Cat trees are beneficial to cats, especially if they tend to display problematic behavior like scratching your furniture. They have a number of elements that make them a wonderful place for cats to play, rest and continue their scratching habits.

Go Pet Club’s Cat Tree, which measures 72 inches, has neat features that your cat will love, plus it will complement any kind of interior design and requires minimal maintenance, too.

This cat tree model is non-toxic, which makes it safe for your kitties. Assembly is minimal as well and it can be put together with basic equipment.

Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree


  • Made from durable wood frame material, painted blue
  • Comes with a faux fur covering and sisal rope
  • Freestanding model
  • Easy to put together; comes with complete instructions
  • Comes with MDF board
  • Features a great overall design with elements where cats can lounge, scratch, climb, play and jump
  • Will not do damage on other furniture in the house
  • Can accommodate up to 3 cats
  • Includes 30-day warranty on manufacturer’s defects


Go Pet Club’s Cat Tree is a 72-inch model that is built from compressed wood and wrapped with fake fur. If you want a soft yet safe material for your pet cat, faux fur is always ideal.

This is a cat tree with a traditional design and has quite a selection of finishes so you can choose one that will rightfully complement your dwelling’s interiors.

It has 4 layers that can take in a maximum of 3 cats. The model also includes a variety of scratching posts; a must for your felines’ regular scratching habits.

The selection of ladders makes the model handy for cats to climb up and down the structure easily and quickly. It has several condos which are quite cute and it is the perfect place for your cats to hide and get away from their humans. It also includes a dangling toy for the cat’s playtime.

Plenty of customers have heaped the model with positive responses due to its variety of features, which benefit the cats and provide an area of comfort and calm.

Apart from that, it does not only offer significant convenience to felines but to their owners too. This is a product of great quality which provides owners with tons of benefits for their money.

Go Pet Club 72

Due to the availability of different finishes, it is possible that you can get a model that suits your living space. This is something that is important to any consumer because, let’s admit it, we do not want furniture that clashes with our décor.

The product was also easy to assemble – users can put the whole thing together in a matter of minutes, around 5-10. The structure comes in a number of parts but they are still easy to manage and attach since the whole package includes a step-by-step procedure on how to construct the entire assembly.

The 4 levels of this cat tree will keep the cats entertained for hours. It has scratching posts with sisal rope and its dangling mouse-like toy from the top platform will tickle the fancies of any playful feline.

They will have places to rest and observe from higher vantage points as well; now you won’t have to worry about getting kitty fur all over your couch and furniture.

The cat tree is also made from first-rate materials, which makes it strong and durable, plus the faux fur it is covered with as mentioned before is soft and supple for cats – another important factor that most satisfied customers noticed.


While the product has found plenty of fans, some might not be into its full price because it’s a bit expensive. The assembly process may also put off busy folks or people who want pre-assembled trees.


All in all, Go Pet Club’s Cat Tree is an excellent model and its quality and features were significantly agreed on by a lot of satisfied customers.

The model is a frequent bestseller, too – this is proof enough that many folks are quite into this structure. It is recommended and a must for cat lovers.


Product NameCat Tree
Product Brand Go Pet Club Inc
MPN F2080
Weight52 Pounds
Product Dimensions22 x 33 x 72 inches

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