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​Those of us who really love cats do not really like putting a muzzle on the face of our feline friend. However, we also know how it is sometimes really important to have a cat muzzle handy. Even though the cat will never like wearing the muzzle, there are times when it is absolutely necessary.

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  2. Guardian Gear Nylon
  3. PURR Muzzle for Cats
  4. Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag
  5. PetEdge Soft Paws Restraint Cat Air II

Suppose you find a stray cat that is hurt and you need to carry it to the vet. Of course, the little fellow will be scared and might even try to bite you. Having a muzzle will make it easier tocalm the cat down and carry to the nearest vet clinic safely. There are also times when your pet cat starts acting weird and becomes all too aggressive. Like it or not, putting a muzzle will save you and your cat when you take your furry friend to the vet.

Even though it is inevitable at times, having the right cat muzzle will make the experience much less distressing for your cat. You will definitely wish to get the best cat muzzle that will do the job and yet will be comfortable on your kitten. Hence, I have prepared a list of the best cat muzzles available to make your task easier. Let’s check out the list below.

Best Cat Muzzle Comparison Chart




Downtown Pet SupplyNylon with Velcro strapSmall (< 6 lbs)Medium (6 – 12 lbs)Large (> 12 lbs)
Guardian Gear NylonNylon with Velcro strapSmall (< 6 lbs)Medium (6 – 12 lbs)Large (> 12 lbs)
PURR Muzzle for CatsTransparent plastic with nylon strapsSize 1 (10– 14 weeks)Size 2 (3– 6 months)Size 3 (0.5– 1 year)Size 4 (1.5& larger breed)
Downtown Pet SupplyNylon bag and free Nylon muzzle with Velcro strapSmall (< 10 lbs)Medium (10 – 15 lbs)Large (15 – 25 lbs)
​PetEdge Soft Paws Restraint Cat Air II​Plastic with patented strap design​Single size

The above list is of the best cat muzzles that you will come across. Now you will not have to go through every product details and reviews for hours to decide which one will be the best for your beloved cat. The following reviews will give you a clear idea about each one of them and you can take your pick depending upon the desired features.

Personally, I believe there is no one best product. Each product has its unique qualities making it the best for certain category of pet owners. I have mentioned the most important features likewise to make your task even easier.

​Downtown Pet Supply

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Restraint Bags

This muzzle by Downtown Pet Supply works perfectly as demonstrated. It will certainly keep your cat from biting when you are tending to him/her in ways he/she might not really appreciate.

The muzzle is made of strong nylon fabric that is difficult for the cat to rip off and the Velcro strap fixes the muzzle firmly into place without actually hurting the cat. You can easily put this on your cat, but it will certainly not be easy for him/her to remove.

The muzzle is available is three different sizes – small, medium and large. The small one is for cats below 6 lbs, medium will fit cats between 6 and 12 lbs, and the large one is for cats above 12 lbs. so, when you are ordering, make sure you have got the right size.

What I like?

I loved the low price tag and the quality of the product at this price range. To be honest, muzzles should not be crazy costly. This one has a pretty functional and basic design that is easy to use. The nylon fabric is quite sturdy against clawing and thus you will not have to worry about the cat removing the muzzle or destroying it.

What did I not like?

​It is understandable that most cats will calm down if the eyes are covered as well. However, I would have appreciated a larger opening near the mouth. It is just enough for the cat to breathe. Having a larger opening will allow the cat to be fed as well with the muzzle on.


  • Really low price for a decently good quality
  • Available in different sizes, making it easier for the cat owner to choose
  • Completely adjustable Velcro strap makes it easy to fit and is not hard on the cat
  • Nylon fabric can withstand clawing
  • Easy to fit by owner but not easy to remove by cat


  • The front opening of the muzzle is way too small and allows only breathing space
  • The muzzle will certainly not prevent your cat from meowing but might actually increase hissing and meowing

​Guardian Gear Nylon

Guardian Gear Nylon

This Guardian Gear nylon cat muzzle is the most basic product in their series and is available at the lowest rate. It is made of durable nylon fabric that is resistant to the clawing of cats. The Velcro strap easily fits onto the cat and can be adjusted as per requirement. It is easy to put on your cat and it will not be easy for your cat to remove.

Remember to get the right size of the muzzle depending upon your cat’s weight. Ideally, the small size will fit any cat below 6 pounds, the medium size is for the 6 to 12-pound ones, and the large size if for those who are more than 12 pounds ion weight.

What I like?

I liked the fact that they differentiated based on the color scheme while pricing. The black is the basic model and is priced at the lowest rate. It will allow you to try the muzzle and you will not lose much in case you do have to do away with the muzzle.

You also get the adorable color variants of this product. They are also available at a really affordable rate and the products come in different sizes, based on the size of the cat. The easy to use and no-fuss design makes it easier for pet owners to put it on the cat.

What did I not like?

The opening at the front is for breathing purpose only and you can see that it cannot really be used for feeding. Quite clearly, this muzzle is not to be used for prolonged period.

However, the nylon fabric will not prevent your cat from biting if your cat is determined to do it. If your cat gets a good grip, the teeth can actually go through the nylon fabric. So you need to be careful about that.


  • It is a budget friendly product
  • The muzzle is easy to fasten with the help of the Velcro strap
  • Your cat cannot remove the muzzle with ease
  • Multiple sizes available as per the weight of the cat
  • Comes in different color variants – black, blue and pink


  • The nuzzle fabric can be a durable one, but not really tough to prevent your cat from biting through it if he/she gets a good grip

​PURR Muzzle for Cats

After Surgery Wear Purr Muzzle for Cats

Many among us face much difficulty even with the muzzle on our cat. Some of them become even more agitated with the muzzle covering their eyes.

The PURR muzzle for cats is approved by vets and has a transparent body that allows your cat to see who is around and thus behave less agitatedly. Cats are not the most trusting among the pets. Seeing those who they trust around them makes them much less aggressive. This is one of the major reasons why PURR muzzle for cats is a perfect choice.

Besides the transparent cover, the muzzle also has a large enough opening to allow access to teeth and mouth. Thus, you can use this to give your cat the necessary medication.

The muzzle can be used for kittens as small as 10 weeks old. There are four sizes available – Size 1 for 10 – 14 weeks old kitten, Size 2 for 14 – 6 months old kitten, Size 3 for 6 months to 1 year old cats, and Size 4 for cats above 1.5 years or those of larger breed.

What I like?

​The muzzle has taken into consideration one of the major habits of cats, that they do not close their eyes in front of anyone they don’t trust, and have created a muzzle that will not blindfold them but will also serve the purpose. The strap is placed such that it creates a pressure on the neck of the cat. This generally calms the cat down a lot.

What did I not like?

​Even though it certainly has a unique and clever design and preferred by the vets, this one is not the cheapest among the lot. The price tag could have been lowered, as per my understanding.


  • Clear body that does not obstruct view
  • Cleverly attached strap that creates pressure on the neck of the cat and calms him/her down with ease
  • Available in multiple sizes and can be used for kittens as small as 10 weeks old
  • Enough space available to access teeth and mouth that allows better and wider usage range


  • The price tag is high enough for some pet owners

​Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Bag

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Restraint Bags

This cat grooming bag from Downtown Pet Supplies is what you will ever need in any situation. It is the perfect product for those who have a highly active cat that needs to be restrained while trimming the nails or giving medicines or even taking to the vet.

This grooming bag comes with a free muzzle as well and the cat muzzle does the job pretty great, keeping the cat restricted from biting you while you take care of the grooming job.

The muzzle is easy to attach and cannot be unfastened by the cat, and with the grooming bag on, the minimal probability of your cat being able to take off the muzzle by clawing is removed. The product is available in three variants – small, medium, and large.

The small is for cats up to 10 pounds, the medium will fit cats between 10 and 15 pounds, and the large one is good for cats between 15 and 25 pounds. The muzzle available with the bag is in accordance to the size. So, depending upon the size of your cat, you can easily select the perfect bag.

Each product is made of nylon that is hard to scratch. The bag has mesh on the sides to allow the cat to feel comfortable. The muzzle comes with Velcro strap and can be easily fixed on the cat. There is no way the cat will be able to see anything with the muzzle on and will not become too violent. There is an opening on the front to allow your cat to breathe and thus he/she will not feel suffocated.

What I like?

​I loved the compact package. Even at a slightly higher price, you get a bag and the muzzle for free. It is the perfect package for those who have active cats and it becomes hard to restrain him/her while you have to go about trimming the nails or perform other grooming tasks. You also get to choose from a variety of sizes as per the size of your cat.

What did I not like?

​The bag is not too easy to put on and can cause enough struggle while you try to force your cat into it. Also, the opening at the front of the muzzle is barely enough to allow your cat to breathe. If you are trying to give him/her some oral medicine, the muzzle is not really an option.


  • It is a complete package at an affordable rate
  • The nylon is quite strong
  • The Velcro strap on the muzzle makes it easy to put on
  • The restraint bag makes it almost impossible for your cat to scratch you while you try to groom him/her


  • The bag is not easy to put on
  • The muzzle has an opening at the front, but that is not big enough to make the cat feed anything with it on

PetEdge Soft Paws Restraint Cat Air II – Best cat muzzle and dog muzzle without eye cover

Cat Air Muzzle II

Contrary to popular belief, not all cat calms down when the eyes are guarded. If you have one of those cats, you have probably struggled a lot with the regular cat muzzles available. Well, no more will you have to endure the bites because you just don’t want to cause your cat the distress by making him/her wear those muzzles with eye covers.

The PetEdge cat muzzle offers protection against your cat’s bites and yet does not cover the eyes of the cat. You will find that your cat is much calmer since he/she is able to see what is going on all around.

Cats generally put their trust upon selected few people. So, it is actually possible that even though he/she will not like you trimming the nails, if he/she is able to see you doing it, the struggle will be a little less. But, even if your cat struggles, with this muzzle on, he/she will not be able to cause you any harm.

This muzzle is perfect for both cats and dogs and the unique patented design allows you to easily slide in the muzzle without much fuss. There might even be times when your cat had some surgical procedure on the face or in the teeth. This muzzle will not allow your cat to scratch the area and can be kept on for long duration. Other types of muzzles are only for short-term use.

What I like?

​I loved the unique design that allows the cat to breath comfortably and see all around and yet not being able to bite. It is probably the most humane product on the list. Also, it has got multiple uses and can even be used for small dogs.

What did I not like?

​I was really disappointed by the pricing. It is quite high and cannot be really termed as budget friendly. But, then, when you love your cat, it is probably worth it. Moreover, this product is sturdy and long lasting. So, you will not be buying the muzzle every few months or weeks.


  • Unique design that allows easy installation
  • Your pet can see all around and breathe with ease
  • It allows you to administer oral medicine
  • The muzzle prevents biting as well as prevents the cat from scratching the face, which is important in case of any surgery or wound on the face or teeth
  • The material is quite durable and you will not have to replace it anytime soon


  • The price is quite high, even with all the patented design
  • A better fastening strap would have been good since a clever kitten might actually find way to get it removed

How to stop a cat from “meowing”?

Let us first understand what really initiates the meowing tendency in cats. In kittens, meowing is a means to communicate with the mother to let her know about being hungry or any other form of discomfort.

The meowing stops after the cat becomes adult. Adult cats will not meow to each other. But, your adult cat will still meow just to tell you something. As human beings appreciate vocal communication, we actually encourage, most of the time unknowingly, the meowing habit in our pet cat.

Cats may meow during the day or at night. First, you need to figure out the reason. Since we are mostly away and busy all through the day, it is mostly the meowing during the night that bothers us.

So, what are the probable reasons?

Here are a few:

  • Your cat feels lonely
  • Your cat wants to get in the bedroom
  • Your cat wants to go out of the house
  • Your cat feels hungry
  • Your cat is thirsty
  • Your cat is bored
  • Your cat misses his/her mom

Whichever be the cause, the first thing to do is to stop responding. If you do, you let your cat train you actually. He/she will know that meowing is okay to get your attention. So, give him/her attention only when he/she stops meowing. This will teach your cat otherwise.

Now, you need to give your cat some emotional support too. Read stories to your cat or make your cat play for an hour or so before bedtime. A tired cat will sleep off at night.

Make sure you invest in some super comfortable cat mats for him/her to sleep in. creating a porch or a small area with glass window that will make your cat feel like being outside is a good idea if your cat wishes to stay out during the night. Make cat door to let your cat go in and out of house without your assistance. A good cat collar will be helpful in that case. Definitely feed your cat and make your cat drink enough water before bedtime and leave food and water for the night.

Lastly, invest in some earplugs. That will take care of the trouble in the initial days when the meowing does not stop.


Cat muzzles are good if your cat bites too much. But, do not use it for long. Also, never leave your cat unattended with the muzzle on. If your cat shows vomiting tendency or uneasiness, remove the muzzle immediately. And, try to do away with the muzzle as much as you can.

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