Can Your Cat Eat Chicken Bones? The Answer Will Make You Supprise

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can cats eat chicken bones

It is very important for pet owners to understand the dangers of feeding their pets chicken bones or raw chicken. As a matter of fact, one wrong handling of these foods could end up harming your precious fur baby.

Raw chicken may cause ill health to cats due to bacterial contaminants while chicken bones could harm inside your cat’s intestines. However, both have their own benefits.

Do you think cats can eat chicken bones? We all know that dogs are well known for their love of bones, but they are not the only one loves chewing it. We often perceived that cats are portrayed as the polar opposites of dogs but the truth is, they also enjoy eating bones just as much.

Cats Eating Chicken Bones

Cats Eating Chicken Bones

Yes, they can but pet owners must be aware that they are not cooked chicken bones since it becomes very brittle after it has been cooked. Even if chicken bones are prepared into smaller pieces, the bone can still splinter. If you give cats some cooked chicken bones, then probably you are putting them in danger.

In this matter, it is also not the best choice to throw the bones into the trash especially when your cat seems to be fond of it. Without proper disposal, you may not prevent your cat from breaking into the trash which could also lead them to danger.

The risk of chicken bones has well-established itself as a modern feline legend. Cats are indeed carnivores and they get all their nutritional need from other meats as well.

Raw Bones Are Acceptable

Raw Bones for cat

Yes, raw bones are acceptable. Cats digestive systems are designed to process corpse which includes organs, tissue, raw and intestines of the prey. Therefore, feeding raw bones for your cats should not be a problem. They will happily chew the ends of the bone marrows. As a matter of fact, raw bones will add necessary nutrients to their diet and promote healthy gums and teeth.

Classification of Raw Bones

Raw bones should be fresh and no preservatives. Bones with preservatives can cause vitamin deficiencies that could, later on, be fatal. Salmonella is usually present in meat so make sure that the bones you feed you cats are clean and fresh as possible to lessen the chances of getting an infection.

Chicken bones that are right for cats are the wings, drumstick and necks. Make it sure that they are big enough to prevent them from swallowing the whole bone.

Do not give big marrow bones as well since it may damage their teeth. Although cats are capable of digesting bones, it is always better to supervise your cat while they eat raw bones.

There are also different types of bones that may cause constipation on your cats so try not to give them bones more than once or twice a week. Other condiments such as onions and garlics are also toxic to cars, so only give bones that are not marinated or spiced.

Cooked Bones Are Dangerous

Cooked bones can cause serious damage to their health as they may splinter while they chew on it. Splinters can result to internal hemorrhage or another intestinal blockage. Both can be fatal and may require surgery to fix it. So pet owners must be really careful not to let your feline friend eat cooked bones. 

Feline First Aid Tip

Sometimes cats can be sneaky and very difficult to watch over them. They are capable of hiding and getting into the places you cannot go. In this scenario, they can digest some cooked chicken bones. There is always a chance that they can be choked. Cats are likely to be distressed and usually put their paws at their mouths when choking. 

Their tongue may appear pale or blue. If you see any of these signs, immediately contact your veterinarian. For the meantime, you can try to remove the object by yourself.

  1. The first thing you have to do is restrain the cat as firm as you can. Remember that their life depends on you. 
  2. Tilt the head upward and use thumb or index finger to open the mouth. 
  3. Pull the tongue gently and try to remove object using fingers
  4. If the cat struggles and cannot remove the object, pick it up using the hind legs and shake it rigorously. 
  5. If any of these steps are not effective to remove the object, place your palms under the last ribs and bring them together quickly for several times.

Cats Love Raw Food

The myth about raw chicken bones are dangerous to cats is not true but cooked chicken bones can be very dangerous to your feline friend. As a matter of fact, raw bones have the nutritional value they need and are the less dangerous type of food for them. Moreover, you must find out the list of foods that your cats can and can’t eat to help your cat live healthier and longer

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