K&H CleanFlow Water Fountain (Full Review)

K&H Manufacturing CleanFlow water

The K&H Manufacturing CleanFlow water filter with reservoir is a practical, effective automatic pet waterer that offers the advantage of being dishwasher safe. It’s BPA-free and does a fantastic job of filtering impurities out of water, helping your pet stay hydrated while keeping him as healthy as possible.

Like some other automatic pet drinkers that we’ve reviewed, this one comes in three different sizes to suit your pet’s needs. You can find the K&H Clean Flow pet water system for sale at online retailers including

K&H CleanFlow Water

Simple, Functional Design

The K&H Clean Flow Water Filter with Reservoir features a large basin that allows your pet to drink comfortably, along with a roomy reservoir that’s capable of fitting flat against a wall. It’s easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean, so you spend only a little time on maintenance.

Reliable Filtration System

The K&H CleanFlow system does a fantastic job of keeping your pet’s water tasting clean and fresh, thanks to a state-of-the-art filtration system.

The filtration process begins with a water agitator that is located at the front of the bowl. This patent-pending component creates a whirlpool effect that directs water in a circular motion while oxygenating it for better flavor. The raised center on the bowl’s bottom keeps any debris particles suspended so that they’re easily trapped in the filtration system.

Each of the filters spans the entire depth of the water, so all the debris is caught and cleaned up.

Available in Three Sizes

This automatic pet water fountain comes in three different sizes, so it’s easy to meet your pet’s needs while assuring a good fit for your space. The smallest size holds 170 ounces, the medium size holds almost 2.5 gallons, and the large size holds 3.5 gallons. Each comes with a 5.5-foot power cord, which makes it easy to reach a nearby outlet.

BPA-Free Design

If you’re concerned about potential contamination from a plastic bowl, you can rest easy. The K&H CleanFlow Water system is made with BPA-free parts, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Dishwasher Safe

One of the best ways to sanitize anything (even a yukky kitchen sponge!) is to run it through the dishwasher. Unfortunately, not all pet drinking fountains are dishwasher safe; this one is. You can run the bottom bowl portion through the dishwasher anytime to sanitize it.

Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Pets

Many automatic pet water fountains are for indoor use only. This is not one of them! As long as outdoor temperatures are above freezing, you can let outdoor pets take advantage of this fountain. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have an electric supply to ensure that this drinker works.

Charcoal Infused Filters

Some reviewers have complained that the water filters in the K&H CleanFlow system look like nothing but black sponges, but don’t let this keep you from trying it. The company actually uses an innovative process to create their filers, infusing the material with charcoal so that there are no black lumps in the filters.

This is fantastic, since some charcoal filters tend to drop tiny bits of coal into the water. Sure, they’re harmless, but they also happen to be unsightly. The charcoal-infused filters do a great job of trapping debris and removing impurities. 

You will need to rinse them whenever you change the water; this way, they’ll last a bit longer and your pet’s water will stay fresh and taste delicious.



Does this pet water fountain have an adjustable flow setting?

No, it flows continuously no matter how much water is in the reservoir. Be sure to refill the fountain when you notice that it’s getting low; if you let it dry up, you’ll end up needing to replace the motor.

Will water drain into the bowl if the power goes out, or does the pump have to be working?

The pump operates the filtration system only, so water will still drain down into the bowl if your home loses power while you’re away. If this happens, you should clean the filters and replace the water in the bowl so that clogging doesn’t occur. Do this ASAP after any power outage.

Do you have to use filters? We already use a filter on our home water system.

The filters come with the unit and do a great job of trapping debris, so why not use them? As for replacement filters, that’s up to you. Since these are large water fountains that can keep your pet supplied for several days, it isn’t a bad idea to change the filters periodically since debris can have an adverse effect on water’s flavor.

Left too long, bacteria can build up and prevent your pet from drinking as much water as he really ought to.

Is the CleanFlow pet water system suitable for households with multiple pets?

Yes, it’s ideal for homes with lots of pets! The largest one is great even for homes with 2 big, thirsty dogs.

What size filter should I order?

Order the filter size that corresponds with the CleanFlow water system that you purchased originally – small for the small, medium for the medium size, and large for the large automatic pet water fountain.

Can this be used as an automatic pet feeder, or is it only suitable for water?

Since this has pumps and a filter, it won’t work with food. We do recommend several different automatic pet feeders; you can probably find one you like on our pet feeder reviews page.

Is this waterer heavy enough to prevent tipping? My dog has lots of energy.

The smaller size might tip since it holds less than a gallon, but the largest one is very heavy when it is full. You can try placing the unit in a corner to prevent tipping.

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