Cat furniture is built to provide a safe and entertaining haven for your cats.

Cat trees in particular feature aspects that will have your cat snoozing in complete relaxation, observing at a favorite vantage point, or playing with toys for hours on end.

Vesper’s Cat Furniture is one of those models that is aimed at keeping your cats in a happy mood at all times but is it worth your money? Will it leave your kitties satisfied and purring?

Let us see – read on and find out if this cat tree model is a good investment.

Vesper Cat Furniture vs


  • Included in the company’s Vesper collection
  • Includes sturdy scratching post
  • Features 3 levels
  • Includes pliable memory foam cushions
  • Features a durable, hardwearing design
  • Includes detachable cushions
  • Includes scratching surfaces
  • Includes dangling toys
  • Freestanding model

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Vesper’s Cat Furniture is easily one of the most beautiful furniture for cats that I have ever seen. The Vesper line itself includes products that are given great designs, excellent craftsmanship, and cat-safe materials. The products, including this cat tree model, feature an arrangement of perches, tunnels, scratching areas, and tunnels that your cat will have plenty of fun with.

The model needs assembly and the package includes an instruction manual plus all the gear needed in order to set up the ensemble. While it can be done with a single person, you can put the whole thing together with the help of another individual so do not hesitate to ask a family member or a friend for help. The model is built from walnut veneer while its scratching posts are wrapped in hardwearing seaweed material.

Vesper Cat Furniture pf

The cube meanwhile has a detachable memory foam cushion insert. The top of the unit features more memory foam cushions, which are attached to it and make for easier cleanup. The scratching pads, which have a rounded shape, are also fastened with Velcro material. The cube all in all was a perfect hiding spot for my cat; he was comfortably snug inside it.

The structure is sturdy enough. I let my cat climb and jump on it and it barely wobbled. The dangling toys that the model includes supplement the entire ensemble with a lively, playful touch. The toys will keep your kitties amused and diverted. If you want your cats to enjoy the structure more, you can place the cat tree by the window so the cat can have endless window-watching possibilities.

As for the other customers who loved the unit, they shared that the overall design of the cat tree was attractive. A good number of reviewers also went for the high-quality pads and cushions, which were a breeze to remove and clean. They said that their cats absolutely loved climbing or jumping up the cushioned steps to the topmost perch. Many also loved that it was sturdy and stable.


Minor shortcomings from the unit include its assembly procedures. As I have said earlier, if you want a speedier assembly process, you have to ask for the help of another person.

Other customers who were not satisfied with some of the features on the model said that the structure had plenty of wood compared to fuzz, which was not comfortable to sleep on.

Final Verdict

Cats need a place where they can stay and play undisturbed, and that is the aim of cat trees. Vesper’s Cat Furniture is a great addition to your furnishings at home.

It is also an excellent solution for cat owners who are tired of their cat’s scratching antics. This model from Vesper has a scratching post wherein cats can expel their scratching energies.

The variety of platforms on this model is also a most pleasant sight.

Now your kitties can relax and enjoy the view at an elevated vantage point in your home, aside from places like the top of cabinets, bookshelves or curtains.

Place the cat tree by the window or by your glass sliding door; the cat will take in the endless fun of watching the happenings outside your home.


Product NameCat Furniture V-High Base
Product BrandVESPER
Weight45 lbs.
Product Dimensions22.5 x 17 x 11 in
Base Dimensions22.1 x 22.1 in
Height47.9 in
Wood OptionsWalnut, oak
SurfacesOne cave, two platforms

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