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Cat Litter Mat

​We all love our little furry four pawed feline family members. The little ones steal away the heart in an instant. However, cleaning after them is such a time consuming job.  

Don’t you hate it when they create a mess in the house by dragging their litter trails from the cat litter?

​Our Top

  1. Pawkin Phthalate Free
  2. Easyology
  3. BlackHole Litter Mat
  4. iPrimio Litter Trapper
  5. Caldwell’s Litter Mat

In an earlier article I told you all about the best cat litter​. But that alone will never save you the trouble of cleaning kitty poop trails off the floor. You need something more to take the poop bits off the paws and prevent trails all over the place. What you really need is a litter mat.

Litter mats work wonders in taking off the poop bits from the paws and restricting it to the area around the cat litter box only. But, as is with any other product, there are far too many in the market and you will definitely be confused as to which one to choose and how to know if you really made the smart choice and the right investment. This is why I bring the list of the best cat litter mat 2021.

I have taken the top 5 picks to make your work easier. Simply go through the reviews and find out the one that best suits your needs. No more browsing through hundreds of products and feeling utterly confused. The best ones are listed here just for you.

Best Cat Litter Mat Comparison Chart





Pawkin Phthalate FreePhathalate free, non-toxicModerately easy to cleanMade in USA
EasyologyExra thick PVCModerately easy to cleanMade in USA
​BlackHole Litter MatSoft EVA materialEasy to clean, litter settles on lower layerMade in USA
​iPrimio Litter TrapperNylon and Plastic FilmExtremely easy to cleanMade in USA
​Caldwell’s Litter Mat​Super thick PVC​Moderately easy to clean​Made in China

So, now that you have checked the list of the top 5 best cat litter mat list, here are the honest and detailed reviews of each one of them. All the products listed here are among the top seller and most trusted ones available on Amazon. However, as per your personal space and needs you will have to make the final choice.

Do not forget to check out the reviews to know more about the pros and cons of each product. Find the one that will best suit your needs as well as your budget. You will also have to consider the space you have got at your place and the type of floor before taking the final decision. So, find out, which product promises what and how it delivers on the promise.

Pawkin Phthalate Free– Top rated cat litter mat high selling

Pawkin Phthalate Free

Pawkin achieved near perfection with their Phthalate free cat litter mat. It delivers on almost all the promises made by it and is available within a really affordable budget. Additionally, they have an amazing customer service and is true to their words. These are the reasons it has created such a trusting consumer base and features on the top of this list.


There are a number of things that are amazing about this cat litter mat. Let’s begin with the texture. It is a rubbery mat with interwoven patterns and small holes that efficiently trap the litter from the kitten’s paws. If the litter gets sprayed outside the box the texture of the mat makes it impossible to get scattered all across the floor.

Another point that I must mention is their impressive customer service and support. Right after you have received the product you will receive a mail as well about the use of the product. It I s important that you read the mail since it will give you some tips about using the mat in the best possible way. Trust me when I say this, at times the simplest ideas escape our notice.

This litter mat is available in two color variations – beige and gray. This is actually perfect because contrast with the color of the litter box allows your pet to know the difference.

What did I not like?

​Even though the mat will catch the litter with ease, it is not too easy to clean off, especially is your cat peed in the mat. This should be made such that it will be easy to clean off.


  • ​Non-toxic phthalate free mat that is safe for your pets and family
  • Traps litter with ease and is highly efficient
  • Extremely high quality rubber material used for the development of the product
  • Available in two color variations – beige and gray
  • Very much within the budget of almost every buyer
  • Exceptional customer support service and 100% money back guarantee, no question asked


  • ​Cleaning of litter is not too easy and leaves litter deep in the mesh
  • Trapped litter my cause smell trapped in the mat

Easyology – Premium cat litter mat, best selling


Easyology has created a mat that is both durable and soft. If you are a cat owner you will have a very good idea how cats and kittens have a special spot for anything soft and comfortable. This mat will make your kitten love to walk over it. Moreover, the really affordable price along with a great customer service made it one of the favorite among pet owners. It is among the highest selling product in its category on Amazon.


The litter mat has got both thick mesh as well as grooves. This makes it even more efficient in trapping the litters and prevents any spill on the house floor. The availability of a wide array of color variations allows you to select depending upon what will look best in your home.

As far as price is concerned, the product is priced well within the budget. It is quite thick and durable, making it worth the price. The material used is also high grade and soft, that is pet friendly and your cat will love to use it.

What did I not like?

​Even though Easyology claims the mat to be water resistant, there have been instances when the water seeped right through. However, if you do find such issues, their 100% money back guarantee, no question asked, will ensure your investment is not wasted.


  • ​High quality material that is soft and lasts long
  • Quite thick mat makes it durable
  • Mesh pattern along with grooves makes it catch much more litter than many other litter mats available
  • Jumbo size ensured that the mat catches all the litter spills, no matter how big or active your cat is
  • Affordable rate that can fit your budget easily
  • A number of color choices that will not only make it an essential but a beautiful addition to your place


  • ​The mat is not completely water resistant and water might seep under the mat
  • Cleaning is a bit difficult, even with the help of a vacuum cleaner

BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Most innovative design

BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Innovation does not always need to be something really costly and Moonshuttle has proven it through this wonderful product. It is extra-large in size and will easily accommodate up to three cats. Thus, this product is perfect for those with multiple kittens.


​I loved the simple and innovative way the manufacturer solved the problem of catching the litters and cleaning them too. There are small holes in the mat with a soft mesh on top of it. The mesh will make the litter particles come off the paws of your pet and the holes will make them go underneath where there is a second layer that will catch the litter particles. Since the mat opens on the sides, it is easy to simply dust off the particles from within the mat.

What did I not like?

​While the design is indeed marvelous and innovative, there is a major disadvantage. The open sides will not allow excess pee to be trapped into the mat. However, it will certainly trap the bad odor. So, when you start using this, make sure you are cleaning it off regularly. Also, opening on three sides will make it so much more easier to be cleaned.


  • ​Innovative design that traps litters under the top area of the mat
  • Much easier to clean as compared to mats with mesh
  • Soft material used so that the kitten feel good to use it


  • ​Cost is not within regular budget
  • Only two sides open making it trap smell more and curl up on the corners after washing

iPrimio Litter Trapper – Best selling double layer cat litter trapper


iPrimio is certainly giving a tough competition with its innovative design having large sized holes to trap all the litter and odor repellant property. The product is competitively priced for a double layer mat. It’s high popularity makes it one of the top contenders in the best cat litter trapper 2021 race.


​I loved how they modified some existing models and created the mat that can open on three sides. While having holes to catch the liter in a second layer is a common trick now, but the opening on three sides makes it extremely easy to clean without much hassle. Moreover it also repels he cat pee mostly and will not allow odor to get trapped. It’s extremely important for such a design.

What did I not like?

​They should consider lowering the price of the product as this cannot be said to be really cheap priced.


  • ​It has a wide area that catches a lot of litter and the larger holes makes it easier for the litter clumps to get accumulated on the lower layer
  • The mat opens on three sides making it easy to clean off
  • Urine is repelled and so is the smell making it quite good to be used in home


  • ​The price of the product is not really cheap and can be beyond budget of some (though Amazon always have a great deal)
  • The edges might absorb the pee, so it is important to place the litter accordingly

Caldwell’s Extra Large Dust Free Litter Mat – Most affordable lowest price

Caldwell’s Extra Large

The first thing you will notice about this exceptional liter mat is the absolutely unbelievable price. This liter mat is thick and heavy and is large enough to accommodate the litter tray and ensure all the liters are caught in the mesh. It’s unbelievably low price make it one of the top sellers


​Well, besides the price, I really loved how soft the material is. Even though the mesh is quite dense and catches all the liter, the material is soft enough for the paws. Since it is really large in terms of size, hence you will not have to worry much about cleaning the area around the litter box. It is also quite heavy and so you can rest assured that your kitty will not be able to move it across the house just for the fun of it.

What did I not like?

​Making it heavy has its benefits as well as difficulties. The thick mesh makes it a little hard to clean and lifting it and taking it outside the house needs a little effort.


  • ​Extremely low price
  • Heavy mat that is not easy to be moved by the kitten
  • Extremely large shape that will catch all the litter
  • Soft surface that does not hurt your kitten


  • ​Not too easy to clean


​There are numerous mats available in the market. However, to make it easier for you I have found the best products available. You can easily check out the options and decide for yourself as to which one to buy depending upon your budget and requirement.

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