How to Choose the Best Cat Nail Clippers? Things You Need to Know

Choose the Best Cat Nail Clippers

Tripping your cat’s nail is necessary to keep them healthy and seeing the best in them. However, some cats do not prefer having their nails trimmed.

It is import to start cutting their nails during younger years to get used to the process. There are cute feline friends who will sit happily on your lap to begin with the procedure using the best cat nail clippers. As owners, you must be very careful in doing so as to prevent possible injuries it may occur.

The purpose of having those nails trimmed is to remove sharp points you feel when you cuddle them. It is also one way to prevent furniture to shred. In this article you will see the benefits and best cat nail clippers you can find online.

The Best Nail Clippers For Trimming Cats’ Nails

Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

Safari 770045

This product has a sharp stainless steel cutting edge that lasts long. The item is also rubber-coated which is easier to handle.


  • It is cheap and easy handle
  • Since it is designed in a sharp stainless steel, it gives a long lasting cutting edge
  • The price is just right
  • The weight is about 0.15 lbs. Owners won’t have any issues using it
  • It is able to trim large sizes of nails since it can open up wide enough
  • It has a strong grip which makes the user able to hold and control the clipper easily
  • Due do the rubber coated in the handle, it prevents from any accidental cuts when using
  • It feels compact when using


  • The item causes so much noise when clipping. Your cat will probable get scared of it.
  • The handle area is very near end of the nail clipper, so be extra careful when using the item because it could cause your hands to crush when you splinter it.
  • Sooner or later, the plated tend to loosen especially when using it for couple of weeks.
  • There is no warranty for this product.

Whisker Wishes For Cat Clippers

Whisker Wishes

Whisker Wisher Pet Clipper in short is a high quality stainless steel which is created for easy cut and strong grip. Ideally for right and left handed.


  • It is very handy and able to use for left and right handed individuals
  • It has an excellent stainless blade that is able to trim cat’s nails.
  • Owners with arthritis can use this product because there is no need of too much pressure to give when trimming the nails of your cats.
  • Good for first time owners
  • Able to hold grip as long as you can.
  • There is a very small incidence of getting slip on the fingers
  • The weight is not more than a pound
  • Small and manageable
  • Every cuts result in exact details
  • There are free instructions and usage recommendations along with the item
  • It’s a girly thing combined with a nice violet design and white
  • Item is not so noisy when trimming nails.


  • There is no warranty for this product
  • Not ideal for large size fingers especially for guys
  • You cannot wear any protective measures such as gloves when using the item

Magic Coat Cat Care Clipper

Magic Coat Cat Care Clipper

The good thing about this product is, it only weighs 0.8 ounces which is very light and safe to use.


  • It provides painless trimming
  • It results to precise trimming
  • Some reviewers compare it to small children’s scissors.
  • Very manageable to use and easy at hand
  • It has a curved edge which helps the trimming result in clean cut without breaking it.
  • It is ideal for small cats
  • The price is affordable


  • It is not good for large size fingers
  • It gets stuck most of the time

Simply Cats Kitty nails Clipper

Simply Cats Kitty nails Clipper

This nail cut clipper is also ideal for small pets such as rabbits, birds, puppies, guinea pigs and more.


  • It is recommended most of professional groomers and vets
  • Low chances of having this clipper slips on the fingers
  • Can use by other small pets at home
  • Made up of 100% steel which can be used for a long period of time
  • It can also be used by first time owners


  • Not ideal for large size fingers
  • Owners with arthritis will have problems in handing the trimmer
  • Needs to put pressure on the area to cut the nails
  • There is no warranty for this product

Bengo Cat Nail Clipper

Bengo Cat Nail Clipper

Bengo Cat Nail Clipper is made up of high quality stainless steel that is safe and has designed to avoid over-cutting edges. Easy to use, comfortable and has a strong grip handle.


  • The good thing about Bengo Cat Nail Clipper is owners won’t have to worry to use it since it is made of decreasing the possibilities of overcutting cat nails.
  • The grinders produced a polish nail cut that decreasing the chance of hard scratching. In this way, owners may prevent their cats    to scratch on their furniture, kids and other family members at home. Thus lessen the possibilities of injuries.
  • The clipper is available with batteries and electric use which is very suitable at home.
  • The grinder of Bengo Cat Nail Clipper reduces the pressure it brought on the nail.
  • This clipper can also be used to dogs and those that have thick nails.
  • It also reduces the amount of crack or unnecessary tears on cat’s nails.
  • It is designed to cut without a noise which is very comfortable for cats and other pets as well.


  • Although the item is made up of safety cutting edge, there is still a possibility that owners can cut cat’s cuticle. It is important for   pet owners to be very extra careful on how much they need to grind on their cat’s nails as to avoid possible injuries to the cuticle.

Let’s Talk About First On How To Choose The Cat Nail Clippers

Cat Nail Clippers

It is indeed that cat nail clippers are very helpful to lessen injuries you can get from your cat and damages in home interiors due to scratching behavior. Their claws are quite sharp and long. By trimming their nails, you can achieve soft and cuddly claws. Here’s what you need to consider in selecting the best clippers to use:

  • Decide what you need — There are several nail clippers online and you should be aware of the right item that fits of your cat claw.
  • Should be Clean – This is to secure your cat’s health and hygiene purposes.
  • Clippers must be comfortable to use – Trimming your cats may require holding them to cut their nails and some owners may find this really challenging. The clippers to select should be large and comfortable to use to be able to go on with the process without difficulties.
  • Durability – It is better to purchase high quality items that will last for long.
  • Safe to use – Choose the clipper that will ensure safety and won’t put your feline friend at risk.
  • Stainless and Steel Blades – Stainless clippers are clean which has a precise cut. It is also very comfortable to use.
  • Handling – Make sure that the clipper to use is very handy because chances are, you might drop it during the process or may hurt your cat while clipping. Rubber coated clippers are also ideal to avoid slipping through fingers.
  • Clippers for inexperienced users – Clippers with scissor style is a good choice for first time owners. They are more convenient to use especially for first time owners.
  • Comes in handy – less weight clippers are most easier to use than the heavy ones. Select those items with less than a pound. Check the information before purchasing it. 
  • No sound clipper – There are silent cat clippers online to purchase. If your feline friend gets irritated with the sound of the clip, this item is right for you just to prevent your pet to run away.
  • Price Is the something you can afford? Consider how much you are willing to spend for an item. This can save you for unexpected costs in other means. You need to budget your money to purchase high quality products for the benefit of your feline friend as well.

What Are the Advantages of Using Cat Nail Clippers?

  • As mentioned earlier on this post, trimming claws prevent the possible destruction of furniture at home.
  • There are cases that cats must have a surgical procedure to remove their claws and you don’t want this to happen. Prevention is always a better choice.
  • It is a good practice to keep them healthy and your family members as well from getting scratched.
  • This is to prevent other pets at home to cause an injury to them.
  • When cat’s nails are not regularly removed, tendency is they get to grow long and curl back to their fingers which causes pain and lead to injury.
  • For first time owners, trimming your cat’s nail doesn’t hurt them at all. Expect that cats may create body movement to stop the procedure, so it is just right to know what clippers are comfortable for you. It is also suggested to do this while they are sleeping.

How to use Cat Clippers?

How to use Cat Clippers
  • It is best to start clipping cat’s nails during their younger years as they become used to the process. Start by doing a gentle massage on your cat’s feet. If you immediately cut their nails, they are more likely to get thrilled with the process. Make them feel comfortable and reassure that your friend has nothing to worry about.
  • Do this by cutting couple of nails per session. Gently cut the nails especially during their sleep. If you have a very unenthusiastic cat, use the product called feil friend. This will give your cat a calming sensation to begin with the process.
  • Hold and control its paw in your hand using the other finger.
  • Apply a gentle pressure to one toe. In this way, their nails will come out and be visible in your eyes.
  • You will see the middle claw is pink, be careful not trim the area because it consists of blood and nerves. If accidentally trimmed, it causes pain and bleeding. Apply pressure on the area with Potassium Permanganate to stop more hemorrhage. Just in case the solution is not available at home, you can try ordinary flour to put on the wound. The bleeding must stop about 5-10 minutes.

What You Must Remember:

  • Aim to cut between the pointed end of the nails as quick as possible.
  • If your cat has black claws, cut only the end point. If you think you are not sure in doing it, then don’t.
  • Do the nail trimming every 4-5 weeks.
  • In worst case scenario, have your cat trimmed with a professional groomer.

Recommended Products

Those 5 Cat Clippers are good choices for your cat’s nails. They all come with affordable prices. According to our own research, Bengo Cat Nail Clipper has a large number of good reviews online. It has been the no.1 recommended product in the market.

This product is easy to use and manageable which is very handy and loved by most cat lovers on earth. Vets and professional groomers recommended it as well. It may be small but it has the powerful blades that can easily cut the cat nails. The good thing about it is you can use it for a long period of time. It is very safe to use for dogs and cats.

Another thing is that, it is too small for large size owners particular men. In this scenario, the clipper is only ideal to use for women and those with have small hands.Anyone can still use it somehow despite the sizes of fingers.

It depends on how you manage it as long as it won’t harm your feline friend. Despite the fact that cat owners may have a large or small hands, safety is still the priority. As long as you’re comfortable using it then there is nothing to worry about.

According to reviews, it is easy to use. If you will do this the first time and does not have much experience on trimming cat’s nails, that’s okay. You can still use the product without worries. It is designed to have safe nail trimmer on the edge. 

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