How to Stop a Newly Adoted Cat to Cry At Night, Things You Need to Know

Newly Adoted Cat to Cry At Night

The only way cats communicate is through uttering vocalization. All cats produce a sound called “meowing” to be able to tell their owners that something is going on.

Generally, pet owners appreciate this type of connection through vocal call as cats do this form of communication as well to other pets. Cats from the shelter are usually surrendered here due to this behavior.

There is a big difference between crying and talking. Few of them just love meowing than others. Other breed like Siamese are known to be talkative all day long and it’s already became their nature. 

Do you find your cat cry most of the time at night? Is the cat new at home? Is the behavior occur at specific time of the day either in the morning or evening?

Meowing at night during our sleep is not something usually appreciated. We all know that most of them are active at night. If you experience it especially to newly adopted cats, it takes a lot of hard work, trial and error experiment in finding out what will be the best solution to what is causing them to meow during this hour.

A new cat cries at night is normal. Transferring from other home is a big adjustment even for us humans. It is also the same for them.

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The crying usually fades off within couple of days. Helping your friend to settle in by comforting him to sleep would be very helpful. For kittens, the meowing may cause them to miss their mothers and siblings.

If this happens, offer a soft blanket where he can sleep along with a ticking clock to help them relax. It would be easier in the next couple of days, just give them a time.

There are other reasons why a new cat cries at night and in order to stop this behavior, you need to know why they’re doing it and here are some reasons that could be mean of such action.

Reasons Why Cats Cry at Night and What Actions to Take

1. Cat Wants Attention from Their Owner

It could be that the cat is bored and wanting to play with their owners. It is best not to respond with the calling but give attention when you find him relaxed. If the cat keeps calling on you, walk away until he stops. Remember that you only walk away when excessive meowing occurs. 

Make it sure to spend time with them daily since cats are already part of the family. Playing is a good form of exercise and beneficial to overall well-being. Also, offer 45 minutes of playtime as much as possible to resolve boredom and loneliness.

The remaining 15 minutes should be spent by talking to them or bed time story. Cats also need emotional attention and it should be provided with love and proper care.

2. The cat maybe hungry or thirsty

Free feeding is effective when the owners are not available at home all day long but make sure to take up the food when you arrived. Offer another meal before bed time. As a bed time snack, you can feed them with wet food.

3. The cat wants to sleep with you

If the kitten is meowing, it could be means that he wants to sleep with you. Offer a carpet or a house cat condo style with cat perches and place it beside your bed. Just make sure that these perches are elevated than your head because most of the time, they want to be higher than their owners.

If the kitty loves playing with your feet under the blanket, it is best to play with them 45 minutes before bed time.

cat wants to sleep with you

4. Love to go outside

These cats that meowing to go outside are those that are allowed to play in the yard during the day. At night time, keep them inside for their safety but create an access from the window where they can go out whenever necessary.

A small cat balcony with a door is also ideal. The doorway doesn’t have to be that huge so he can come in and out without waking you up during sleep.

5. Kittens want their moms

Pet the kittens and give a lot of tender loving care before bedtime. Allowing the kittens to sleep with you may fix the problem. It would be helpful to get another kitten that will serve as his companion. If this is not possible, bring a stuffed toy with a normal size with them as an alternative. The kittens would definitely love it.

6. Suffering from illness

Meowing can also be means of suffering from sickness. It is the way to tell owners that they don’t feel good. Cats are known to keep their sickness by themselves.

If food is offered and showing no interest, it might be an indication of health issues that need a veterinary attention. Cases such as kidney problems, thyroid issues, UTI and etc. results to excessive meowing. It is best to consult with the nearest vet as soon as possible for proper assessment.

7. New Environment

New environment, new owners and new pets at home causes stress to your cats. They could be telling you that “they don’t like what is happening” or mad at something that causes too much talking.

It’s obvious that they cannot tell this word for word. It is best to keep an eye of their behavior and create an interaction as much as possible. If another pet is added in the family, proper introduction is necessary with your cat to avoid behavioral problems.

8. Confuse and Aging

Cats are like humans, they become confused and forgetful as they age. Disorientation is not new in this stage and if your cat is old, he might be showing a confusion. In this case, always turn the lights on at home especially during the night as to avoid possible injuries.

It is also best to have them checked by the vet to assess other forms of serious health conditions.

9. They are in heat

Female cats can be meowing excessively because they are in heat. They do this kind of behavior to attract male cats. Male can also produce loud noise if they know a cat in heat is near the area. To avoid this issue, have them spayed or neutered. This will not only prevent the problem but it is also good for their own health.

10. The new cat wants to say Hi

If you have a new cat at home, he’d probably wants to say hi to you and seeking for attention. Cuddle or pet them to show your love and care.

In rare cases, meowing is a cause of traumatic past experience. In this condition, the cats may need a professional help to stop them from continuing this action. 

Do not Yell When They Exhibit Meowing Behavior

Interaction is a must in order to keep them calm before bed time. Do not yell at them for meowing as it may cause trauma or fear which could worsen such behavior. The suggested solutions above will help your beloved friend to eliminate too much meowing especially during sleep.

Do not do something if they start such calling, you are only considering unwanted behavior. Rather, provide everything they need before bed time as to avoid the occurrence of problem.

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