Best Cat Toothbrush & Toothpaste – Complete Buyers Guide

Cat Toothbrush & Toothpaste

We all worry so much about the oral health of our feline pets. They are probably one of the most difficult ones to control when it comes to food habits. Even with all the cat treats and the best cat foods that we buy, they are almost bound to go out and have something of their choice.

The worst part of it all, they hate brushing. Unless you are one really lucky owner, you probably dread the thought of brushing your little furball’s teeth.

So, what should we do in such a situation?

​We certainly cannot ignore the oral health of our cat. The best way forward is to make sure that we get the best products that will cause minimum discomfort and maximum benefit to the cat. Finding the right product isn’t as easy a task as some might think.

There are many products vying for your attention, but you need to make the smart choice. To make things easier, I have searched through all the products available and listed the best ones available in the market.

Best Cat Toothbrush & Toothpaste set

When it comes to oral care, the requirements can be quite diverse. When you are buying the products for the first time after bringing home a new cat into your family, you should ideally look for the complete dental care set. They provide the best value as per what you get in the pack.

However, if you already have a brush at home that is perfectly fine, or spare brushes yet to be used, ordering the toothpaste alone should do. There are also times when you will find the brush completely unusable (thanks to some of our special feline friends who have a habit of chewing or biting while brushing) even though the paste is there. Y

ou can get set of brushes too. I have listed the best products depending upon your requirements. Check them out below.

Sentry Petrodex Dental Kits– Best for cats who love malt flavor

​Sentry Petrodex Dental Kits

The enzymatic toothpaste and the soft bristle toothbrush are ideal for both little kitten and grown up cats. The set contains a toothbrush with very soft bristles that can go deep in the cat’s mouth and clear off all the bits and pieces of food stuck between teeth.

The finger is perfect for small kittens. It is flexible and has very soft bristles that will never hurt or bother the little one. You can use your finger to clear the plaques and the places that are heard to reach otherwise.

The toothpaste has a malt flavor and if you have been frustrated because your kitten will not allow you to use toothpaste that has specific flavor, this one is the perfect one. The malt flavor often do not cause any issue with cats of any age. The toothpaste also does not create lather and so you are saved the trouble of trying to wash the mouth of your kitten.

If your cat does not like being brushed, the enzymatic toothpaste can actually be licked off your finger by the cat and it will be almost as much effective in keeping your feline pet’s mouth fresh and free from bacterial growth.

What I like?

​I loved the fact that the brush has such soft bristles and the finger toothbrush is so soft and flexible. Creating a finger toothbrush without these properties defeats the purpose in the first place. SENTRY certainly did not make that mistake.

What did I not like?

​There is not much there that I can be disliked, unless, of course, you are unlucky enough to have bought it only to find that your kitten or cat doesn’t approve of the product. Well, the price is not a hefty one, if that’s any consolation. Also, even with the toothpaste being enzymatic, some cats might show symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea. If that happens, there is nothing that can be done other than changing the product. Sadly, there isn’t any refund policy in such cases since you used the product.


  • Low priced and budget friendly complete product set
  • Very soft bristle on toothbrush that does not cause distress to the cat
  • Very flexible finger toothbrush with extremely soft and small bristles that allow you to clean the hard to reach places and plaques in the mouth of the kitten
  • Enzymatic toothpaste that can be licked off by the cat in case he/she does not like brushing
  • There is not much lather formation and so no need to rinse the mouth


  • The flavor might not be preferred by some cats and there is no other option in such a scenario than changing product
  • Even though enzymatic, there have been reports of cats having diarrhea or vomiting after brushing, which is a likely side-effect in few selected cats, and again, you will probably have to change product in such a case

Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit – Best for seafood flavor lover pets

Oral Hygiene Kit

​The Virbac C.E.T. is a complete oral hygiene kit with toothpaste, dual end toothbrush and a finger brush. It is perfect for those households that have both cats and dogs. The toothpaste is safe for both pet types and being enzymatic, you need not worry about your pet swallowing the paste.

The dual-end brush is perfect to be used for both types of pets. You will generally need the smaller bristles when you are cleaning your cat’s teeth and the larger bristles will generally be used for the dog. The finger brush is quite beautiful and can be used with ease to take care of oral health in small kittens.

What I like?

​I really loved the fact that this is a one single product that can solve the issue for both cat and dog owners. There are many people who own both and have to buy two different set of products for each of them. Well, not this one though. The seafood flavor is a favorite among both cats and dogs and thus you will not have any issue with that either.

What did I not like?

​The toothpaste contains sorbitol and there are pets that are actually quite intolerant towards this particular product. Also, I believe that they should have packed a few more brush types just to make sure that pets of all sizes can benefit with this product.


  • Product can be used for both cats and dogs
  • Flavor of the paste is preferred by most cats and there is not trouble while brushing
  • Finger brush is included that can be used for small kittens
  • Dual end brush, with the smaller end perfect for most cats and the larger end can be used for dogs
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Toothpaste contains sorbitol and cannot be used with pets who are not tolerant towards this product
  • Option for brush size isn’t much with this package

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit – Best Vet Recommended Product

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit

​This Nylabone advanced oral care kit is made explicitly for adult cats and can be used without much trouble. There is a brush with small bristles included with an angular head that should be able to go into the mouth of the cat. The finger brush should be able to help you with small kittens. It is a veterinary doctor approved product and is safe for all types of cats.

What I like?

​I really liked the price tag and the fact that the vets approve this toothpaste. It is a great product for the cats and can be used without much fuss. You will be able to take care of all the major dental issues, mainly the plaques and bacteria formation, with this toothpaste. It is a major deal for many cat owners.

What did I not like?

​Nylabone seemingly changed the flavor or some formula of the toothpaste mid-way. It is good to experiment, but when one particular formula works perfectly, it is not a smart idea to start experimenting by changing it. Bringing more flavor variants might be a good idea in this case.


  • The toothpaste is approved by veterinarians
  • The angular shaped toothbrush can be used for most adult cats
  • The toothpaste works fine with most cats
  • The finger brush included is good to be used for cleaning the mouth of small kittens


  • There have been recent issues with cats using this product for long, probably due to change in flavor or formula
  • Flavor options not available for this set

Kissable Combo Kit for Cats – Most Affordable All-Natural Product

Kissable Combo Kit for Cats

​This all-natural toothpaste is made in USA and is effective in fighting off bad odor and reducing tartar. It even prevents plaque formation. The paste has a vanilla flavor that leaves a generally soothing breath in your cat’s mouth after brushing. The brush is quite sleek and you should not have any trouble getting it to reach inside the mouth in most occasions.

What I like?

​The toothpaste is all-natural, meaning your cat should not have any problem with it. Even though almost all the available toothpastes for cats are enzymatic and can be swallowed, we worry about the chemicals in the paste. That’s one thing you need not worry with this.

What did I not like?

​The brush, even though created quite beautifully and has a soft bristle, there are no available size options. This makes it difficult if you are tending to the needs of a really small kitten. Another issue is with the flavor. Vanilla flavor might be loved by human beings, but if your cat isn’t really a fan of the flavor you do not have any other option left.


  • Made in USA and completely natural
  • Soft bristle toothbrush with sleek design makes it easy to reach inside the mouth of the cat
  • Fresh flavor removes the bad odor from breath
  • Anti-plaque and anti-tartar action
  • Non-foaming formula and do not need flushing the mouth


  • Vanilla flavor might not be preferred by all cats and no additional flavor option available
  • Only one size of brush available and it cannot be used for small kitten

Enzadent Kit –Vet Recommended Smart Deal

Enzadent Kit

​Enzadent provides a set of toothpaste along with double bristle brush and a finger brush. So, whatever be the age of your cat/kitten and however big or small he/she might be, you have got the right toothbrush in the pack.

The toothpaste comes in poultry flavor and is generally preferred by most cats and kittens. The palatable flavor makes it quite similar to receiving treats and thus you need not struggle much to get them to brush. The toothpaste is also enzymatic and there is no issue if the little one swallows it.

The toothpaste is even recommended by the vets to be used regularly. You might create a schedule for brushing if your kitty does not demonstrate any major oral health problem.

What I like?

​The poultry flavor is quite similar to the cat treats and it makes brushing so much easier as the cat does not fight you. The available range of brushes in the pack also covers almost all needs and you can easily use it even when you have more than one cat and of different sizes and ages. Last, but certainly not the least, the available two extra packs of toothpaste is an added bonus.

What did I not like?

​In the age of so many options available with every product, it is expected that there will be choice in terms of flavor as well when it comes to buying the toothpaste for cats. Even though poultry flavor is mostly acceptable, having a few other choices is always better.


  • Toothbrush of various sizes and types available
  • Poultry flavor toothpaste is preferred by most cats and thus it becomes easier to get them to brush
  • Toothpaste can be swallowed without harm
  • Preferred by vets and can be used regularly for brushing and controlling oral problems


  • ​Only single flavor available and no flavor variant

Best Cat Toothpaste

SynergyLabs Dental Fresh For Cats – Best non-brushing oral cleaning formula 2021

SynergyLabs Dental Fresh For Cats

​Not all cat love brushing with any sort of brush. You will probably have a really hard time trying to get them to brush and keep their mouth fresh and clean. With this unique product, you will have to worry no more. This SynergyLabs product can be mixed with regular water or food and as the cat eats or drinks, the product does its job. It is safe and clinically proven to be effective.

It is effective against dental plaques and the bacteria that cause many oral issues, including a really bad breath.

What I like?

​I liked the unique product that can maintain oral health without having to brush. It is perfect for those who have a hard time forcing their cats to brush. With this, you will not have to worry about finding the perfect brush anymore. There is also the amazing low price that makes it worth it.

What did I not like?

​The formula is a proven one, but there remains some flavor and odor that can be picked up by those cats that are extremely sensitive towards such things. However, the small investment makes it pretty safe bet if you want to give it a try.


  • Extremely low cost
  • No brushing required
  • Can be mixed with water or even wet food
  • Clinically proven formula that is effective against plaques and oral bacteria


  • ​There is a trace flavor and odor that can be picked up by certain cats and they will avoid the water or food in that case

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic (Multiple Flavors) – Best Multi-flavor Cat Toothpaste

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic

​Virbac has got an array of toothpaste with various flavors. If your cat does not like the poultry flavor, you can easily check out these flavors to see which one suits your cat the best. As already mentioned, the Virbac C.E.T toothpaste is clinically proven to be effective against plaques and other oral issues. it can even be swallowed by the cat without causing any harm. The toothpaste is safe for both cats and dogs.

What I like?

​The multiple flavor options is something that every pet owners want. There is no way to ensure that the cat will love a particular flavor, even though a particular flavor might be quite popular. So, if you find your cat not enjoying a flavor, just change it. The price isn’t too high and you can afford to check out a few flavors before settling for the ideal one.

What did I not like?

​There isn’t much to complain about, but, they need to perform more extensive research to check out some complaints by customers. There are a few issues with some cats and dogs that need to be taken seriously.


  • Perfect for both cats and dogs
  • Multiple flavor option makes it best for those who find it hard to get their cat to like a product
  • Budget friendly
  • Clinically proven to be effective against plaques and other oral issues
  • No foaming agent and thus safe for the pet to swallow


  • ​There are some side effects of the product in some cases that needs to be checked by the company

Best Cat Toothbrush

Pet Republique Dual Headed – Best Buy Toothbrush Set

Pet Republique Dual Headed

​The set contains 6 toothbrushes with dual-heads. There is also an option to get a 3 toothbrush set, though this one has a better deal. The dual head with one large and one small bristle is a great option for those who have both cats and dogs. Even cat owners can have this set since it does not cost much and the small bristle will easily get into the interior parts of your cat’s mouth.

What I like?

​I loved the fantastic deal. There is also the angular design that that allows the brush to go into the mouth with ease. Most importantly, there is a 30 days money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product.

What did I not like?

​The bristle should have been somewhat softer to make it easier for the cats. They do not really like brushing.


  • The deal is amazing and really affordable
  • The toothbrush can be used for both cats and dogs
  • The angular design allows easy entry into the difficult parts


  • ​The bristle isn’t as soft as it should be

Next Level Pet Premium Value – Best Complete Toothbrush Set

Next Level Pet Premium Value

​Next Level pet has certainly launched a great product with multiple usage option. Whether you are tending to the needs of a single kitten or have a number of cats of different ages at home, this is a the perfect set for all purpose.

There is a double-headed brush, with the smaller head ideal for the grown up cats. Dog owners generally use the larger head; so you have got that area covered as well. The other two finger brushes have two different bristle sizes and can be used to clean teeth of very small kittens as well.

What I like?

​The complete package at affordable rate is a great deal for any pet owner. There is hardly any better deal at this quality available. There are multiple brush heads that will ensure that you have the perfect size no matter what.

What did I not like?

​Unless you have a cat that will not brush, no matter what, you will not really regret buying this product. For once, I did not find any issue with the product.


  • Multiple heads for different types of pets
  • Very soft bristles that do not cause any distress to the cat
  • Very soft finger brushes for better cleaning
  • Easy cleaning of plaques
  • Budget friendly high quality product


  • ​There isn’t much con about this, unless you have a cat that will not brush no matter what and you have to throw away the product

​Kittyteeth Pet – Soft Small Cat Toothbrush

Kittyteeth Made in The USA

​This one is specifically made for cats and other small pets. The toothbrush is small enough to fit the mouth of most cats and the bristles are moderately comfortable. The design is made to suit most cats and not to harm their gum in any way.

What I like?

​The small size is perfect for most cats and the product being made keeping in mind the need of the cats, it is more suitable for that purpose.

What did I not like?

​The bristle is small and moderately soft, but could have been softer. Also, the price for one unit of brush is not too low cost.


  • Made keeping in mind the needs of a cat
  • Small enough to fit the mouth of most cats
  • Proven to be effective against plaques and for deep cleaning


  • The bristle isn’t too soft
  • The price is a bit on the higher side

​There are plenty of toothbrushes and toothpaste available in the market. The above lists are for the best products available. There is no one perfect product. So, you will need to check the pros and cons to decide on the best option for your pet.

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