but these eyes turns to green when they reach 8 months of age. There are also pet owners that experience changes on their kitten coats and color when they are fully matured.

It is important to understand that you do not need to wait for kittens to reach their maximum growth before spaying or neutering them. Unwanted outcome might happen if this special procedure is delayed.

Spaying or neutering female cats may contribute advantages such as lowering the risk of mammary cancer. For male cats, they are more likely to develop spaying behavior if not neutered as early as possible.

Kitten Food

Should Pet Owners Worry if The Growth of Their Cat is Slow?

The answer is no. Pet owners must not worry about it! If you have a big cat breed, the full growth will appear on its size and usually weigh slower compare to other cats. Even if your kitten is a small breed, that doesn’t mean that he will reach the maximum growth at 1 year of age. Each cat is different on its own. So don’t expect and compare your cats to others.

Always remember to keep your friend healthy and happy as possible. Take very good care of them and ensure that they will grow up meeting the nutrition they need. Also, it is important that you should have them checked by the vet if you think they are not reaching the right development as quickly as possible.

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