10 Cat Litter Box Reviews Updated 2022 (Buyers Guide)

cat litter box

Even though we love our cats and everything about them, the cat litters are messy and can cause quite a bad smell all across the house if not taken care of in time. Cat litter is an essential item if you have cats at your place.

However, scooping up the used litter can also be quite a trouble if you do not have the right cat litter box with you.

There are numerous cat litter boxes available in the market and we often get really confused about what to choose and what to ignore. The numerous advertisements, all praising the respective products, make the task even more difficult.

The truth is, there is no one perfect product for every person. The needs of each person are different and with different needs the preferences changes.

Also, we need to know for sure about the pros and cons of every item that we encounter. This is why I decided to check out the available cat litter boxes to find the best ones.

As you will see, I have prepared a list of the best cat litter boxes that you will definitely find to be extremely useful and of high quality. Check out the description of each one and decide for yourself which will be the perfect one for you.

Top 10 Cat Litter Box Comparison


Type (Box/Pan)

Automatic/Self-Self Cleaning/Manual

Odor Control

Dust Control






Box / Tray













Self Cleaning























Why I did not select PetSafe Simply Clean Automatic Cat Litter Tray or LitterMaid self-cleaning and automatic cat litter boxes?

Top cat litter box

You will probably be surprised to find that the list does not contain the PetSafe Simply Clean automatic cat litter tray or any of the LitterMaid self-cleaning and automatic litter boxes.

Well, it is true that many people have bought them over the years. However, the quality you receive is just not worth it.

The PetSafe product has issues after a few months of operation. You might get a replacement after contacting customer support, but that does not guarantee that the new one will work fine for years.

Then there are instances where the customer support has been of no help and you will be stuck with a really expensive litter tray that will no longer be used for the purpose it was meant to be, and for that matter, no other purpose as well.

LitterMaid used to be a great brand in the automatic and self-cleaning litter box market. The products were great. However, recently the quality became well below average. The old brand trust is no more and the QC has failed miserably in ensuring that their high-priced litter boxes work for more than a few months.

These products did not make it through to my list due to obvious reasons. It is far better to have a simple litter tray than a high-priced malfunctioning box that will become junk itself.

1. Omega Paw -Best self-cleaning litter box

Omega Paw

If you were looking for a simple, easy to use and clean, and fuss-free self-cleaning litter box for your little feline pet, the Omega Paw is bound to be your top choice.

This is a simple to use litter box that will separate the used litter from the unused one. The design is patented and so you can be sure that it is worth trying. The box is adept at keeping the dust from the litter and the odor contained within it without transforming your place into a stinking house.

It is important that you get the right type of clumping cat litter as well to use with the box. However, the simple mechanism makes it easy to dispose the used litter.

Also, it is much less likely that your cat will be able to make a mess of the entire area around the litter box, something we, the cat owners, are quite used to experience when using open litter trays for extra active kittens and cats.

The basic features of the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box can be summarized as below –

  • It works without electricity and does not contain any liners or filters.
  • The box design is patented and there is a grill that separates the used litter waste from the fresh litter.
  • It has self-cleaning function and the box can clean itself by rolling to right and back.
  • It can be assembled with ease using the steps give in the user manual.
  • Waste can be collected using a detachable tray with ease.
  • It is suitable for both big cats as well as multiple cats.

What did I not like?

Even while sporting such clever design that has been patented, Omega Paw isn’t as strict with quality control as it should be. There are batches of litter boxes reportedly having bad quality plastic. This is something that needs to be checked to ensure better customer experience.


  • The litter box operates without the need of any electricity. So, you need not worry about it malfunctioning as there is hardly anything to malfunction.
  • The patented design keeps the used and unused litter separate. This makes it really easy to remove the waste from the litter box.
  • It has a closed structure that keeps the dust and the odor confined to it. It is really helpful for those who find that whichever litter they use, the cat makes the floor all dirty and the smell is a bit too overwhelming to be absorbed by even the best cat litter in the market. The box helps I n performing these two jobs.
  • The price of the product is quite within the affordable range. It is among the cheapest self-cleaning cat litter box available in the market.
  • You can safely use this product for big cats as well and it is perfect for multiple cat households too.
  • The litter box can be assembled with ease with the help of the instructions provided. The process isn’t difficult and can be followed by any person.


  • The plastic of the litter box isn’t the best in business and some units have low quality plastic that you might have to replace. Better QC will help get rid of this minor issue.

Omega Paw is the best self-cleaning litter box you will find in the market. Since it doesn’t have mechanical parts and is not dependent on power to operate, it can be safely used without the fear of having glitches.

The box is great for any person owning a big cat or multiple cats as well. Most importantly, it is well within the budget.

2. PetSafe ScoopFree -Best automatic litter box

PetSafe ScoopFree

Whenever we check out any cat litter box, we will find those where we have to scoop up the used litter after every use to keep the litter fresh for the next time, or we will find those where there is a complex mechanical system is involved.

There are even products that compromise the safety of the cat due to use of direct electricity in a fashion that is not entirely safe. However, with the PetSafe ScoopFree, you need not worry about any one of those anymore.

This cat litter box comes with automatic self-cleaning technology. There is a sensor that detects when the cat starts using the litter box. After 20 minutes the rake attached within the litter box will push the used litter into the tray attached underneath. You can easily place enough litter tray crystals to last for days and the litter box will work perfectly.

The crystals absorb all the odor and liquid creating hard clumping litter that is easy to clean. This one will work just perfectly for days without you ever intervening if enough litter is placed in it.

The raked away litter is dropped in a disposable tray that you will later simply discard along with all the litter. The tray itself is waterproof and does not make the smell unbearable.

If we look at the salient features of the PetSafe ScoopFree we will find the following.

  • The cat litter box is automatic and self-cleaning. It has a rake system that shifts the used litter to a separate disposable tray attached below and the box becomes ready to use with only the fresh litter remaining.
  • It is scoop free. You will simply throw the disposable box away. You need not scoop up the used litter anymore.
  • The tray is completely leak proof and hygienic.
  • It comes either with a privacy hood or without it.

What did I not like?

It lacks proper guide for first-time users. This is a great product, but let me tell you, if you actually make the mistake of stirring it up to check how it is working it is bound to make your house smell foul for quite some time.

Do not disturb the crystals and it will work perfectly. Also, this one is not really a cheap option and you might have to readjust your monthly budget to make sure you can afford this.


  • It is non-messy solution to your cat litter cleaning. You won’t even have to bother raking the tray and you can easily use one tray for a month if you have one cat. The automatic raking works perfectly and you will not even find any odor escaping it. The blue crystals are easy to spot in case of spillage, which is literally restricted to minimum but a litter mat will solve the issue.
  • The tray is leak-proof and there is no issue with the urine leaking or creating any mess on the floor.
  • This is a no-touch technology where you do not need to get the litter out by yourself. The detachable tray at the bottom is disposable and it contains all the used litter.
  • No hassle with setup as the entire mechanism is simple and compact.


  • The price is a bit on the higher side and you might have to readjust your budget a bit.
  • Clear instruction stating that the litter should not be disturbed or shifted is missing. The trapped odor is released on doing so and this is not advisable.

Those who have been looking for a cat litter box that is non-messy and will work fine without your intervention and something that will not require you physically handling the litter this is the perfect product for you. The higher price is justified by the fact that this will make your life a lot easier.

3. Iris Open with Shield and Scoop -Best affordable cat litter box

Iris Open

IRIS has created just a simple litter box that will not cause any trouble either with the cat or the owner. It is more like a tub and all you need is a good quality cat litter that will be absorbent and odor-controlling.

It has a polished surface that does not let the litter stick to it. So, you need not worry about rubbing and cleaning the used litter. That seems pretty gross to some as well.

The product comes with a scoop and shield. The shield is helpful in keeping the litter within the box and minimizes spillage. The scoop is strong and helps in removing the used litter without you having to use your hand directly.

The large open top makes it easy for the cat to enter and exit and helps you in cleaning the litter box completely.

The following are the basic features of this simple and useful litter box.

  • Smooth and non-sticky surface in the interior does not let litter to get stuck.
  • Large top opening that helps in cleaning the box easily and also for the cat top get in and out with ease.
  • Side guard available that prevents the litter from spilling all around.
  • The scoop helps in removing used litter from the box without much trouble and using hand to scoop up the litter.
  • The litter box is available in different color variants.

What did I not like?

Even though the product is quite simple to use and handy, the manufacturer did not create any handle to take the litter box out easily. This can be a bit of a problem if the litter you are using is too heavy.


  • Simple and easy to use design that any person can understand.
  • Litter box made with smooth non-sticky interior that does not let the used litter to get stuck.
  • Large top opening helps the cat to easily get in and out and also to clean the litter box with ease.
  • Side guard prevents used litter to get out of the box.
  • The box does not allow any liquid to leak.
  • It is one of the cheapest litter boxes available and is extremely budget friendly.


  • The litter box does not have any handle and thus if you are using a litter that is too heavy, carrying the box our can be quite a task.
  • You will have to rely on the litter for odor and dust control completely.

This is a really simple litter box and perfect for those who just want a litter box to pour the litter and is not looking for anything fancy. It is low cost and does not require much maintenance except periodic cleaning.

The litter box is the perfect choice for anyone who want something simple, effective, and budget friendly.

4. Petphabet Jumbo Hooded -Best cat litter box for multiple cats


Do you have multiple cats at your home?

Do they try to use the litter box at the same time?

Well, that is not too uncommon and many cat owners have experienced this trouble only after they bought a litter box thinking that one cat will be using it at a time. Cats don’t really wait in the queue. This is why you should get the Petphabet Jumbo hooded cat litter box. It is the perfect litter box for multi-cat households.

It is made of high-grade plastic. The box is spacious and rounded in shape such that it can easily accommodate two cats within the box at the same time. The box is also perfectly safe for your cat to more about and you can remove the litter at the same time.

The transparent cover keeps the litter within the box while it gives a sense of security to your cats as they do not fear being ambushed.

This is a great and safe product to be used at home and if you have more than one two cats consider getting more than one of these. You can get different colors of the product as well.

The following are the most prominent features of the litter box.

  • It is a large litter box and ideal for multi-cat households. The box can accommodate two cats at the same time.
  • The box is made of high grade plastic and the removable clear top is securely attached to the box so that it is not displaced easily.
  • Interior is smooth and does not allow litter to get stuck to the box.
  • The top lid is transparent and thus cats do not feel blinded while being in it. It can be removed for cleaning easily.
  • It is available in multiple colors.

What did I not like?

Even though it says that the odor is trapped within the box, it is common understanding that such a huge box with large opening will not be too good at trapping odor unless there is a door at the entry. For the price, this could have been easily implemented.


  • Large size makes it perfect for multi-cat household. It can accommodate two cats at the same time.
  • The large opening on the top once the transparent lid is removed makes it easy to clean the box.
  • The transparent lid gives a sense of security to the cats as they do not fear being ambushed.
  • It has secured locking system between the lid and the tray that does not let the lid to fly away even if your cat as a habit of jumping out of the box.
  • The high sides and the lid keep the litter within and spillage is restricted to minimal.


  • The large opening in the front does little to keep the odor in. you will have to invest in a good odor control litter to ensure that your home remains fresh and does not smell of any litter. A door would have solved the issue.
  • The price is a bit on the higher side for a product that has such a simple design.

This is one of the best cat litter boxes you will find if you have more than one cat. It will make sure that your home stays clean.

The odor can be controlled by using a better litter or using some other form of room air freshener, but apart from that, this one does not have any issue whatsoever. Most cats do not mind using this and the spacious interior make it all the more comfortable for them.

5. Tidy Cats Breeze –Best cat litter boxes for odor control


The Tidy Cats cat litter Breeze set is everything you need to keep your room clean and free from odor. This complete set is easy to use and easy to maintain. The set comes complete with a starter kit from Purina Tidy Cats cat litter.

The Breeze litter box has absorbent litter pads that absorbs the urine and controls the odor for up to a week. The time mentioned is that for a single cat household. The litter pellets work as the primary separation medium separating the solid waste from the liquid by letting the liquid pass through to be collected at the bottom pad of the box.

This product is super-efficient in controlling odor and keeps your house free from any bad odor making the indoor air stink. The maintenance and setup is easy. All you need to do is scoop out the solid waste and you have a fresh stock of litter to be used next.

The following are the basic features of this cat litter box.

  • Efficient separation of solid and liquid within the box to provide superior odor control.
  • Bottom tray contains absorbent pads that can control odor up to seven days in a single cat household.
  • The high sides of the box prevent the dry litter from spilling on the sides.
  • Easy to maintain and clean and keeps your house fresh and free from litter dust.

What did I not like?

The pellets supplied with the pack aren’t really the safest for your cats if they swallow the pellet in any way. The tray at the bottom can hold the urine generally up to five days.

It will start giving off an indistinct smell after that and your cat might refuse to use the litter tray after that. At the price, it needs to be able to hold longer.


  • It is easy to maintain and use regularly.
  • The pellets can be scooped easily while the urine seeps below in the absorbent pad, thus trapping the foul odor of the urine.
  • The sides are raised enough to keep the litter within the box and prevents spillage on the sides.
  • The price is quite within the budget and it is an affordable pack that you can easily invest in.


  • The tray with the absorbing pad needs to be changed after almost every 5 days, which is a pretty short time given the price of the product.

The litter box is a great one if you want to keep your home odor-free. You will need to scoop up the used litter every day and you will also have to change the tray after every 5 days, but it is a simple and budget friendly option when you compare to other options available.

6. Catit Jumbo Hooded -Top rated litter boxes


The Catit Jumbo is one of the most preferred and highest rated cat litter boxes available right now and due to very obvious reasons. It is built such that your cat gets complete privacy within it and the carbon filters present within the box make sure that the odor is trapped within. The box itself does not let any litter dust or particles get out of it and thus helps keep the house clean.

It is a jumbo sized litter box and perfect for multi-cat households. It has a large opening lid that allows you to clean with ease. The simple design makes it easy to use and maintain. Moreover, it is quite close to being the cheapest such product available as well.

Let’s take a glance at what are the features of the cat litter box from Catit.

  • The litter box is hooded and closed to give the cat a sense of security and privacy.
  • The lid is securely closed and cannot be opened by the cat, but the top can be opened with ease by the user and it makes it possible to effortlessly clean the interior.
  • Carbon filters is highly useful in keeping the bad odors confined within the box and keeps your home odor free.
  • The box shape is successful in keeping the litter particles inside the box and prevents spillage.
  • Large size and perfect for multi-cat household.

What did I not like?

For a product this good and with such positive feedback from most of the customers, they need to be more responsive to the issues that some of the customers face. The QC isn’t the best in business. And this can result in a defective piece landing with you. Contacting the company is the best bet in that case.


  • It is a large sized litter box that is perfect for multi-cat household.
  • The covered structure with flap lid door and carbon filters keep the odors trapped quite efficiently.
  • It is easy to install and use since there is no major functionality involved and the design is pretty much straight to follow.
  • The covered structure keeps the litter particles inside and also gives privacy to the cat.
  • The hood lid is pretty large and you can clean the litter box with ease.


  • You will have to manually sift the litter and scoop out used litter from time to time, and probably every day if your cat is particular about having a fresh and clean litter box every single time.
  • Quality control is an issue to some extent but replacement is provided by the company.

The Catit Jumbo is one of the most profitable deals available and it has a major consumer base, most of whom are extremely happy with the product. It is a great product for those who wish to control the odor within the house.

The carbon filter and the closed structure do a fantastic job. It is also quite spacious and easy to clean, making it ideal for those who have multiple cats too.

7. Favorite Portable Side -Best covered litter box


If you were searching for a really big cat litter box that remains quite securely covered so that the odor does not pass out, this is one of the best ones available. There are three sizes of this product and you need to be cautions while buying so that you get the right size.

Besides that, the cat litter box is extremely spacey and will easily accommodate your cat within it. There is a bi-directional flap door and it is quite easy for your cat to open. Now, all you need to do after getting the litter box is prepare a litter tray that will suit the interior design.

In my opinion, this is quite an unnecessary addition since the box interior itself is non-sticky and the litter just gets out of the box with ease. You might find it a bit difficult to carry the litter box out if it is filled with used litter and they are not the light version. The handle on the top is quite strong, but do not stretch its capacity.

The following are the features of the Favorite portable-size cat litter box.

  • It is available in three size variations and the largest one can quit easily accommodate a full grown cat.
  • The structure is completely covered and rounded in shape.
  • The entrance and exit is through a bi-directional flap door on the box.
  • The portable handle present on the top of the box is for easy carrying when the box becomes heavy.
  • The inside of the box is non-sticky and litter does not get stuck to the body and can be easily scooped away.

What did I not like?

Even though it has such a wonderful design and the size is so large, the door placement is such that the litter may spill from the front as it is quite low.

Also the design of the product makes it mandatory for the cat to go in completely for the door to close. The designer needs to understand cat behavior a little more.


  • Extremely spacious and can easily be used in a household with multiple cats.
  • The non-sticky interior makes scooping up the used litter easy and they do not stick to the box.
  • Bi-directional flip door lets the cat in and out of the box and it is pretty convenient for your cat to understand.
  • The box is covered from all sides to give your pet a sense of security and privacy. It also ensures that the dust and odor of the litter stays inside to a large extent.
  • It is available in different sizes.


  • The door placement isn’t really perfect and the flap is too large to close unless the cat is completely inside the litter box. Some cats might not do that and this will create some mess around the litter box as well.

This is a really nice and compact looking covered litter box. The available size variations make it easy to choose the right size as per your need. 

So, if you were planning on buying a simple and working covered litter box, this is definitely among the top choices you have got.

8. Pet Magasin Compact Scatter -Best litter box for messy cat

Pet Magasin

Not all cats like to get inside a box and not all of them are really gentle whole going in and out of the litter box. For the super messy ones who do not want to be confined to the litter box, this is among the best products you can get.

The litter box is more like a tray but the sides are quite high to keep all the litter inside. Additionally, there is a scatter control top attached to it which makes it near impossible for the litter within the tray to spill out of it. Since the litter box does not include any cover, it is preferred by those cats that do not like being in an enclosed space.

It has a scoop along with it that you can use to take out the used litter. Also, the interior is non-sticky and will not make the litter stick to the inside of the box. Last, but definitely not least, this one comes at an amazingly low rate.

So, you have pretty much no issue with the budget. Just invest in a really good litter that will control the odor and the moisture.

Now let’s see what the basic features of this litter box are.

  • It has got a spill guard that does not let the litter scatter all across your house.
  • The inside is non-sticky and does not let the litter get stuck to the interior of the box.
  • Large open top for easy cleaning.
  • Stepping system that also takes off the extra litter from under the paw of the cat to minimize tracking.
  • Scoop included with the product for easy scooping of used litter.

What did I not like?

There isn’t much that can go wrong with this product as the design is pretty much the simplest of all. However, there is the issue of the top scatter guard not locking into the bottom tray securely. Including a locking system would have solved that issue.

Also, the tray needs to be a bit deeper to keep the litter inside completely if you are using enough litter.


  • The spill guard prevents spilling of litter on the floor to a large extent.
  • The non-sticky surface does not let the litter get stuck at the bottom of the tray and is easy to scoop away.
  • The open top makes it easy to clean.
  • Cats who have issues with enclosed spaces feel comfortable using this litter box.
  • There is a stepping that removes the litter from the bottom of the paw of your cat and thus prevents tracking too to some extent.
  • It is extremely cheap and thus a great option if you are not looking for any major investment.


  • This will need a litter that can absorb odor and liquid efficiently as the box does not help with the odor at all.
  • The top anti-scatter part does not always securely fix to the bottom part. This should be addressed by the manufacturer.

This is a pretty basic litter box and will do great for those who have an active cat that does not like getting into an enclosed box. It is cheap and easy to use and clean.

9. Catit White Tiget Jumbo -Best litter box for large cat

Catit White

It isn’t easy to get a litter box that will fit your cat if you have a really big one.

Well, you have finally arrived at a product that can help you out. The Catit jumbo sized litter box is all you need. It has got opening on either end. So, you need not worry about your cat being able to turn about and move within the litter box. The process is a simple entry from one end and exit via the other one.

The box provides complete privacy and also acts as odor and litter dust control. It will keep your house clean and smell free while your cat loves to use it every single time.

The following are the salient features of the jumbo cat litter box.

  • Large sized litter box with opening on either side for simple entry and exit.
  • Large top opening to make it easy to clean.
  • Sturdy box shape that keeps odor and litter inside.
  • Provides privacy and security to the cat.

What did I not like?

The manufacturer did use a clip locking system to keep the top lid in place, but the clip can fail in some cases. It won’t be an issue with those who do not have cats that shoot out of the litter box. However, you might have to use additional means to secure the lid with the pan.


  • Mega size litter box that can hold a large cat or multiple cats.
  • Both ways opening flap on either side that allows easy entry and exit to the cat without having to turn within the litter box.
  • Large top can be opened for easy cleaning of the box.
  • Non-sticky body does not allow litter to stick to it.
  • Odor and litter dust are retained within the box.
  • The box shape gives the cat a sense of security and privacy.


  • The lid locking clip does not work in some cases and you might have to ask for replacement or find other way to secure it. This is purely an issue of quality control.

Those who have been looking for a litter box, which will let your large cat to use it with ease and will also ensure that the odor and litter stays inside, this is the perfect product for you. It offers all the features that you have been looking for and that too at a reasonable rate.

10. Catit with Rim -Best kitty litter box


Getting the small kitty adjusted to a litter box is one of the toughest jobs to do while raising a cat. You will find it extremely difficult to get them to use a completely covered litter box as they do not feel comfortable being confined to a small and isolated place at such a tender age.

The first step will be to get them to use the litter and there is nothing better than using an open litter box that has high rim. This Catit cat litter pan with high rim also has a guard on the rim that will prevent the kitty from trying to bite the edges of the litter box. This is one of the safest options available.

The rim prevents the litter from spilling outside as the small one might find it amusing to play with the litter. At a nominal cost, this is a great buy if you are trying to get a cat litter box for your small kitty.

The following are the basic features of the product.

  • It has high rim to keep the litter inside.
  • The pan has guarded edge that prevents the kitty from getting hurt.
  • Large open pan that is easy to clean and maintain.

What did I not like?

Nothing much to complain about this product, except that it should be made from a better quality plastic, preferably something with antibacterial property infused.


  • Large open pan that is easy to clean and small kitten prefers using.
  • High rim keeps the litter within the pan and thus the home remains clean.
  • Extremely low priced and thus a really budget friendly option.
  • This can be used for grown-up cats as well.


  • The plastic is not of the best quality.

Cat owners with small kittens should keep this to get the little one used to using the litter box. It will be easy to clean and really light on the pocket too.


There are numerous other products available. However, I have selected the best one as per the specific needs of the cat owners. It is easy to get confused as to which one to buy, especially with everyone vying for attention.

The honest reviews will definitely help you get your confusion clear. Take the final decision after checking out all details.

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