You might have seen cat trees and condos and thought they were cute. They are more than just eye candy for cat owners though; all cat trees have a sound purpose and it is to provide a single place for cats to play, relax and get away from their humans, even if for a short while.

They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and functions. Several models are made for playing, some are aimed to make cats relax and sleep comfortably while some include both those attributes.

Though the selection of cat trees are endless, it can be a pain choosing one for your furry friends. This is where this review comes in and today we are going to discuss Furhaven’s Pet Cat Furniture Clubhouse.

Furhaven Pet Cat Furniture Clubhouse Playground


  • The model comes from the company’s Tiger Tough Collection
  • Includes Cat IQ Busy Box and stairs
  • Freestanding model
  • Covered by strong sisal rope material
  • Comes in brown and cream colors
  • Tip and scratch-resistant
  • Features 4 levels
  • Includes 2 toys
  • Features 4 scratching posts
  • Requires assembly
  • Can accommodate up to 60 pounds
  • Can be spot-cleaned with thinned mild detergent


Cat trees are built to provide comfort and a recreational area for your cat. These spots are designed with features like posts, platforms, ramps, climbing poles, toys, and enclosures.

Think of the cat tree as some kind of playhouse for your cats, like your living room or the den perhaps where they can unwind, observe the goings-on around them, take a nap, stretch and take baths, and of course, do plenty of scratching.

As we all know, the majority of cats love climbing high places, jumping, scratching, and getting plenty of sleep in between those activities. Those are natural, primitive behaviors in cats. A cat tree like Furhaven’s Pet Cat Furniture lets your cats do all of those activities in a productive fashion minus the damage to furniture or any part of the household.

This particular model in fact lets your kitties get away from the folks and other pets at home every now and then. The Pet Cat Furniture for one can take in more than one cat because of its design.

Furhaven Pet - Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground Furniture

Cats are smart creatures; they get bored easily and luckily this model includes some interesting features that will keep your cats busy. Their energies won’t be focused on destroying your furniture little by little; now they can play with the toys found on the cat tree and scratch to their heart’s content on the tree’s total of 4 scratching posts.

As mentioned earlier, cats are partial to scratching. They will scratch on anything; the wallpaper, the side of the couch, your t-shirt and vice versa. The addition of not only one, but 4 scratching posts on the model is always a welcome treat especially if you have several cats at home.

Cats are also territorial creatures and they might claim one post as their own and with this model, anybody can have his or her scratching post.

The arrangement of platforms in a variety of heights will provide plenty of feline fun for your kitties too. They will surely enjoy climbing up and down the platforms. They will also love that they will be able to sit and laze around on the highest perch to view the action around them.

Lastly, the entire assembly has a price that will not hurt your pocket; perfect for the frugal cat owner.

As for the feedback of satisfied customers? Many were pleased with their purchase; the model has the excellent quality, did not wobble, and was big enough for most cats.


The model is a good buy; however, some customers noticed that the package did not include useful tools needed for the assembly like a dowel, Allen wrench, and washer. Most competition brands often include said equipment.


Furhaven’s Pet Cat Furniture is something that will get your felines purring and playing in no time, as told to us by its satisfied customers. We are also into this model because it was easy to assemble, was quite sturdy, stable and the quality of the materials was decent.


Product NameCat Tree
Product BrandFurhaven Pet Products
Weight41.45 Pounds
Product Dimensions69.3 x 19.7 x 19.7 inches
ColorCream and Silver Gray
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