CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Elements Cat and Kitten Formula Food

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CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Dry Cat Food

CANIDAE Grain-Free Pure Elements is a limited ingredient diet, designed for cats who’ve experienced food allergies. It is a salmon- and seafood-based recipe that leaves out all of the artificial colors, dyes, flavors and additives that are common in many lesser quality foods.

Additionally, CANIDAE is manufactured in the company’s own Brownwood, Texas commercial plant.

CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Dry Cat Food
CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Dry Cat Food


​Salmon is a great protein source that is rich in omega fatty acids, and many cats love seafood-flavored diets. It is formulated for either kittens or adults, and contains all of the vitamins and minerals healthy cats need. Additionally, CANIDAE Grain-Free is one of only a handful of limited-ingredient diets that are formulated with probiotics.


​The biggest problem that most owners experienced with CANIDAE Grain-Free Pure Elements related to its palatability. While most cats do appear to find the recipe tasty, more than a few turned their noses up at it.

​It lacks many of the high-color fruits and vegetables that are in many other foods of similar quality, but that is necessary when making a limited-ingredient recipe.


​CANIDAE is a protein-rich food, which lists salmon, salmon meal and menhaden fish meal as the first three ingredients. Each of these ingredients provide a wealth of omega fatty acids, as does canola oil, which appears farther down the ingredient list.

​Because it is a grain-free recipe, CANIDAE derives most of its carbohydrate content from peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes, instead of things like corn or wheat.

​Although it is a limited ingredient diet, it also includes several vitamin and mineral supplements, to help your cat avoid any nutritional deficiencies. Five different probiotic strains are included to help promote proper digestion and regulate your cat’s intestinal tract.


​Thanks to its high-quality ingredient list, CANIDAE Grain-Free provides good value for your cat-food dollar. Although it is a relatively expensive food, it is more affordable than many other foods with comparable ingredient lists.

​If you need to stretch your cat-food dollar, consider purchasing CANIDAE (or any other cat food) in the greatest quantity possible to benefit from bulk pricing.


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