Cat Activity Trees

Cat Activity Trees

Cats are popular with people of all ages due to their sweet, relaxed natures. Hence it is no mystery why a lot of cat lovers often spoil their pet cats with items like scratching posts and furniture.

Cats in turn appreciate these items; in fact, a scratcher or scratching post is a beneficial item that will prevent cats from further destroying your furniture. The cat tree is a popular piece of furniture for felines and this particular item serves as some sort of house or apartment wherein cats can relax and sleep.

Cat trees are also known as cat condos or cat hotels. This is a place where cats can have a place to play around, hide, observe things from above, and just be themselves.

There is a huge selection of height and features among cat trees and they differ in prices too, but if you are on a budget, you can find a cat tree for under $100.

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Happy cats need an outlet wherein they can contain all of that rowdiness in check so cat trees are a perfect choice. Here are some of the additional elements that make this furniture a must for your pet cat.

What to Look for in a Cat Tree?

What to Look for in a Cat Tree

Climbing assembly

Cats have the tenacity to climb and their bodies were made to be capable and nimble when it comes to such activities. Their hind legs are formidable and flexible, making them highly proficient at boosting themselves up to higher locations.

They also have claws which serve as a type of crampon during a climb. Cats love going up because of an instinct to seek prey as well.

A cat tree is ideal for cats who love an elevated vantage point; they are recommended for cats that often climb curtains, cabinets and bookshelves. Cat trees with a number of platforms and booths normally placate most felines.

Scratching post/scratcher

You will notice that all cats scratch on whatever surface they find. Even cats that were declawed often go through these motions.

Scratching helps cats slough off the external layer of their claws and they also do this to leave scents and marks on certain locations they deem as their territory. However, this can be problematic, especially if cats often do this on your furniture.

Thus cat trees with jute or sisal scratching posts or scratchers are ideal to keep your cat’s scratching habits in check. Several models of cat trees feature posts constructed from natural bark material.

Sleeping spots

Cats love sleeping; they sleep any time of the day but the majority of felines love sleeping, especially in the morning or afternoon. A good cat hotel should have a number of sleeping options, especially if you have more than one cat at home.

A sheltered partition makes for safety and security for cats while ledges facing the window make for a delightful sleeping zone for the kitties. Other accessories like cat pillows and hammocks are also great additions for the tree to make rest and relaxation a wonderful affair for your felines.


cat toy

Cats at play are is such a cute sight. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a cat chasing after a toy or jumping. Playtime, though, is significant activity for all cats; after all, it is in their nature to hunt prey. Thus they usually spend a great part of their lives performing it in several forms.

Indoor cats can take advantage of laser pointers directed at the wall or the floor, catnip mice, strings, prey wands or balls.

Sometimes, their attention can be drawn on their humans and they will playfully nip or claw at hands or legs. Offering them items to help focus their attention on things other than their owners helps immensely.

For recreational or play purposes, a cat tree must have some spots that are used for such activities. Some cat trees also include hanging toys from their assembly in order to entertain cats.


The majority of cat trees, even a cat tree under $100, are built from excellent lumber and plywood materials with rope or carpet casings. These are hardwearing materials that can endure wear, tear, and scratching.

There is a wide variety of materials available so you won’t have any problems choosing one that is perfect for your pet cats.