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Having 2 or more cats can be a difficult situation especially if you don’t know how to handle their differences. Whether you want to bring home 2 cute fur babies together or planning to adopt a new one, there are possible problems you may encounter from jealousy to territorial disagreement. 

Male and female cats in one home is not an issue either.

Do Both Male Cats Get Along?

Do Both Male Cats Get Along

Forcing both male cats to live together in one roof is not that easy especially if the younger ones are not spayed. When it comes to dominances, a spraying cat marking his territory to the other initiating some attack.

Despite the truth that neutering lessens this kind of behavior, it is not always guaranteed especially if the habit has started this way ever since. Aggression is always a possibility for both male cats sharing the same roof. As a pet owner, do not always assume they can get along easily.

Do Both Female Cats Get Along?

The same thing happens for 2 female cats living together in one rood. Problems may also arise but not as the usual physical fight just like the 2 male cats.

Female cats are not shy of showing some attitude behavior and the existence of another competitor may only emphasize it. The 2 female cats will always compete for your love and attention.

Do Male and Female Cats Get Along?

If you aim to make female and female get along without any problem, you can still do this by adopting them in younger years or since birth.

This means that they are already bonded. If you already have one adult cat at home and planning to bring a new one, make sure that the other one is a kitten to make sure there is no competition.

Why Do Both Cats Fight?

cat hissing and growling

There are several factors why both cats fight. Here are some:

  • Social ranking competition
  • A new cat is suddenly brought at home
  • Territorial issues
  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Personal conflicts

Ways to Make Them Like Each Other:

  • Provide each cat enough space on their own such as place their litter box, food, water bowls, and beds in separate locations
  • Avoid giving your cats catnip for it may cause an aggressive behavior.
  • Provide sufficient toys to distract them from fighting
  • If possible, let them spend time each other and encourage fun activities at home. You can also give each one of them a tasty treat.
  • Create a cardboard and let both sides open and place it on the floor. They would love to crawl and play on it.
  • Provide each one of them the love and attention they need.
  • Never leave them alone together until you’re confident that they will not fight.
  • Ask your vet about giving your cat a Feliway. This product calms the cat during the fighting or stress situation.
  • Consider having your cats neutered.
  • Slowly introduce them to each other
  • Don’t force them to play
  • Keep the stress levels low
  • Keep a regular routine

Never Assume the Following:

cats dont get along
  • For pet owners who only have one cat, an addition of any other feline will provide your old cat social and environmental changes. This is not always the case.
  • Since we have 2 or more cats at home, bringing a new one will not be a problem at all.
  • Reuniting 2 siblings is fun

The Truth about Their Behavior

  • Felines are better on their own
  • Social engagement may be an issue due to the addition of a new cat
  • Some cats will never get along and there are also those that are still possible as long as it is done with an effort.
  • The cats may fight but with a hard work, both can tolerate each other

Things to Consider

If any of your cats show unstoppable stress or aggression, separate them again and again and do the routine of introducing them to each other slowly. Let them sniff through a door or a play. You can also ask anyone in the family or your friends to be a helper by playing with the other cat.

Just put in mind that a worried cat is more like to cause an aggressive behavior that the one that is silent and comfortable. Try to understand the situation especially during the initial meeting or the introduction phase.

Whatever gender combination you select, just be patient to your feline friends. Be a fair pet owner all the time. It may take a lot of efforts to make them like each other but there is a good chance of achieving what you are hoping for when both cats became comfortable companions in your home for the rest of your lives.

By following the above tips, it will increase the chance that your new feline friend will get along with the existing cat at home. If it still doesn’t work, please ask for some recommendations from your vet.

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My name is Puka and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of two lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.


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