PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station (Full Review)

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PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Stations are available in three sizes to suit different types of pets and/or provide clean drinking water for an extended period of time. An attractive profile and simple black and white color palette ensure that this automatic pet waterer will be a good fit for a variety of interiors, and the tall reservoir is a fantastic space-saving feature.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

Made of BPA-free plastic, these water stations are a durable, non-toxic choice that you can feel good about using.

Water Flow Control Valve

Healthy Pet Water Stations feature flow control valves that prevent spills during carrying and refilling. The valve automatically releases water from the reservoir when it is attached to the base. Since this automatic waterer relies on gravity, there’s no need to position it near an outlet or worry about replacing batteries.

Available in Three Sizes

PetSafe Healthy

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station comes in three sizes. The ½ gallon size is ideal for a cat or small dog, and can be used for larger pets although it will need to be refilled at least once daily if you choose to use it for a dog weighing about 50 pounds or more.

The 1-gallon size will last a 50-pound dog about 2 days, and the 2.5-gallon size will last a 50-pound pet approximately 5 days. Of course, you will need to make adjustments for active pets or pets that need to drink more water during hot weather! Keep a close eye on the waterer to ensure that it’s full.

Optional Filter

If you avoid drinking tap water for health reasons, then you might want to make the same consideration for your pet. Instead of paying for pricey bottled water, consider adding the optional filter to your PetSafe Healthy Pet water station.

It fits inside the reservoir and removes sediment, chemicals, and odors so that water is safe to drink and tastes better. If your pet has a tendency to turn up his nose at the water, he’s likely sensing that there’s something amiss! Water filters fit all Pet Water Station sizes, and are available at

Removable Stainless Steel Bowl

Did you know that veterinarians recommend that pets drink and eat from non-porous materials? The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station comes with a removable stainless steel bowl that you can empty and clean whenever debris becomes an issue.

Dishwasher Safe

Since the PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station is dishwasher safe, cleanup is a snap and you run less risk of having your pet exposed to unhealthy bacteria that can lead to skin irritation or even infections. You can easily sanitize just the stainless steel bowl, however, it’s a good idea to periodically sanitize the plastic base as well as the reservoir.


Does this unit have adjustable flow settings?

No, it flows continuously whenever the water level in the bowl drops, i.e. each time your pet takes a drink

Is this water dish suitable for outdoor pets?

While the manufacturer mentions that the PetSafe Healthy Pet water station is designed for indoor use only, other reviewers have mentioned using these dishes for their outdoor pets. Check with the manufacturer for more details.

Do you have to use filters? We already use a PUR filter.

No, not at all. The filters are optional – they’re ideal for anyone who lives in the city and is on a public water supply that might not be safe to drink. Also, they’re ideal for anyone who has a well that emits an odor or occasionally sends sediment up the pipes. If you already have a filter on your faucet though, there’s no need to add the filter to this waterer!

Does the top open up?

No; the top has a handle that lets you lock the reservoir into place. You refill it from the bottom and then snap it into the base.

Does water move continuously, like in a water fountain?

No. The water does not circulate; it remains inside the reservoir until your pet takes a drink. Once that happens, a little more fresh water flows into the bowl.

Can this be used as an automatic pet feeder, or is it only suitable for water?

Since this has a valve in the bottom that controls the flow of water, it won’t work with food. If you like the design, you’ll be glad to know that there is a matching pet feeder on Amazon.

Is this waterer heavy enough to prevent tipping? My dog can be pretty rambunctious.

The smaller sizes might tip, but the larger one is heavy when it is full. You can try placing the unit in a corner to prevent tipping!


PetSafe’s Healthy Pet Water Stations are convenient, attractive alternatives to standard water bowls. They are available in three different sizes that are suitable for larger pets and multi-pet households, and they offer added convenience by being dishwasher safe.

Since they require no electricity, you can place these water stations anywhere in your home and let your pet enjoy fresh, clean drinking water as often as she wants it. You can find the PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station Dog and Cat Water System for sale at online retailers including Amazon, and although we haven’t seen them for sale at our local pet store or big box retailer, they may be available at select brick and mortar stores as well.


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