Is Tea Harmful to Your Cat? The Answer You Need to Know

Is Tea Harmful to Your Cat

Cats love to taste the food and drink of their owners and aim to do silly things like plunging their heads to the plates. This can be a very challenging habit that most owners need to deal with because you never know what food your cat may ingest resulting in life threatening situation.

If a large amount of toxic food is consumed such as caffeine which can be found in teas, it can be very dangerous and may result in death.

Aside from tea, caffeine can also be found in coffee, chocolates, sodas, energy drinks and other painkiller treatments. In this case, vets do not recommend giving human painkiller medicines to cats or dogs.

Most cat owners often ask, what about herbal teas? Herbal teas are safe as long as it is caffeine free and does not include other harmful substances that can be toxic to them. If cat owners are not sure about the ingredient, it is better not to give any kind of tea to drink. There are also herbal teas that can be toxic to them. As much as it is healthy for humans, it is not always the same for cats.

If pet owners are not aware of this, it can result in death. If you think your cat has ingested a large amount of tea or caffeine, take them immediately to the vet. The sooner the treatment is given, the more chance of getting your cat recover. The longer you wait before you bring your cat to the vet, the more chance of getting your cat at risk.

Now, let’s talk about the signs and symptoms your cat may experience after drinking a large amount of caffeine 

Remember that if your cat has ingested tea, coffee and other harmful human food, they can be poisoned. Cat owners must be aware of these signs:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Noticeable heartbeat or know as palpitation
  • Tachypnea or shallow breathing
  • Involuntary movement of the muscles
  • Seizures

Is It Safe for Cats to Drink Tea?

Cats Drink Tea

According to some study, tea is not safe for cats. Therefore, you should not give your lovely friend this drink. Tea has a caffeine ingredient and once your friend has ingested too much of it, it can be fatal even if they say some tea has only a minimal amount of caffeine, it is better to keep them away from it. 

Caffeine can also be found in chocolates, cocoa, energy drink and more as mentioned above.

Cat’s Proper Diet

Cats love meat and recognized as carnivores. Communicating with your vet about the right diet to implement and by following the instructions that will be given will keep your friend’s health in balance and maintain a happy lifestyle.

A treat can be given as well as long as it is recommended by your vet and make sure to distribute it in moderation. Do not give more than 5% of required daily calorie intake. Tea or any food which has caffeine ingredient should not be given to cats. 

What Are the Human Food That is Not Appropriate for Cats?

It is always healthy to give fresh food for your friend and avoid too much of human food as it could be very toxic to them. The lists of the food below are very dangerous have so pet owners must be aware of what your cat is taking.

Dairy Products or Milk

Cats love milk and anything that has dairy product. Most cats are considered lactose intolerant and too much ingestion of this kind of food may cause them to become ill.

Chocolates and Tea

Can Cats Eat Chocolate

As mentioned earlier, caffeine is very toxic to cats. Chocolates and tea have caffeine component. This may cause stomach upset ending up to coma or death if not treated immediately. Caffeine can make their body dehydrate resulting to tachycardia and target the nervous system.

Green Tomatoes

Any kind of tomatoes can cause gastrointestinal irritation like vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.


Green Potatoes in particular has alkaloid which is very poisonous and can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Raisins and Grapes

Even with a small amount of raisins ingested, it can develop kidney problem. Do not give this to cats and it should be kept away as much as possible.

Cooked Chicken Bones

Cooked Chicken Bones

Cooked chicken bones can damage digestive system and can cause obstruction. In this case, surgery is needed to remove the bones. If not treated immediately, it can develop laceration.

Almond Nuts, Apricot, Apple Seeds, Peach and Cherry

These foods have cyanogenic glycosides which has the ability to slow blood vessels to release an oxygen needed in the body. It may result in suffocation.


Can Cats Eat Avocado

As much as it seems healthy for them, it is not. Avocado has the person which is toxic to cats. Keep it away from your friend.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts has a substance that can cause the muscle to weaken. For dogs, it may result in tremors so it is better not to give any of this to your pets.


Can My Cat Drink Beer?

Alcohol can result in different health problems such as respiratory collapse, intoxication, gastrointestinal upset, coma and death.

What to Do After Ingesting Tea or Caffeine?

If your feline friend has ingested a large amount of toxic food or drink, it is necessary to take them to the nearest vet and consult the case immediately.

Encourage vomiting can also be considered and some vet may also perform the same method when necessary. Food poisoning of cats is something pet owners must not ignore and if medication is not given right away, it can lead to death. Always seek a medical help when needed and do not ignore the symptoms you may observe on your cat.

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