How to Keep Cat Litter in the Box (5 Ways to keep cat littler)

How easy to keep cat litter in the box

​We love our cats, but certainly not the mess they make of the house at times, and definitely not the litter tracking all across the floor. There is probably not a single cat owner out there who have got frustrated with cat litter tracking all across the house and have become tired thinking of ways to control this mess.

You all must have figured out now that even though cats are really particular about keeping their body clean and also keeping the litter area clean as well, they pretty much don’t care when it comes to the rest of the house. They will create a mess all around without apology and they will certainly not clean after themselves.  And, well, that’s the way cats are and we love them anyway!

Now, since the onus of keeping the litter to the box is upon us, let us see what can be done. To make your life a little easier and to ensure you some peace of mind, we have come up with some ingenious ideas on how to keep cat litter in the box. Check them out and certainly let know which one works the best for you.

#1 Using ​Cat ​Litter ​Mats

Cat Litter Mat

​Those among you who follow us on a regular basis will remember the list of best litter mats we provided some time back. Litter mats are truly wonderful. They are created to minimize tracking to the rest of the house. The mats will make all the litter dust fall off when your beloved kitty exits the box and will make sure that your house remains clean.

You will simply have to take care of the litter mat from time to time to ensure that it does not stink.

#2 Keep ​The ​Litter ​Box ​In ​A ​Large ​Box

Top cat litter

This might seem like overdoing things, but there are many out there who simply cannot use a litter mat for various reasons. Placing the litter box within another large box will do the trick. You can line up the bottom with some soft cloth that you will have to dispose from time to time.

The additional box will prevent the litter from being scattered all across the place. It is not a bad idea either as cats do love to have their special territory when it comes to their pooping area. The box will encourage them to use this place for the purpose.

#3 Use ​Different ​Cat ​Litter and ​Control ​Litter ​Amount

This is a great idea as heavy litter isn’t too easy to scatter. There are various types of litter available in the market and you will have to check out the best cat litters available and find one that best suits you. Once again, we have already presented a list of the best cat litters already, so if you want, you may check it out as well.

However, keep in mind, the main struggle is to make your cat use the litter box.  Not all cats are impressed by heavy litter and thus you will probably have a struggle ahead if your cat is one of those types. There are some crystalline litters available too that really do a great job. The clumping litters and non-dusting types can be a great choices as well. Moreover, do remember, your cat does not need too much litter in the box. 2”-3” deep litter spread is ample quantity and this will reduce litter spreading out of the box.

#4 Change ​Your ​Cat ​Litter ​Box

Why I haven’t listed this as one of the top ideas is because changing the litter box can be a costly option. You have probably already checked our list of best cat litter boxes available and even though we tried to bring the best and most affordable options to you, some are quite pricey to say the least.

However, if the tracking does not stop, maybe it is better to get a litter box that will do the job. The covered litter boxes generally do the trick. There are also those having special additional features to take the extra litter off the feet of the cats when they are exiting the box. You can check out the options and try a different design to see which one suits your purpose and gives you the best result.

#5 Vacuum ​Clean ​Your ​Cat’s ​Litter ​Box ​Region

Dirty cat litter box

Vacuum sweeping the area around the litter box helps in reducing tracking. There can be litter particles all around the box from the previous day’s usage. Vacuum sweeping ensures that this litter does not create tracking issues. It will also help keep your house clean and fresh every single day.

When you are doing this job daily, the time required reduces and you will not devoting extra time to ensure that the area around the litter box remains clean all the time. You will also find it easier to ensure that the rest of your house is clean.

If all else fails, why not consider toilet training your cat?

Yes, it is possible!

I can tell it from personal experience that with proper training the cat will learn to use the loo and you can do away with all the litter boxes and litters. Cats are quite smart and they know how to keep their own area clean. So you can definitely teach them to use the toilet and even flush after they are done. Some cats can learn that trick as well.

You will find numerous DIY kits and other ideas on how to toilet train your cat. The process can be a bit difficult for grown up cats, but it is certainly not impossible.

Cats will not stand up on two feet and start sweeping your house clean, so it is better to find other alternatives to make sure that they make less of a mess. Let us know which one works for you. After all, cats being the pampered kid, each one have its own mood, likes and dislikes!

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