What Is A Cat Loaf?

Veterinarians say that there are various reasons for cat loafing. Thermoregulation is one of them. In other words, our feline friends may tuck their paws under their bodies simply to keep themselves warm.

Luckily, cats are very flexible. Therefore, your cat can easily adopt the heat-preserving loaf-like position and feel quite happy and comfortable in it.

Cat Loafing May Equal Cat Happiness

what is loafing cat

Another reason why your feline buddy may sit in the ‘turkey’ position is because they’re delirious, relaxed, and comfy. Yes, this one sounds very good. A lot of cats are nervous even around their ‘parents’.

So if your cat sits in a loaf position from time to time, in the majority of cases it means they are comfortable around you and don’t feel the need to act defensively.

Furthermore, if your four-legged companion purrs happily, doesn’t look tense, and has a healthy appearance while sitting in the loaf position, then you can be 100% sure that the kitty is happy.

Cat Loafing as a Sign of Pain

Although cat loafing looks cute, it can also be a warning sign that something’s wrong with your cat baby. To spot the difference between happy loafing and something’s-up loafing, you need to notice other signs as well.

Usually, cats don’t express their discomfort clearly. Thus, being attentive when it comes to the most subtle pain or cat health threat signs is vital. As a matter of fact, loafing may be one of those signs.

If your furry friend ‘loafs’ more than usual, as well as licks their paw(s) excessively, then they’re most likely in pain. If your cat is loafing because their paw hurts, then they will also have trouble walking and jumping. Lack of appetite is also a red flag. Don’t take any chances here.

In this case, you should consider taking your little ‘kitty loaf’ to a vet as soon as possible.

Sometimes They Cat Loaf Just Because They Want to

the cat loaf

Yep, sometimes felines might want to sit like a loaf (or turkey) for no reason. There are times when your cat baby wants to lie on their back, while sometimes they want to sleep on their belly…

Just like us people who take various comfy positions just because we want to, cats often sit like a loaf for no particular reason.

Cutting to the Chase: Pay Attention

Felines do plenty of fascinating stuff. Even though ‘loafing’ is among the most typical cat behavior tricks, understanding the meaning and reasons behind it is crucial.

To cut a long story short, always notice your cat kiddo’s body language, do your best to analyze it, and don’t hesitate to ask professional advice whenever necessary