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The PetSafe automatic pet feeder gives you peace of mind. Your pet is always fed on time whether you’re at home or not. The small portions are perfect for small animals and pets on a diet.

 The unit is available in two sizes – 2 meals and 5 meals. The 2 meal version has to compartments that can be programmed to open at a specified time. Once the lid opens, the pet is served.

The 5 meal version has a rotary system. At the specified time, the unit rotates to the next bowl full of food – just make sure the bowls are full.
PetSafe 2 & 5 Meal Pet Feeder

The 2 meal model is better suited for dogs that eat two meals per day, while the 5 meal model can be used for pets that eat five small meals per day, or just one meal per day for five days, as most cats do.

The pet feeder is also a convenient way to give pets their medications. Simply add the medication to the feeding and your pet will gobble it right up.

Timely Feedings has Never Been Easier

PetSafe can be used with dry or canned pet food. Because this feeder doesn’t use the hopper system, the trays can be filled with either dry kibbles, canned food or a blend of both for a special treat.

No wires or cables for your pets to trip over. The 2 meal and 5 meal units are both battery operated, so you never have to worry about a power failure interrupting your pet’s feeding times and you place the feeder any where you like.

The 2 meal unit uses 1 AA battery and holds about 425 ml of food in each tray. The 5 meal unit uses 4 D sized batteries and holds approx. 250 ml of food per tray. Batteries are sold separately.


The trays are removable and dishwasher safe, making clean up a snap. The outside of the unit can be kept clean with a quick and easy wipe down.

Both units are simple to programme. The 5 meal version uses push button programming with an LCD display. With the 2 meal model, each tray is individually controlled with a dial timer. Both units are made of heavy duty polypropylene with secure lock down lids.

Downsides of the PetSafe Automatic Feeder

  • Some pets can easily pop the lids open.
  • The dishes are quite deep. Some pets might have a hard time getting all of the food of the bottom. You can solve this problem by placing a raised mat in front of the feeder so the pet is higher than the dish.
  • No electrical option. Some people don’t like the bother of changing batteries and prefer to have a unit that plugs into an electrical outlet. But, then you have problem of placing the unit near an outlet and the chance of your pet accidentally pulling the plug from the wall, in which case it will shut off and your pet won’t be fed.
  • Not big enough portion sizes for most dogs. However, it is ideal for cats and small dogs that don’t eat too much.

Tips for Care and Use

  • Always test the machine in your presence to make sure it works the way it should. You don’t want to come home and find your pet has been without food for 2 days.
  • The units don’t have a place for an ice pack, but moist food stays much fresher than if left uncovered.
  • Wash the trays regularly, especially if using moist food to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the dishes.
  • Neither the 2 meal feeder nor the 5 meal feeder is designed for more than one pet because the portion sizes are quite small.

Common Questions About Using the PetSafe Feeder


How long will wet food stay fresh?

That largely depends on the temperature of your home, but as a general rule, you shouldn’t keep wet food in the trays for more than a day.

Will the noise scare my cat?

The machine making quite a bit of noise when the trays are rotating, however your cat should get used it after a few feeding. The 2 meal unit has lids that pop open, so it’s not as noisy.

Does the 5 meal feeder need to be reprogrammed every day?

No. Just set the feeding times once and it keeps going as long as the batteries last. The trays have to be refilled.

Can the 2 meal feeder to set for both dishes to open at the same time?

Yes. On the 2 meal model each dish has its own dial timer, which can be set for any time you like.

I will be away for 3 days, so I bought two units. How do I programme them to feed at the proper times?

The best way would be to set each feeder for one daily feeding. For example, set one feeder for 9 am every day and the second feeder for 6 pm every day.

This way your pet will be fed from one feeder in the morning and the other in the evening. With the 2 meal unit, this will only work for 2 days, for a total of four meals. With the 5 meal unit, it should work for fine for 5 days, ten meals in total.


The PetSafe automatic pet feeder is great for cats, but not very handy for dogs. Dogs tend to eat more so the portions are bit too small. Some customers found their cats could open the lids or rotate the tray, but the majority of people didn’t have this problem. This product is a great choice if you are looking for a convenient way to feed your pet when you are away.


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