[Video] #9 How to make A DIY Mega Cat Daybed At Your Home?

Cat Daybed

​The early winter chill has set in and there is simply nothing sweeter than the warm embrace of the sunshine. Your cat is no doubt going to find every opportunity to spend even more hours enjoying the warmth of the sun.

​But, does your place have enough space for the little fellow to treat itself with this minor indulgence?

​Now, with this mega cat daybed, you will have the perfect place for them.

How to make a DIY mega cat daybed?

​The process is fairly simple and those who have a couple of spare and old Ikea Billy bookcase or something similar at their home will find that the job is pretty much half done.

Pro Tip: In case you do not have such a bookcase, it is best to find some old piece of wooden planks or plywood to create a similar base structure. Since this is a place meant for the cats, you need not worry about making it strong enough to hold human weight, unless you are planning on sharing the window spot with your feline friends.

​Keep in mind that the length of the bookcase needs to be similar to the area under the window. You can take more than one bookcases if you have enough space. Now let us take a look at what you will need.


  • Book case(s) as per requirement
  • Adjustable legs (the number will depend on the actual length of the daybed)
  • Door hinges
  • Door flaps
  • Hammer
  • Screw driver
  • Old blankets
  • Lining
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Making the daybed basing structure

Start by taking one bookshelf and removing all the shelves and doors. You will need to attach the adjustable legs to the four corners of the side of the bookcase that you are going to keep towards the ground. If you are using more than one bookshelf, remember to attach the four adjustable legs to each of the bookshelves. Use a pencil to mark the position of the leg bases and then use screws to fix them tightly.

Once the legs are fixed, turn the bookcase over. It is time to attach the bookcase doors. You will need new hinges and door flaps. Mark the positions where screws are to be driven to fix the hinges. Keep the hinges towards the bottom such that the door opens by pulling it from the top and comes down towards the ground. Attach the flaps at the end of the doors so that the doors do not hit the ground after being opened. Use the removed shelves to create partition at the end of the door.

If you are using multiple book cases then always place a door such that half portion of the door is attached to one bookcase and the other half is attached to the adjacent bookcase. Watch the video to get a better understanding.

Once you are done will all the above steps secure the bookcase shelves by fixing it to the back and the sides. Now it is time to move on to creating cushion for the cats.

Making cushion for the daybed

Take an old blanket and cut the cloth into long rectangular pieces as per the dimension of the top part of the shelves placed by the window. Now take the lining material and make similar size and shaped pieces.

Place the linen material at the bottom and place two layers of cut clothes on top of it such that the cloth and the lining match end to end. Now stitch the clothes along with the lining along the edges of the three sides. Once the stitching is done, turn the entire thing inside out through the one non-stitched end such that the lining goes inside. Now stitch the remaining open end. You have you cushion ready!

Place the cushion on the bed and see your cats enjoy the sun all day long.

This is the perfect gift for your cats. If you have noticed the behavior of cats you must have seen how they love to sit under the sun and by the windows. Now your feline pets will have a comfortable place to lie all day long. And, with the attached door on the front sides, you will have a neat storing space too. Here’s a small tip. Keep the day bed along the east window or the west window to ensure that they get enough sunlight all through the day.

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