Pros and Cons of Getting Bengal Cats! Everything You Need to Know

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Getting Bengal Cats

Bengal cats play for hours whether with you or your stuff. If these cute fur breed left alone, they can get bored easily. You can take them out of your home and have some family activities that will keep them entertained. They have an exotic looking feature but they are not wild.

Bengal cats are considered a new breed of domestic cats. It is becoming popular breed and many are curious regarding its characteristics and personalities especially that they are not cheap to purchase. The price ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars for each Bengal cat. Before you decided to spend your money with them, it is necessary to know what it is that you are paying for.

Every year people purchase Bengal cats and abandon them or turn them to the breeder of animal shelters. If you are to do this and not 100% sure you can take good care of them, I advise not to get one. In this article I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of owning Bengal cats.

Pros and Cons for Getting Bengal Cats

Bengal Cat breed

Appearance, Coat and Grooming Care


  • The coat of Bengal cats can be either marbled or spotted and short. It is easier to manage their grooming for this reason.
  • They have a short, luxurious looking with a soft coat which is easier to take care for.
  • Don’t need to brush their coat every day, weekly is ideal.
  • They may look as if they belong in the jungle which makes them really look unique.
  • The head is modified with the wedge shape, longer than it is wide.
  • They have cute rounder lines and figures.
  • When they roll over, you can see the spotted belly which is really cute.
  • It comes with several colors and patterns such as brown and black, seal silver lynx point
  • The coat can be seen randomly with horizontal stripes
  • The fur shimmers in the light which makes them look good as if they were tipped with gold dust
  • They love so much attention


  • This breed cannot be gentle. Remember that Bengals are athlete, they are strong with a muscular body, energetic and can be very playful
  • They have small ears which are really very short. It is set toward the side of the head
  • Since they love so much attention, this breed is not ideal for you if you don’t have a time for them

The rest is basic care. All you need to do is to have time. You can trim the nails weekly as possible and have their ears check every week for any redness, swelling or bad smell that could indicate an infection. If the ears are dirty, just wipe it out using a cotton ball.

Apply a mild ear cleanser which is recommended by your vets. Brush their teeth every night at home with the right toothpaste and always schedule a veterinary check-up as necessary as possible. Remember to do grooming care while Bengal cats are young as they become familiar with this routine.

Also, keep the litter box clean. They are very particular about bathroom hygiene. A dirty litter box may cause them to use other places in the house.


Bengal Cat


  • Highly intelligent
  • Sweet and very loving
  • Ideal for family pet


  • Because they are highly intelligent, they are more likely to do the things they want which sometimes really make them nosy
  • They tend to get into places you can’t go and do things on their own
  • This breed is best for owners who can keep them entertained and trained. If you think you can give this amount of time, then please don’t get one
  • They require a lot of attention and love
  • They have a unique voice which you’ll hear them often chatter and trill



  1. A sensory system disorder which is called distal neuropathy. This condition causes fatigue and feebleness. Distal neuropathy can happen as early as 1 year old. There are instances that Bengals tend to recover from their own. 
  2. Kittens with a flat chest have a thoracic deformity known as a flat-chested kitten. The condition is variable in severity from very mildly to very severely. Bengal kittens who made to survive from such case usually do not appear any signs until maturity period comes.
  3. Canine which is called Hip Dysplasia.This condition causes lameness and arthritis.
  4. A coronary disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which could be very alarming in some species.
  5. Kneecap dislocation also is known as Patellar luxation. It ranges from very mildly to very severe cases. Surgery is needed for the emergency situation.
  6. A genetic eye disease in retina called progressive retinal atrophy


  • They can be very healthy once taken care of
  • They have the ability to run and exercise on their own
  • Very active and extremely athletic
  • They can maintain their own weight
  • They can be indoor pets


  • Bengal felines seemed to have inherited heart diseases and eye problems like cataracts from their Asian Leopard ancestors. Therefore, it is necessary to search for the right breeder before buying one
  • Bengal cat’s overall health are the good but in some cases, they can still get diseases such as:

All breeds either cats or dogs have the potential to acquire genetic health problems just like us human have the potential to inherit genetic diseases. Any breeder who claims that their breed has no illness or genetic problem is lying or maybe not aware about the breed. Do not accept breeders who do not offer health certificate of health guarantee on kittens.

When you have taken your kitten home, it is your responsibility to protect him from any possible diseases like obesity. Keeping his weight is needed and easiest way to protect his overall condition.The preventive measure is better to help promote a healthier cat for life.

It is good to keep them indoor only to protect them from any harmful diseases coming from other cats and dogs. You can also create a large net cat enclosure where they can climb and play safely if you want too.



  • They are very active and smart
  • It’s fun to live with them
  • They are confident, loves talking and friendly
  • Very alert. Nothing escapes his notice
  • Loves playing with their owners like fetching
  • They are able to learn new tricks
  • Paws are almost as good as hands
  • Fond of playing in the water
  • Loves to sleep on your lap
  • Loves to share on your bed


  • Sometimes they can be challenging
  • When they get bored, they tend to be slightly destructive and develop this habit
  • Small aquarium may be risk from his paws
  • Loves to climb to the highest point in the house

They are indeed fun to live with but definitely they are not for everyone especially for first-time owners. They are very curious and active that they demand a lot of attention and interaction.

If you can’t provide that, don’t get one. If you won’t be home during the day to entertain them and yet you still want to purchase them, get your Bengal cat a partner.

Remember that Bengal cats will do anything for attention especially that they love their owners.

Are Bengal Cats Good with Family and Kids?

Bengal Cats Good

Bengal felines are good choice of pets for family and kids as the other pet members at home. They love to get along and play with other dogs and fetch game to kids. They are able to learn new things easily and cherish the love and attention they get from their family.

They are savvy enough to get close with little children ages from 1-3. They also love preschooler kids since they match the level of interests in playing. Nothing can frighten them even large dogs. They always love to get near with other pets and be friends with them as long as other pet members are not aggressive and don’t cause any trouble.

Continuously introduce your feline friend to other pets at home. This will take some time and effort so be patient. Do not let small animals get near your Bengal cats such as rabbits, hamster and etc.

Remember that they’re still cats and smaller ones to get near them that may become the prey of them. Evaluate yourself first whether you are fit for owning Bengal felines. 

If you think you are able to manage them and the rest of the family members are ready for it, then you are making the right decision.


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