Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Review

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture Review

Now you can watch your pets frolic and have a good time with Go Pet Club’s 52-inch Cat Tree.

This is a straightforward cat tree with a modern design that promises to be a relaxing spot for your kitties. Cat trees have always been sought after by cat owners who want to spoil their pets because of the niceties they provide; they offer a place for cats to take a rest, view things, scratch, climb and jump onto and even sleep on.

This model from Go Pet Club does all that, and it has a number of features that we’d like to review and discuss by way of this article. Read on if you want to know if said product is a great buy.

Go Pet Club’s 52-inch Cat Tree Furniture


  • The frame is built from wood material with a beige finish
  • Cover material is made from faux fur and sisal rope
  • Freestanding model
  • Includes 5 scratching posts and 1 ladder
  • Features 3 levels
  • Includes 2 toys
  • Includes 1 ramp and 1 condo
  • Requires assembly
  • Can be spot-cleaned with mild soap and moist cloth
  • Includes 30-day warranty for manufacturer defects


If you want to purchase a cat tree for your kitties, this model from Go Pet Club might be something that your cats will love. Cats in nature are active and curious and all manufacturers of cat products are aware of this. Thus cat furniture/product companies often see to it that they add in elements that will keep cats entertained or comfortable.

Any cat tree, no matter how it was designed, features facilities wherein cats can climb up and down, scratch, jump, hide, relax, sleep or lie around.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

As we examine the variety of features that this Cat Tree Furniture provides, is it crucial to take note of what elements the model has that will keep your cat focused. As we have observed with our own cats, they like to scratch anywhere, thus the inclusion of 5 scratching posts on this model is great.

Cats will never stop scratching or clawing on things because it is in their nature. They have to do this to sharpen or hone their claws. The sisal rope that covers the posts on this model is quite sturdy and durable, ideal for sharpening the claws of kitties without harming your dwelling.

The model has a total of 2 toys. Toys are an important aspect of a cat tree since they can move and catch the attention of your cat. Once this event happens, you will find your cat swatting the toy, batting it, and grasping it as much as he can. This will keep them active and further hone their hunting skills.

The model also includes a single ramp. The ramp connects every level of the structure and cats love this since it makes climbing from one level to another easier for them and it lessens the drive for cats to jump. Older cats in particular will benefit from this feature. Cats are also into scrutinizing things from a higher vantage point, thus the model also includes platforms wherein the cat can lie around and just survey what happens to the world around him.

Now, this model has one condo wherein the cat can take a nap or sleep after a tiring play. They can get away from the scrutiny of their humans for a while, hidden and snug inside a condo. The condo is a downsized cubby where the cat enters by means of a hole or a doorway and is big enough to take him in.


Minor setbacks of the model are its platforms, which were a tad small. We also thought that the model will suit kittens or medium-sized cats best. Some also said that the carpet for the model looked rather cheap and its particleboard was a bit light.

Final Verdict

Go Pet Club’s 52-inch Cat Tree Furniture is a dependable model for your kitties. It was fairly easy to assemble and features all the elements that will make your cat happy. However, it might be more comfortable and fitting for kittens or medium-sized felines. Cat owners with bigger cats might have to look for another Go Pet Club model.


Product NameCat Tree
Product BrandGo Pet Club Inc
Weight42 lbs.
Product Dimensions21 x 21 x 52 inches; 24.9 Pounds


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