LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box

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LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box

Littermaid is one of the most used cats litter boxes on the market and has proven its worth through its actionable features and quality performance. This automatic cat litter box has the features of a quality litter box for easy litter disposal, a clean environment, and proper hygienic conditions for your pet and keeps your home clean as well.

Due to the automatic functions and safe disposal of the litter, the box is considered to be a reliable source that works automatically and keeps you away from any extra issues that you might not want to face.

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Important Features:​ LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box

​Structure and design

​​The litter box has been designed to fit compact spaces and corners where you can switch to the power source and let it work for you as a perfect litter management system. It consists of a box having heightened sides and a walking ramp to keep the litter within the box and the ramp ensures that the litter would not be spread all over the floor and keeps it within the box. There is an automatic raking system to ensure timely cleaning.

Automatic litter removal after each use

​​The box works best with the clumping litter and not the crystal litter. After each use, the litter box rakes the solid clumps to a closed or covered box from where the wastes can be removed when needed. Though you don’t need frequent cleaning.

Covered litter container​

​​The litter container where the rake carries the clumps of litter is closed and covered to make sure you will not have to smell any kind of unpleasant odors and see any dirt around.

Suitable for multiple cats​

LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box. The litter container is suitable to be used by multiple cats and you don’t have to worry about any mess as it will keep the area clean through timely cleaning, you just have to take care of its maintenance and timely refilling of litter.

LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box


  • The litter box works automatically so you don’t have to take care about the scooping and throwing work after your cat has used the box. The box uses clumping litter so you need to use the litter accordingly instead of crystal litter.
  • There is a walking ramp enough to clean the cat’s paw and keep the litter away from getting spread all over your floor. This ensures the cleanliness and maintenance of a healthy environment in your home.
  • You don’t have to remove cartridges frequently and also no need of scooping out the dirt.
  • Due to the quick cleaning process, the box stays fresh and clean all the time without any dirt stuck inside.
  • It is easy to use and your cats get familiar with it very soon without any kind of hesitant behavior.
  • No mess around the box as the litter stays within the box without spilling issues.


  • You need to use the clumping litter which has to be purchased separately. Otherwise, you will see lots of mess in the box.
  • The box needs a cover to keep the base dry and non-sticky or else you may have to face the sticking clumps.
  • It needs continuous or regular maintenance or otherwise, it may not work as good as you expect it to work.

Working with this litter box?

  • You need to keep the litter box attached to an electric switch.
  • Always fill the container with the clumping litter and turn it on to function. Avoid using crystal litter. The box rakes out the clumps after each use to trap it in a covered box for quick dirt removal and hence keeps you safe from smells and dirt.
  • Make sure to clean the tray once in a month or as required and also the disposal compartment to make sure it stays clean.
  • Keep the litter in the container as prescribed otherwise it will spill out if you put excessive litter or if you put a lower amount the dirt will stick to the bottom.

Customer Reviews

Customers consider it as a good choice if you have multiple cats in your home. But due to a high need of maintenance, there are some concerns and issues faced by them.


​Due to the fact, it is a good and reliable choice if you need a safe and healthy solution for your cat’s litter disposal, you can trust its features and make use of it if you need it for more than one cat. In addition to its basic features, you need to see its added features like the presence of a ramp for keeping the litter away from the floor for high-level cleanliness and convenient usage.

Overall, it’s a good choice which has no apparent drawback, though some issues may arise if there is an unusual usage practice or lack of maintenance. If you can take care of its functions and keep it fit, it can serve for a long time.


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