Black Cat Names: Marvelous Monochromatic Monikers

Black Cat on Bed

When the word black is mentioned, its association with fear, mystery, and evil may come to play. However, did you know that black also represents power, elegance, formality, and authority? This means that there is so much more to your cat than his/her black coat. Whichever quality you chose to lean on, there are numerous black cat names at your disposal.

Since black is such a powerful and inspirational color, if you start looking, you’ll find that you are actually spoiled for choice when it comes to black cat names. We understand how difficult it can be when you have too many options, which is why we have designed this article to contain everything you’ll need when you’re trying to give your cat a name.

black cat lying on road

Each name on this list comes with a brief description of its meaning or origin. We have also categorized the names into classes that are sure to cater to both your cat’s unique personality and your preferred style. These are not just good names for black cats; they are identities and real representations of who your cat is.

Is your cat male or female? Either way, we have the best black cat names for you. If you prefer a name that’s rather unique, we’ve got your back. Our categories of names that are cute, cool, and funny might also interest you. We have prepared all this for your exploration.

Male Black Cat Names

Have you adopted a male kitten? You definitely need boy black cat names that he will not only identify with but also one that he will like. Here are some male cat names black to choose from:

  • Ace. It means one who excels in a certain area. In a game of cards, it is the most valued piece. The ace of spades is black in color. Which one works for your cat?
  • Alakazam. A black horse bred in the United States in the eighties. He was a winner with many medals to his name. The name is also synonymous with a wizard’s chant.
  • Angus. A breed of cattle from Angus, Scotland. The cattle have solid black fur.
  • Asher. A variation of the word ash the black remains of complete combustion of organic matter. Another variation is Ashley for females.
  • Azrael. The angel of death in the Abrahamic religions.
  • Black Bart. The nickname of Charles Earl Boles, a prolific English-born stagecoach robber who plied his skills in California, US.
  • Black Beard. Another name for Edward Teach. He was a renowned pirate in the 16th century.
  • Blackjack. A popular casino card game whereby players compete against the dealer. It originated in France and gained popularity during the First World War.
  • Diesel. Fuel needed to run vehicles and heavy machinery. A name for a cat who ‘fuels’ your life.
  • Eight Ball / Black Ball. A popular pool game that that is played with sixteen balls. The balls are numbered and colored with the number 8 ball being black and pocketed last.
  • Hades. The god of the underworld from the Greek mythology. A befitting name for your cat if you love dark humor or are mystified by the ancient beliefs.
  • Knight. A person who has stood out in his military service and granted the honorary title of knighthood. Among the notable holders of this title was Fitzgerald of Limerick, who was also known as the Black Knight.
  • Nightshade. Also called Solanaceae, derived from Solanum. In Latin, it comes from the verb solari, which means ‘to soothe.’ Perfect name for a feline who soothes you at night.
  • Obsidian. A dark brown to black naturally-occurring volcanic glass used for making extremely sharp knives. If your cat’s claws are getting too sharp, perhaps you should trim them. See how here.
  • Phantom. An apparition or a ghost. Perfect for a stealthy cat who always seems to appear out of nowhere.
  • Silhouette. Shadow formed by objects due to a bright background. A cat that shies away from people and prefers to stay in the background deserves the name. Want to help make him more social? The answer is right here.
  • Sirius. A fictional character in the Harry Potter series. Sirius Black is the last heir to the ‘House of Black.’ He is the young warlock’s godfather.
  • Undertaker. The ring name of a famous wrestler, Mark William Callaway. His entry into the arena is always accompanied by pitch darkness.
  • Wizard. A practitioner of black magic. This one fits a cat who easily learns new tricks. If you haven’t taught your cat any tricks, you’ll know where to start after reading this article.

Female Black Cat Names

When you are naming a baby girl, beauty, elegance, and endearment are of the essence; black girl cat names are no different.

black cat lying on floor

Below are several female black cat names options that emphasize all that.

  • Agate. A gemstone made of silica and quartz. It symbolizes calmness and is said to help protect the wearer from evil. Black agate is cold to the touch and is sometimes used to relieve fevers. For a cat that keeps you company when your psyche is down.
  • Black Beauty. A term used to refer to a beautiful African lady with dark skin. It is also the title of Anna Sewell’s novel about the life of a black cat.
  • Black Magic. Practices or rituals that are dedicated to spirits. Such worships are usually self-serving or intended to cause others misfortunes.
  • Black Olive. The fruits of an olive plant that have matured and ripened on the tree. They are used for making medicinal and cooking oil.
  • Black Orchid. A brand of perfume made of black truffle, black currant, and jasmine. A sweet name for a feline who loves to keep clean.
  • Blackberry. For a kitty who loves messing with your gadgets and behaves like the smartest creature in the room. Might as well download some of the best apps for cats for her.
  • Ebony. Dark hardwood found in tropical regions. It also refers to dark skin color.
  • Eclipse. An event when celestial bodies are blocked or obscured from view. Such objects appear pitch black. For a female cat who shies away from attention.
  • Elvira. Also known as the ‘Mistress of the Dark.’ She’s a television host for the ‘Movie Macabre’ series who wears all black.
  • Enigma. Something that is difficult to understand. A name perfect for a cat whose personality is forever changing.
  • Friday. The fifth day of the week. It gets its name from ‘Frigg,’ a goddess in the Germanic mythology.
  • Hecate. Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic. One among the many interpretations of the name is: ‘the far-reaching one.’
  • Midnight. If your cat is black enough to melt into the dark, you might as well call her midnight.
  • Moonshadow. For a cat that loves the outdoors at night.
  • Sabrina. A character taken from a comic book “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” The name means “the patient one.”
  • Salem. Inspired by the Salem witch trials.
  • Shadow. A suitable name for a kitty that follows you everywhere.
  • Witchiepoo. A character in “H.R. Puffnstuff,” a children’s TV series, who rides a broomstick and calls it the Vroom Broom.

Unique Black Cat Names

If you are not the kind that is drawn to the trendy and popular, you obviously want a name that most people would not use to call their cats.

black cat with golden eyes

The following unique black cat names list was made with you in mind.

  • Blackamoor. An art style of jeweled male figurines. They are usually carved out of ebony or painted black.
  • Bowtie. A type of necktie. Traditionally, bowties were black in color and tied on white shirts and mostly accompanied by black coats.
  • Carrion. A black crow that makes high-pitched caws. For a cat who meows loudly. You may want to know how to make him/her stop meowing.
  • Crypta. A Greek word that means “to hide.” A befitting name considering all that a black cat needs to do to hide is go into a dark corner.
  • Dusk. The transitional period between sunset and nightfall.
  • Gothic. A type of behavior and shared interest among youth who follow the Gothic Rock. This type of music deals with dark themes like mysticism and the supernatural. This subculture has the adherents wearing everything in black from shoes to lipstick. If you are infatuated with this culture or music, then look no further.
  • Grimalkin. An Old English name for a cat. It was also used to refer to a nasty old lady. A name for a vicious cat.
  • Ink Well. For a cat so shiny and dark he/she looks as if they were oozing ink.
  • Magpie. A long-tailed bird with black feathers and a white patch on the chest or the neck. It is an intelligent bird. It is the only one of its kind that can recognize its reflection in a mirror.
  • Mystery. A name befitting a cat that you can’t quite unravel.
  • Nightmare. It doesn’t sound like the kind of a cat that you would want to have, but if he can’t let you sleep at night, justice is served.
  • Ninja. The name goes well with your stealthy black cat.
  • Noir. French for black. The name also refers to crime dramas with doubtful notions. These kinds of films use black and white visual styles.
  • Onyx. A gemstone that absorbs and transforms negative energy. It is also believed to conserve personal energy by preventing its drain. This is the way to go for a cat that helps you relax.
  • Persephone. The name of a Greek goddess of spring and queen of the underworld.
  • Raven. A black bird related to crows which was used as a messenger historically. For a cat who misses nothing of what goes on in his/her surroundings.
  • Smudge. A unique name for a black cat with patches of other colors.
  • Soot. A mass formed by incomplete combustion of fuel. The name suits a cat with a flaky appearance.
  • Tarmac. A type of road surfacing material that is black in color. This name would probably work for the kitty that loves to hit the tarmac every now and then.
  • Wicca. Also referred to as pagan witchcraft

Cute Black Cat Names

Black cats aren’t cool and mysterious all the time. They can be cute too.

If your cat leans more towards the latter, then go for any of the cute black cat names below:

  • Blackie. A cute variation of the word black.
  • Coffee. A beverage that is black when prepared without cream. For a cat that keeps you on your toes. The name originated from an Arabic word meaning “dark.”
  • Guinness. A dry stout beer that originated from Ireland.
  • Gypsy. A traveling ethnic group that traces their origins to the Dalit community in India. They are widely spread across Europe. Their names are mainly derived from variations of the Romani word for black (calo).
  • Inky. Just another way of saying liquid black.
  • Java. Taken from ‘Old Java’ a variety of coffee that is manufactured by aging the beans for up to five years. The production of this variety is done primarily in the Java Island in Indonesia.
  • Jet. A gemstone that is the source of the adjective ‘jet-black.’
  • Licorice. The name means ‘sweet root’ in Greek. Licorice is consumed as small black pieces made from its extracts in Italy. Licorice has a bitter taste quite the opposite of its name. The name is perfect for a cat who knows how to hide his personality.
  • Oreo. The brand of biscuits that has two black chocolate wafers with a white cream filling completing the sandwich. A black cat with a white stripe around his/her neck or back definitely looks like an Oreo.
  • Pepper. Black pepper is the fruit of a flowering plant that is unripe and dried to be used as a hot spice or food seasoning. Oil and spirit are byproducts that are extracted from the berries for medicinal and beauty purposes.
  • Poe. Edgar Allan Poe was known for writing tales of mystery and macabre.
  • Spot. A great name for a black cat with white spots. A more endearing variation would be Spotty.

Funny Black Cat Names

Black cats tend to have difficulty getting adopted at shelters because they are wrongfully associated with bad luck.

Funny Black Cat

Perhaps by giving the cat funny black cat names that people just can’t just help but be amused with, you can help clear the bad rep that haunts black cats.

  • Blackout. The lights go out, and your cat blends in with the darkness.
  • Dirtball. It is not a flattering name, but it’s surely a funny one for a cat.
  • Joker. A fictional criminal mastermind with dark humor. He features in the D.C comic’s universe as a villain.
  • Mourning Glory. Is your cat a professional whiner? Mourning glory has got you covered.

Character-Inspired Black Cat Names

The fictional world seems to have a soft spot for the color black perhaps because it is cool and mysterious. Make your cat feel awesome by borrowing cool black cat names from these fictional characters.

  • Bagheera. The black panther in “The Jungle Book” cartoon. This fictional character is a friend and protector of Mowgli the ‘man-cub.’
  • Batman. The black-capped vigilante. A fictional character in the D.C comic’s universe. Dark Knight is another alias of this vigilante that would be suitable for your cat.
  • Binx. A brave and caring black cat in the film “Hocus Pocus.” He was actually a young man who had been turned into a cat by witches.
  • Cole. The black cat from “Cole and Marmalade” YouTube channel. The channel advocates cat issues and promotes adoption. Let your cat share the glory by naming him Cole. If you’re interested in adopting another cat, see how to do it in this comprehensive guide.
  • Daniel. The talking black cat in the Japanese manga “Shinigami no Ballad.”
  • Darth Vader. One of the greatest villains of all time. This fictional character in the “Star Wars” universe wears all-black body armor. If your cat is strong-willed and still has wild traits, then let him be a Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • Felix. Named after “Felix the Cat” a cartoon about a mischievous black cat. If you are an old soul at heart, this is a good name to reminisce about the silent film era.
  • Figaro. The black pet cat in Disney’s film “Pinocchio.” He is malicious and hates baths. If your cat has these qualities, then he deserves the name.
  • Gotham. The city that Batman takes under his wing. Is described as a dark and dangerous city where criminals run amok.
  • Panther. This is a color variation among the big cats. Panthers are completely black. This name suits a Bombay cat that has an exclusively black coat. The Marvel Comics’ ”Black Panther” can also be the inspiration for this name
  • Pluto. The main character in Edgar Allan Poe’s novel “The Black Cat.” Pluto is also the god of the underworld in the Roman mythology.
  • Snowball. The black cat in “The Simpsons.” An ironic name for a black cat.

Black in Different Languages

If you like to stick to the facts, you can make the word “black” unique by calling your kitty black in other languages.

Here is the name ‘black’ in different languages. Be sure to get the pronunciation right to retain originality.

  • Beltza – Basque
  • Cerna – Czech
  • Crno – Croatian
  • Czarny –Polish
  • E zeze – Albanian
  • Fekete – Hungarian
  • Iswed– Maltese
  • Juodas – Lithuanian
  • Mavro – Greek
  • Melns – Latvian
  • Must – Estonian
  • Musta – Finnish
  • Negre – Catalan
  • Negro – Galician
  • Nero – Italian
  • Preto – Portuguese
  • Schwarz – German
  • Sort – Danish
  • Svart– Norwegian
  • Svartur – Icelandic
  • Zwart – Dutch

Wrap Up

Black is a color associated mystery, the unknown, and darkness. However, it also represents a strong will, dignity, and confidence. Did you know that black is also known to absorb negative energy?

It is actually advisable to carry something black when you are up and about. You might as well carry your kitty around because he is one handsome black bundle of fur. Although, choosing a name for your cat should not only be based on his color but also about everything else that he represents.

We’ve given you a varied list of names ranging from names that are funny, cute, to downright unique. Some evoke fear and mystery while others inspire pride and confidence. Some have a sweet ring to them while others are outright scary. Your cat trusts you to give him a name that is a perfect fit.

Which of the black cat names intrigued you the most? Which particular one did you settle for? Do you have other names that you can share with us? Your opinion matters to us, so please leave a comment. If you’d like to keep on looking for a little while, check out our article on Egyptian cat names.

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Stella Noble lives in Warren, Michigan with her family and three cats. She is a Certified Cat Trainer and a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


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