10 Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters Expert Reviews

Best Non Tracking Cat Litter

Cat litter is a necessity to those who own cats. Without this litter, there is a risk of the cats pooping anywhere in the house, a factor that may lead to bad odour, not forgetting the frustrations that come when you meet the stool in your flour. 

To choose the best non tracking cat litter, it is important that they be augmented to be able to effectively absorb odour, ammonia and urine.

There exists an array of cat litter brands in the market. If it is a matter of cat litter, they are all over. The challenge comes in choosing the best product for your cats

Before reviewing ten of the best cat litter, it is important to understand what it is that makes cat litter to qualify as one of the best.

Out Picks of Our Favorites

Ideally, the product ought to be healthy for not only the cats but also those living in the house or rather the kitty caretakers. It also has to be very effective in odor control as well as clumping, not forgetting the ability to hold moisture within the litter.

The lesser the dust, the better the product will be to the cats and their caretakers. Lastly, let the product be non tracking. This implies that upon leaving the litter box, tracks of the litter should not be traced along the cat’s path. 

Below is a review of the best non tracking cat litter

The 10 Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters – Reviews

non tracking cat litter

Just knowing some of the best features to look for in a cat litter is never enough. Though the knowledge of what to look for is of great help, looking for a product with these features in the internet may be the same as searching for a needle in a hay stack.

You know what you exactly want but you don’t know where to get it. It is therefore of great importance that you get to read the reviews of some of the best products, which are enriched with these adorable features. 

They are the cat litters that have the least allergenic features, the least tracking, the least dust and above all, the best odour sealing and cleanup features.

Below are reviews of the ten best non-tracking cat litter boxes for 2023. These are the products that have been analyzed by experts in the cat litter box field.

They are the leaders in the field. With a few differences, such as the active ingredients and the size, you have ten of the best products to choose from in the reviews below:

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter– Best for multi-cat families

Precious Cat Pack Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter 40 Pound Bag (Two Packs)

The Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is a clay litter, which has uniquely been formulated through the combination of heavy non tracking granules and medium grain.

It is thus an exceptional clumping litter credited for preventing moisture from getting to the bottom of the litter box. It also draws its credits from the fact that the clumps it produces are very solid in deed.

The product is ideal for cat owners having sifting or mechanical litter boxes as well as multi cat families. In other words, this is just the best litter box you can come across the shops.

The unit has been given thumbs high for being capable of naturally controlling odor without the use of deodorants, perfume or chemicals of any form. The cat litter is a natural clay litter known to be almost dust free. If at all you have been bothered by the dust from cat litter, then at last! There is a product that solves that problem and you will absolutely love it.

It is a common fact that the best litter for ones cat highly depends on how much one is willing to spend their time cleaning, whether the dust from the litter is a bother to them and the pet’s willingness to put the unit into use. Information about the advantages and the disadvantages of the litter types available will be of great importance in helping you make an informed choice.

The dust free nature of this innovative product ensures that a resultant decrease in mess that surrounds your cat’s litter tray is greatly reduced. The hard clamp that is produced can easily be scooped out without the fear of breakage thus soiling the house.

In the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter, you have the best product that will not negatively impact the allergic people in your family. It is a product that encourages digging by your kitties thus training them to become responsible later on in their lives.

What I did not like?

When your cat gets out of the tray it is easy to leave a track. Also, since the clumps become really hard, the ones in the side become difficult to remove.


  • It is 99.9% dust-free hence making it to become tops in the industry as far as dust is concerned
  • Great in prevention of moisture from getting to the litter tray’s bottom
  • Offers a superior natural control of odor
  • Hypo allergenic as it contains no perfumes, deodorants, chemicals or plant proteins
  • A very affordable product it is
  • There are three different large sizes for you to choose from
  • Designed for use by multiple cats


  • Easy tracking when the pet exist the tray
  • Clumps are quite very hard thus poses some difficulty when removal is done on the sides
  • Odors from feces aren’t masked pretty well.

All in all, if you are searching for a litter box that’s affordable, is not packed with lots of harmful chemicals together with dust that is capable of harming not only your cat but also the allergic family members, then this is the right product.

With a 99.9% dust-free score, be assured of great odor control with less changing and refilling, even for multiple cats.

Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter– Best for odor control

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter, Multi-Cat 14lb

The Arm & Hammer Multi Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter is yet another product that comes to us with a special formula, which guarantees exceptional odour control. 

Designed with a moisture activated micro granule technology, a tight seal is formed around the pet’s odour. In addition to the micro granules, heavy duty odour eliminators together with baking soda finish up the job by destroying the sealed odours.

The litter box is very absorbent thus clumping rock-like solids. This allows easy sifting through the litter box. It also draws a lot of credit from the fact that clay dust clouds aren’t kicked all over like is the case with a good number of litter boxes.

As a result, you are assured that your cats as well as your family will not be negatively affected by these litter boxes. With a pleasantly light scent, the cat will right away fall in love with its softness.

Other than the baking that you know about the Baking Soda, it is also an effective powder for deodorizing. This therefore means that upon hearing that a litter box has the baking soda as an active ingredient;

you automatically know that you have a product that will not only clump litter but also suppress bacteria growth. An added biocide also plays a major role in stopping the bacteria from growing.

The Arm & Hammer Multi Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter produces average clump sizes that will not crumble as you scoop it out.

Cleaning the product is therefore not a very bad experience. The truth is that having cat’s litter even for two to three days can be a devastating experience to anyone in the room. The good news is that with this litter box, you are guaranteed of a seven day odor free atmosphere in your home. What a great fit it is?

What I did not like?

If you have more than one cat you might like to reconsider before getting this. This is certainly not for a family of cats. With most of us actually raising a number of kittens together, this is a bummer.


  • Baking soda has been incorporated
  • Minimum tracking
  • A great odour control indeed
  • Small sandy litter is easy on the joints of especially the older animals


  • Lightly scented
  • A little bit too small thus can’t be used by a family of cats
  • Slightly more expensive as compared to the other clumping litter trays.

If you have just a single cat, the Arm & Hammer Multi Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter will serve you well. However, if you have a multiple number of cats, or you need extra odour control without the use of scents, probably, the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is what you need.

However, if you have a multiple number of cats, or you need extra odour control without the use of scents, probably, the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is what you need.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Clay and Natural Herbs Multi-Cat Litter

Has keeping your kitten’s boxes fresh been a tall order for you? If yes, then you are the person who needs this cat litter. With a proven record of staying clean and fresh, you can start enjoying the Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter. As the name suggests, it is a precious product for any cat owner.

The cat litter has been designed and manufactured to handle not only tough odour but also excessive moisture. For easy scooping, the litter has been designed to form hard clumps thus ensuring that you don’t get involved in a stressful experience due to crumbling as you take the kittens’ faeces outside.

Cleaning has never been easier than with Dr. Elsey. To make it even a must have litter box, the product prevents excessive moisture from getting to the bottom side of the box

Featuring a 99.9% dust-free technology, the product uses heavy and non tracking granules thus ensuring that there is less mess. It is a product that guarantees you superior odour control and contains no chemicals, deodorants or even perfumes.

The product comes with no plant protein or any other common allergens that may prove harmful to your family. In other words, if you want something natural and effective, then go for Dr. Elsey.

The benefits of Dr. Elsey are great; no wonder everyone is going for this litter. Other than just the common attributes and features associated with cat’s litter, this one is longer lasting than most of its competitors.

What I did not like?

There is no option to seal the remaining part of the litter. I found this an inconvenience for all those who might have just one cat and would not use all of the litter at once. The remaining litter also clumps together.


  • A long lasting solution
  • Easy to change
  • Super odor reducing
  • Provides strong clumps that don’t crumble hence easy removal and cleanup
  • Prevents the excessive moisture from getting to the bottom of the tray
  • Least tracking possible, credit to the heavy non-tracking granules
  • An ideal solution for multiple cats in the home.


  • Without enough litter, it sticks to the bottom
  •  Its bag isn’t re-sealable

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter is a good solution for those with multiple cats or cat families. It is a long lasting solution that will make your life with your cats even regardless of the weather conditions.

Go for Dr. Elsey if you are certain that you need that product that shields odour from spreading all over the house, prevents the penetration of excess moisture to the floor and also has no allergens that would otherwise prove harmful, or even fatal to your cats and family members.

World’s Best Cat Litter, Quick Cat Clumping Formula– Best for scooping clumps

World's Best Scented Multicat Clumping Litter

It is not just a name to attract you; World’s Best Cat Litter is truly one of the very best in the market. One unique feature about this product is that unlike the other litter that aren’t biodegradable, this one is.

With a 100% natural wood fibers incorporated in its design, the product is quick clumping and is voluminous enough to be used by multiple cats and cat families. In addition to the natural wood fibers, whole kernel corn, which is a natural absorbent, is factored in the design.

The whole kernel corn is credited for being a natural absorbent that offers outstanding odor shielding and making cleanup very simplified. In combination with the other ingredients, a fragrance of natural wood is emitted to safely cushion the house from cat odors. The World’s Best Cat Litter has been designed with a natural absorbent structure, which keeps bad odor and smells in the litter.

Other than just the effective odor absorption, it is very effective in the formation of little clumps. It is also dust-free hence an assurance that neither your animals will be bothered, nor you will be worried about everyone’s health and the cleanliness of wherever the cat lies.

The litter comes with no clays, Bentonite, silica, perfumes, chemicals or any other form of synthetics. It is a good old-fashioned product that has corn and wood fiber as its ingredients, all with extra strength that gives stronger odor control than those synthetics that you have previously preferred.

Wow! Oh yes! This is just the best in the world as it is septic thus flushable in the water closets. Try disposing any other litter in your WC and you will have to call in a plumber or get to wear the gloves so that you can do that job you detest.

What I did not like?

Given the product quality, I will expect it at a lower price.


  • Safe for cats as it is dust free and 100% natural
  • One of the most effective odor controls
  • Very effective in clump formation and prevents damping of the lower side of the box
  • It is dust free
  • It is septic thus flushable. All you need to do is to scoop and flush
  • Easily changeable
  • Highly reduced tracking


  • It tracks
  • Is messy
  • Is relatively pricy

It is a common trend for cats to paw or even go ahead to taste the new litter products on their introduction. What this means is that if the litter has got harmful chemicals, you may end up losing your pet.

World’s Best Cat Litter comes with natural ingredients only thus making it ideal for your cats and kittens. It is the best for those who want something that is easy to cleanup and to dispose. After scooping, within no time it will be down in the septic tank.

Tidy Cats Cat Litter 24/7 Performance

Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter - 27 lb. Pail

Hey! There is something here that needs tossing? It is the Tidy Cats Cat Litter 24/7 Performance. Since the day this product hit the shelves, it has been tossed to many.

The question is should I cat what is being tossed to me or should are pass it to the trash? After using this product, you will come to realize that it has its own strengths and limitations.

Do you harbor the belief that cleanliness is something continuous? The Tidy Cats Cat Litter 24/7 Performance offers around the clock odour control thanks to its Tidy Lock Protection that effectively locks ammonia, odours and urine away, giving you time to enjoy the comfort of your home.

The Tidy Cats Cat Litter 24/7 Performance offers exceptional litter clumping options thereby preventing moisture from sipping down to the lower parts of the box. The clumping is also so hard that it cannot break apart during scooping. It is true that you love your pet.

However, you don’t love seeing its poop and that’s where this litter comes in. a litter that is incredibly absorbent with every single dribble being able to form their own little clumps.

With a round the clock odor control, the products Tidy Lock feature is what makes this product assume the 24/7 name. In other words, courtesy of the Tidy Lock feature, the litter is capable of shielding odor for seven days all day.

Though made from clay, the litter is almost dust-free thus reducing the frustrations and work of having to clean up wherever the cat lies. With 99.6% dust free rating, you have very little to worry about.

It provides triple odor protection by shielding you from urine smell, ammonia smell and feces smell. This 24/7 litter guarantees you maximum performance and your pet will absolutely like it.

What I did not like?

Okay, some cats love to mess with their poop. If you have one of those, stay away from this or else you can return to a house not so clean and good smelling. What’s a pro for the product can turn into a major con at your cat’s whim. Fair warning!


  • The product is incredibly light as compared with the other clay litters
  • Incredible clumping regardless of the lightweight feature
  • It is easy to scoop thus making the cleanup process easy
  • It is almost dust free thus reducing dust related frustrations
  • It offers a 3 in 1 protection, shielding away urine, ammonia and feces


  • Though quite lightweight to lift, its heavyweight to the pockets
  • If your cat likes throwing litter all over, the lightweight feature of this product proves a nightmare to you.
  • Tracking

So will you catch the Tidy Cats Cat Litter 24/7 Performance when it’s tossed to you? The product’s functionality is great but the cost of buying it is quite high. It may also be quite annoying to find the litter scattered all over. If your cat isn’t hyper, then go for it.

World’s best cat litter 391032

2 PACK WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER 391032 Clumping Litter Formula 28-Pound

The World’s best cat litter 391032 delivers that natural, gentle and nice fragrance of wood fibres. It also adds that natural whole-kernel corn absorbency thus offering an outstanding odour control. In addition to the odour control, the product also ensures that the cleanup process is simplified.

It has been designed to eliminate pet odours with a lot of safety, thanks to its quick-clumping feature of this litter that has been made using 100% natural products namely wood fibres and corn. In any way, this is the only forest scented natural litter you will get on the shelves.

The absorbent structure of this product, which keeps smells and odours inside the litter, is all natural. If you want to solve your litter box problems the natural way and with an environmentally friendly product, then your best choice is the World’s best cat litter 391032.

Coming in a 14 pound or 28 pound bag, the product contains a quick clumping formula that makes the clumps not only hard to break but also easy to scoop. It also brags of a 99% dust-free feature hence a reduction of the frustrations associated with such dust.

This litter can be used as a stand-alone cat litter. However, augmentation can be done with other litters thereby coming up with a blend that has a number of positive attributes. For instance, blending this corn based litter with clay based on the bottom layer produces a dust free litter that has high odour and moisture absorbency.

The positive side of this litter is the fact that it is natural thus comes with no side effect to the cats or family. Even if the cat tastes this litter, you are sure that it will remain safe and without any risks of suffering from adverse reactions.

What I did not like?

Does your cat have the habit of messing with soil or try and eat anything and everything? Beware, this one seems to have an uncanny attraction that makes many kitten try to eat it or make a mess of it.


  • it is flushable hence easily disposable
  • one of the very few biodegradable litter
  • clumps easily and effectively
  • Lighter and softer than clay litter, courtesy of the corn that it is made of.
  • It doesn’t have any overwhelming artificial scent
  • Twice as powerful in odor control as compared with many of its counterparts.
  •  No scrapping off the bottom


  • The odor control isn’t as effective as the clay based litter, more so if the cat fails to completely bury the poop
  • It has tracking that is quite challenging to control as compared with clay
  • Some cats tend to try eating it

The World’s best cat litter 391032 offers advanced natural clumping thereby quickly trapping liquids and solids into small clumps that aren’t easily breakable. The smaller and tighter clumps ensure that more liquid is absorbed thus a long lasting solution.

The natural feature makes it safe to be used by a family of cats. This product is just among the best for anyone with a cat in their homes. Get the World’s best cat litter 391032; get a litter worth every single cent of yours.

Tidy Cats Cat Litter (Breeze)

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Cat Litter System Starter Kit

The Tidy Cats Cat Litter (Breeze) is one of those innovative litter boxes you can come across in the market. If features a unique design that separates liquids from solid wastes thus controlling odour and making the maintenance of the litter box much easier

This product features special litter pellets that are 99.9% dust-free, not forgetting the much sought for non tracking feature. The litter pellets allows for free flow of urine to be absorbed by the pad which is located at the bottom end of the box. Solid wastes on the other side remain on top of the box, over the litter pellets and are clumped for easy cleaning.

The faeces are well clumped for easy scooping. One great feature of this product is the fact that the clumps don’t get stuck on the sides of the box as compared with what is seen in other products.

Tidy Cats Cat Litter (Breeze) features a technology that understands the importance of low maintenance. With the use of high quality ingredients, this litter box has been designed to feature low-maintenance box control. It has cat-friendly Breeze Pellets which are 99.9% dust free, is non tracking, and is specially designed to say goodbye to odour and messy litters.

What I did not like?

This one needs pellets that have to be bought regularly. Well that is not the thing that I did not like, but with such pellets I really wouldn’t blame my kitten if she isn’t able to bury the poop completely. At least a lid for the litter would have kept the smell completely sealed.


  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleanup
  • Features an efficient, innovative system, effective for urine odor control
  • Easy for cat urine pads to be disposed
  • Innovative pellets-litter which are easily scoop-able since the cat urine isn’t present and the clumps are not sticky to the sides of the box
  • Nice stylish design
  • Long lasting pads, up to 7 days for a single cat
  • Almost no tracking


  • To maintain the system, one has to buy pellets and pads on a regular basis
  • The litter tray is rather small and not suitable for multiple cats
  • It’s quite noisy, especially if the resident cat is a stubborn digger
  • Instead of the regular litter, the cats need to keep on adapting to the pellets
  • It lacks a hood that would complement the product
  • Since cats aren’t able to dig on pellets, it is not very strange for the feces to be exposed

The Tidy Cats Cat Litter (Breeze) is an effective system that performs exactly as advertised. The main accomplishment of the product is urine odour control together with reduction of the scooping thus making cleanup much easier. There is however a little poops smell.

This is due to the fact that the cats aren’t able to dig into the pellets. The good news is that the special pellets prove effective in covering the smell after just a few minutes.

Fresh Step 261347 Cat Litter

FRESH STEP CAT LITTER 261347 Fresh Step Extreme Odor Solution Scoop Litter Boxes for Cats

Fresh Step 261347 Cat Litter is one of the best products as far as cat litter is concerned. The product features a unique technology which approaches odour shielding by touch. When the faeces are moved around when the cat is digging and covering, the odour control feature is activated.

You find this one nowhere else other than Fresh Step litters. This means that in Fresh Step 261347 Cat Litter, you have a standout product. It also implies that the odour control product is only activated when you need it and not throughout hence wasting it. All credits of this odour control activation upon touch are given to the paw-activated carbon present in the product.

The odour control activation upon touch is also a feature that allows for fast action in performance that ensures the time of cat waste exposure to the open air is very minimal.

Within a very short time, all the odours will be smothered by the activated carbon and the clay in the product. The feature is essential and handy in little litter boxes or the busier ones, that are in areas with poor ventilations and apartments etc.

The product is capable of offering up to ten days of odour control, a really rare fit in deed. This guarantee can be found nowhere else as it is among the longest you can get in the market. To make the product even more formidable, the guarantee stands even in the high traffic boxes.

The good understanding of the clay materials used and the augmentation with activated carbon makes the product very effective in deed.

What I did not like?

First of all this is a clay litter and on top of that it has got a bit pricey tag. Had it not been for some really strong points in favor of it like really good clumping and great absorbing property, this might not even have a market. So, it’s good in some areas, but price puts me off to some extent.


  • It is a perfect odor control, even during sifting and cleaning
  • Easily sift-able
  • Clumping is fairly well
  • Offers extra long odor and smell protection
  • Tracking has considerably been reduced
  • It smells ok unless you are putting your nose in the litter
  • Longer times to change the boxes as compared with the other litters.


  • It is a clay cat litter. Clay isn’t very environmentally friendly
  • It is quite dusty causing a cloud of dust when the cat is digging or during sifting
  • It tends to clump on the trays bottom side, making it quite tricky to scoop out
  • Its perfumed
  • It is a hit-or-miss product online and quite pricy on the local in-stores

If it were not for the dusty and cloudy nature associated with sifting and clawing, is there any other product that would be able to bit the Fresh Step 261323 Cat Litter in the cat litter box industry? There would be none.

With a long guarantee of odour sealing, even with a number of cats, its large space to accommodate a number of cats or cat families, its tight clumping and the anti tracking feature among other pros are what have made this product to cut an edge for itself in the industry.

For now, until I get a litter box without the dust this product emits, and still has exactly the other features it has, I will still continue using the product.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter, Non-Clumping

Purina Yesterday's News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter; Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter

Did you have an idea that the Yesterday’s News Cat Litter, a product by Purina is a top recommended cat litter in the U.S.A by the vets? Now you know. What are the reasons why they recommend this product? What makes it the number one recommended product after cat surgery?

The product comes with a whopping 99.7% dust free feature that allows the cats comfort and proper respiratory healthy even when they are clawing. This feature is not only advantageous to the cat but to you as well.

You really don’t want to keep on changing and washing any linen that the cat steps or lies on. In addition, it will really be costly in terms of time and other resources, to vacuum your house if the cat was to be in a litter characterized with cloudy dusts.

The product is made from recycled and recyclable paper pellets, which are gentle enough on any sensitive paws, offering at least three times more absorption than the clay litters by volume. This means it is amongst the most effective odour control products, more effective than the clay products.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter means you have a Healthy Cat. A healthy cat means a healthy home whereas a healthy home means a healthy and happy world for you.

The product is easy to scoop and to clean, thanks to its ability to clump the faeces into hard clumps. The main reason why you but a litter box isn’t about the ease of cleaning. It is about the ability to control odour. The Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is perfect in that. It may seem unable to control odours but if given the chance, it surely does.

From a weight standpoint, the product is easy to use. With a weight less than that of most of the kitty litters, it is lightweight enough for easy cleaning and use. Where facilities have been established, it is possible to recycle the bag containing Yesterday’s News Cat Litter.

This makes it the most eco-friendly cat litter box in the market. While ensuring the cleanliness of your cat and your home, please don’t forget the cleanliness of the surroundings.

What I did not like?

It’s great being environment friendly and all, but if your pet does not like it then it’s no good. You might have to give it a try at first since there has been some instances of cats not liking the product at all, reason unknown.


  • Though there is some tracking, it is low compared to many of the other products we know of.
  • Accommodates just a single cat
  • It is unscented
  • It is a number one Vet recommended product in the USA
  • 7% dust free feature is incredible
  • It is gentle on the paws, lungs and body of even the weakest cats.


  • Quite some tracking is present
  • Most pets don’t like the product
  • It is quite messy
  • Moisture absorption is not just the best

The product is so clean not only to your cat but also to the entire environment. Other than just being effective in the control of odor and smell, the product prevents environmental degradation.

It comes to us in recyclable package and the product itself is made from recycled ingredients. What an eco-friendly cat litter box the Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is! It is best for any user. Best used for finicky cats.

Feline Pine Cat Litter

 Feline Pine Original Litter, 40 Lbs

This is an eco-friendly type of cat litter box that has been designed and manufactured from pine wood resources. If by any case you are considering going for the Feline Pine Cat Litter, it is prudent that you understand what exactly it is.

The product has been designed with a special dust-free formula that’s non-tracking. It therefore guarantees you no mess and leaves the kitty litter box as clean and as dry as you would want it to be. The formula is also environmental conscious as it is 100% chemical free.

The pure pine is left to naturally eliminate the odors to counter the urine, ammonia and fecal smell. It is a safe product for the kittens, the old cats as well as those post-surgical pets.

Its greatest plus is its ability to counter the urine odors. If you haven’t kept a cat before, cat urine emerges tops amongst the strongest and very pungent smelling things around the home. Although the feces’ smell does fade quickly, that of the urine breaks down into ammonia and starts stinking in the house.

The Feline Pine Cat Litter counters the pungent cat urine smell without addition of any extra deodorant or perfumes as it has its own natural scent that’s effective enough.

Its availability in different forms makes it possible for you to get a product that suits your cat’s needs. It comes in the scoop-able (clumping) form and the regular form. Cats with allergies and respiratory disorders aren’t able to use the clumping option as these can get into their throats and cause complications. At least, you have options to choose from.

What I did not like?

Who said I can’t have both cats and dogs? Those who do should be careful while buying this product as it is not safe for dogs if they eat it. That’s one thing I want to be fixed. Make it safe for all.


  • It is ecologically friendly. The product is not only manufactured from renewable pine resources. It is also biodegradable thus making it a friend to the environment.
  • It comes in different forms for you to choose from. These include pellet form, chips and the finer scoop-litter types
  • It is rich in natural essential oils which are responsible for neutralizing urine odors minus the use of fragrance which are irritating to some pets and people, may be even allergic too.
  • The product is a low dust cat litter type that is almost 100% free of tracking.
  • Urine odors are considerably cut
  • It is natural, and comes from natural products. It is chemical free thus safe for any cat and kitty caretaker.
  • Features a multiple cat homes design


  • It can lead to gastrointestinal complications when ingested by dogs. When using this product, ensure that you deny the curious pooch access to the cat’s litter tray.
  • Some cats tend to detest the pine smell or products consistency. In case your cat is finding it difficult to use the Feline Pine Cat Litter type you have, you may just have to try a different form, i.e. scoop, pellet or the chips.

The Feline Pine Cat Litter offers a safe and effective litter solution that any cat owner would really dream of. The product is eco-friendly, featuring a natural resource design that is recyclable and biodegradable.

It is thus a natural solution for your cat’s needs that’s accompanied with the most sought for cat litter box features namely: anti tracking, odor sealing and low dust formula.


Although there is no scientific side-by-side comparison made between specific cat litters, experts have done a lot of work to make work easier for you when you get out there, shopping for a cat litter box.

The main factors that such experts use to classify the litters include biodegradability; manufacture using clumping clay, the use of Chrystal and non tracking feature among others.

As far as the cat litter boxes are concerned, I do rate the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter and the Fresh Step 261347 Cat Litter as the best and the second best in that order. Life has been easier for me since I discovered these two products.

 When I discover something better, I will move on. But for now, I am Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter and Fresh Step 261347 Cat Litter.