PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat Feeder-Slow Feed Cat Bowl

Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

The Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is a fantastic automatic feeder that dispenses meals up to 12 times per day, satisfying the needs of cats and their human companions.

This feeder uses an internal conveyer belt to dispense accurate portions and is designed to work with most dry and semi-moist kibbles.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed – Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder – Slow Feed Setting – Portion Control

Simply customize your pet’s meals by deciding how many portions you’d like to offer each day. The feeder is capable of dishing up servings as small as 1/8 cup and as large as 4 cups per feeding.

A special slow feed option dispenses meals slowly over a 15-minute period, helping to prevent fast eaters from gulping their food, bloating, and vomiting afterward. By slowing down a greedy eater’s pace, you help make your pet happier and healthier.

The Simply Feed is ideal for all cats, but it’s particularly useful for pets that need to lose a little weight. By maintaining a regular feeding schedule and giving pets small portions frequently, you can use this as a tool for safe, stress-free weight loss.

Your cat will enjoy the frequent feedings and won’t feel at all deprived! The hopper is roomy, offering a 24-cup capacity. A clear lid provides a view into the hopper, so you can refill it when you notice that it’s running low.

This sleek feeder features a black casing that matches most décor types, and it boasts a removable 5-cup capacity stainless steel bowl that can be popped into the dishwasher for better hygiene. A quick-start guide and product manual are included.

These are just a few highlights. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons that come with owning and using the Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed automatic feeder.

Large Capacity in a Small Space

The Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed features a large-capacity hopper that’s capable of holding up to 24 cups of dry kibble. The stainless steel bowl has a five-cup capacity, so feeding multiple cats or dispensing meals to small or medium-sized dogs is simple.

Despite its ability to hold 1 ½ gallon of dry pet food, this feeder boasts a small footprint. Just 9 inches wide by 19 inches long, it’s 12.5 inches high so it can be tucked into a convenient space with ease.

Dispenses a Variety of Dry and Semi-moist Pet Foods – Slow Feed Cat Bowl

Slow Feed Cat Bowl

No matter what your pet’s favorite dry kibble or semi-moist food is, the odds are good that it will work with this feeder. I’d love it if the feeder had the ability to open up cans and feed wet food, but that’s the technology that no one has come up with yet!

You cannot put wet food in the feeder; it will spoil and won’t work with the conveyer belt.

Suitable For Cats and Dogs

The Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is often marketed as an automatic cat feeder, but it’s also ideal for small to medium-sized dogs.

Don’t make the mistake of setting this feeder up for a dog that tends to get into mischief though; the plastic body will not stand up to rambunctious chewing.

Battery Operated for Convenience

Where some automatic pet feeders are electric-only, the Petsafe Simply Feed runs for up to one year on four D batteries, so you can put it anywhere in your home without having to worry about finding an outlet.

An optional power adapter (sold separately) adds flexibility, so you can run the feeder on electricity if you like.

Food-Safe Components

One of the most appealing things about this feeder is that it’s made with food-safe components including BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. Some parts, including the stainless steel bowl, are dishwasher safe for added ease of use.

Multiple Programming Options

Multiple Programming Options

No matter what type of feeding schedule you’d like your pet to be on, it’s likely that the Healthy Pet Simply Feed can accommodate it. Ideal for cats that prefer to pick at their food throughout the day, this feeder will dispense up to twelve meals per 24-hour cycle. 

It arrives pre-set to dish up two meals per day, one at 8 a.m. and the other at 5 p.m. If you prefer to have your pet eat at different times, you can change the settings.

The slow feed option dispenses each meal over a 15-minute period, helping to prevent pets from gulping their food, which can lead to stomach bloat and vomiting.

This also helps keep pets occupied and prevents boredom! If your cat has a tendency to get into mischief during the day, try giving her lots of small meals using the slow feed option. Watching the food drop into the bowl is fun, and cats like being rewarded with a few pieces of kibble at a time.

If you’re feeding multiple cats using the same dish, you’ll appreciate the Simply Feed for its ability to dispense much larger portions! It will put out as much as four cups of food per feeding, so there’s plenty to go around.

In the event you want to put weight on a skinny pet by providing extra meals, you can touch a button to provide an additional portion. 

If you’re traveling with your pet and won’t need to dispense food, you can use the Pause Feed option to temporarily halt the feeder’s programming without clearing the schedule. Just remove pause to go back to regularly scheduled mealtimes.

An attractive LED screen and five function buttons make it simple to see options and set the feeder appropriately.

Helps Overweight Pets Lose Pounds Safely

No one likes to be on a diet – even pets hate it when their food is restricted! The Petsafe Simply Feed makes it easy to dispense exactly the right amount of food, gradually cutting back to smaller portions so that your pet acclimates to having less food in the bowl at each feeding.

With frequent small feedings, you can help to alleviate the anxiety that can occur when pets go on diets, and by having a consistent routine, you’ll help your cat feel happier while getting healthy. Be sure to provide some exercise, too.

A few minutes with a laser or other interactive cat toy will help your pet burn fat while improving the bond you share.

Locking Lid

Cats are smart, and hungry ones easily figure out how to get into most feeders. This one has been designed for Raccoon Proof Cat Feeders performance, with a locking lid that cats can’t break into. Despite this smart security feature, the lid is transparent so you can easily see in and top off the hopper with fresh food so your pet never misses a meal.

Bowl Holder

The stainless steel bowl is held securely by a plastic bowl holder that keeps it in place, preventing messy spills. The bowl holder contributes to the attractive look of the feeder, tying the silver color of the bowl together with the black color of the hopper.

FAQs Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed


How do you know when to replace the batteries?

If you decide against the power adapter, don’t worry! There’s a battery power indicator on the display screen. It shows how full the batteries are. When you see them getting low, change them out so your pet gets meals on time.

My cat is really food-driven. Is it possible for cats to shove their paws up the feeding chute to get more food than they’re supposed to have?

There is not much wiggle room between the bottom of the dispensing chute and the bowl, so cats cannot get their paws up in there. The conveyer belt that moves the food into the bowl also blocks the chute. The buttons on top are locked too, so cats cannot accidentally give themselves an additional feeding.

Can I use this feeder outside, or is it indoor only?

The Petsafe Simply Feed is designed for indoor use only. Because it’s made of plastic and has electrical components, it’s neither moistureproof nor safe from large hungry animals that could chew it apart.

Can I use a different bowl than the one that comes with the feeder?

Yes, as long as there’s enough clearance for the food to come into the bowl, you can use whatever you like. Be sure that you use the ring that holds the bowl in place though. Without it, you’ll end up with pet food being dispensed onto the floor rather than into the bowl.

Is this feeder appropriate for a household with multiple cats?

Yes. You can easily accommodate two or more cats with the feeder unless one or more of them is on a special diet.

Will this feeder tip over?

If you position it against a wall or in a corner, it should be almost impossible to tip over. Keeping it full helps add weight so even rambunctious cats should not be able to knock it sideways.


The Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is a very convenient automatic cat feeder with lots of nice programmable options. Its transparent lid, large capacity hopper, and user-friendly LED screen are fantastic touches.

While this feeder costs a little more than some others, the convenience it offers makes it well worth the price, particularly since it can help you keep your pet healthier. Its attractive look makes it appropriate for most households, and its dishwasher-safe bowl lets you ensure good hygiene.

Perhaps best of all, it is battery operated so it will work anywhere, even in spaces where no power outlets are available. You’ll find the Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed available for sale at online retailers including Amazon.

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