10 COOL FACTS About Your Cats Sleeping Habits

Almost every cat owner have rued their decision of raising and keeping a cat home at least once on being woken up in the middle of the night by their beloved feline friend.

Well, not that we complain a lot, but having the cat asleep during our bed time will make life so much easier!

10 Interesting Facts About Your Cat’s Sleeping Habits

​Cats are nocturnal animals and we, human beings, are generally not. So, it is pretty natural to be woken up in the middle of the night, especially if our feline buddy decides to enjoy a game with us or feels hungry.

However, cats do have some sleeping patterns and habits. If you want your cat to conform to your daily schedule read on to know about these habits.

Cat Sleeping Habits

Some Cat’s Sleeping habits

  • Cats sleep approximately 16 hours in a day – Believe it or not, your cat sleeps almost double of what you do. Most of us are too busy all through the day to actually notice this, but cats have their share of nap.
  • Cats mostly sleep during the day – As you should have guessed, our beloved pet sleeps mostly all through the day. They are nocturnal animals and sleeping during the day allows them to remain alert through the night. If you leave them home for the day and go out for work, chances are they will take naps all through the day to be able to function all through night.
  • Cats nap with one eye open – Cats are predators and remain quite alert even while taking a nap. If you did not notice earlier, check it out. Whenever you cat is taking a nap one eye remains open. The eyes will generally remain as if half open and these naps generally last between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. However, they will remain ready to attack at a moment’s notice even at this stage.
  • Cats having small nose generally snore – Cats snore as well. If you have a cat with small nose you are probably accustomed to listening to your cat snoring. It happens mostly in cats with small nose. Not much can be done about that now!
  • Cold and rainy days are best days to sleep – It’s not just us humans, even cats love sleeping more during cold and rainy days. The sleeping time might go as high as 18 hours in a day.
  • Cats start dreaming after becoming 1 week old Yes, cats also dream. And their dreams start once they reach 1 week old. Well, it is hard to say what they really dream about, but from their sleeping activities it can be said they dream about playing, preying, and other such regular things. Haven’t you seen your cat twitching or spreading out paws in sleep? The little one is simply dreaming, as you must have wondered often.
  • REM activity in cats lasts about 5 minutes – Since cats dream, it is quite natural they also have Rapid Eye Movement phase during their sleep. The REM phase lasts about 5 minutes in cats. It is said that the REM phase allows most vivid dreams.
  • Cats sleep better after a heavy meal – You must have noticed you cat taking a long break right after having a big meal like lunch? That’s because they just love sleeping and sleep better with their stomach full. Giving them a heavy dinner, thus, can be a good way to ensure they sleep longer during the night.
  • Cats mostly sleep in their owner’s bed – Now, this is something probably every cat owner experienced. No matter how good a cat house you make, your cat just loves sleeping in your bed. Statistically speaking, over 50% domestic cats will sleep with their owner in their bed. The adorable furry friend just loves your company, even during sleep.
  • Cats will adapt to your schedule – Pet cats do adapt to their owner’s schedule. You simply need to give them the right push. With a little training and ensuring that you give them enough time during the day you will be able to make them go to sleep when you do.
Cat’s Sleeping Habits by Cat Lesson

​Hopefully these interesting facts will also allow you to better understand your cat’s sleeping pattern. Take out time to train them and you can make sure that your cat allows you a good night’s sleep.

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