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Best Cat Tree

As many pet owners tend to know cats can be adventurous creatures that find themselves in heaps of trouble before they even know it. This is usually due to a combination of their playful spirit and their strange predilection to scratch everything in sight.

In spite of their relatively few yet sometimes irritating flaws, cats are excellent companions who will more often than not provide an adorable and fluffy friend.


  1. OUR #1 CHOICE: Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in       
  2. Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree    
  3. Furhaven Deluxe Playground Furniture Cat IQ    
  4. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Cat Climbing

Cats tend to love vertical movement. You will find that your cat will attempt to climb most objects in sight, especially when it is young.

This is due to their love for exploration combined with your cat’s instinctual preference to be able to see everything in its immediate surroundings. This is a survival instinct which cats developed throughout their many years in the wild, before domestication.

While you may find that your cat is constantly climbing on your shelves and furniture as a nuisance, your cat simply finds it enjoyable and relaxing to find itself on the high ground.

Many behaviors that cats have which we, as people, typically find annoying or funny go back to their instincts.

Cat Scratching

Another behavior of cats that we tend to find quizzical is their love for scratching. They will scratch your furniture, your walls, your carpets and many other areas they can find.

Cats tend to scratch for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for which cats scratch is to sharpen their claws and remove the worn outer layers of their claws.

Another reason cats like to scratch is a way of marking their territory, so other cats know to stay away, or else they risk confrontation.

You may see their scratching as a nuisance and a way of damaging your home and furniture, but cats see their scratching as a form of social interaction, so it is important to discourage scratching on items of value, but you may encourage it on things such as scratching posts or a Trixie cat tree.

It is important not to entirely discourage your cat’s scratching because as mentioned earlier it is an important method of expression for them and they will very likely continue to scratch even if punished.

The best course of option is to provide them with areas to scratch. The best cat tree will typically have many different areas where your cat can scratch and let off some steam.

Scratching Posts

Regardless of the reasons behind why cats behave the way they do, you can prevent your cat from climbing or scratching around your house through a few methods.

The first and most traditional option is to buy your cat a scratching post. The best cat scratching posts are typically affordable and do not take up too much room. Unfortunately, you may have to set up multiple scratching posts around the house.

A single scratching post may not be enough for some more adventurous cats as they will attempt to scratch at various spots around the house.

Typically, a good solution, in this case, would be to purchase multiple scratching posts of smaller size and position them so that you can teach your cat to instead scratch at the post instead of the furniture, drapes or anything else that they try to scratch.

The Best Cat Trees



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Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree
Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree
Furhaven Deluxe Playground Furniture Cat IQ

Furhaven Deluxe Playground Furniture Cat IQ

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Another option for dealing with a boisterous cat that likes to scratch at places around the house or get into trouble with other cats is to look for the best cat tree (also known as the best cat condo).

You will find that a cat tree is a more pricey alternative to individual scratching posts, but cat trees are unique in that they provide more than just a place for your cat to scratch, they also provide a small home for your cat.

The best cat towers typically provide multiple carpeted levels for your cat to climb, scratch at and enjoy.

These multi-level homes for your feline friends will provide an easy way to get your cat to stop scratching away at things all around your house and also give them a perch from which they can overlook their surroundings. This will also keep them from climbing your furniture.

The best cat tree for kittens will typically feature a larger number of smaller-sized apartments than other cat trees which are designed for adult cats.

Cat trees are very useful if you own more than one cat as the multi-story design of the better models of cat tree will typically allow your cats to form a hierarchy and more quickly sort out their problems than through fights and making your home a mess.

Buying Guide

When searching for the best cat tree, there are many things to take into consideration, the first of which is the type of cat you have and how much space you have.

You could be looking for the best cat tree for large cats, the best cat tree for small apartments, the best cat tree for under $100 or maybe simply the best place to buy a cat tree.

We will attempt to answer each and every one of those questions throughout the course of our best cat tree reviews, but first, we will run through a few of the aspects which go into making the best cat tree.

Before we run through those points, we would like to say that online retailers usually stock the widest variety of cat trees.

  • If you are looking to purchase your cat tree in person, you will likely find a few models available in your local pet shop.
  • If you choose to go the online route, you will typically find the best cat tree for the best price as you can compare and contrast the features and price points of various models, including the models we will review over the course of this review.
  • If you are looking to make a cat tree Amazon purchase, keep in mind that waiting for a sale to come along is a viable strategy to cut a decent percentage off of your price, as Amazon tends to have semi-regular sales available on products like cat trees and other cat accessories.

Cat Tree Characteristics

Some of the most important aspects to consider about your cat tree before making your purchase tend to matter more based on the number of cats you have at home.

If you only have a single cat, you will not need a large number of apartments on your cat tree, while still being able to opt for multiple levels so your cat can climb and enjoy itself.

Another important aspect to consider is whether you have enough room in your home or apartment to fit a cat tree.

If you have low ceilings or you simply do not have enough room, you could always opt for a smaller model of cat tree so your cat can still enjoy the experience just in smaller form. Smaller cat trees will also have the advantage of costing less due to their smaller size.

Another aspect to consider before purchasing your cat tree is affordability. Most cat trees will come at a somewhat reasonable price, but every customer has differing budgets and needs.

Your budget will depend on you, and the most important aspect is balancing the quality of your purchase with the amount of money you spend. As long as you come away from your purchase happy, you have succeeded in this category.

The final aspect that you should consider before making your cat tree purchase is the durability of the model of cat tree which you choose to buy.

A cat tree is an investment which can last you and your cat a long time if you take care of it and your cat does not go out of its way to tear it apart.

If you purchase a durable cat tree, it will certainly help extend the lifespan of your cat’s home and save you the hassle of ordering a new cat tree.

*Reviews Of Cat Tree: 4 Top Brands

#1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree


  • 52 x 26 x 72 inches in height
  • Comes in a beige color
  • Natural sisal rope posts


The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is one of the best cat trees that you will find available for purchase on Amazon as well as one of the most popular offerings in this category. At first glance, it is easy to see why this model of cat tree is so popular with online buyers.

The durable construction combined with the reasonable price point of just over 85 dollars leads to this being an excellent purchase for those looking for a first-time cat tree that still features good build quality.

This cat tree also features two condos, so it works well if you have two cats in the house who tend to climb and scratch and the two toy mice will tend to keep them occupied when they are on the platforms.

#2. Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet

Furhaven Pet – Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens


  • Features cat-IQ jingle box
  • Sisal posts and hanging rope
  • 27.5 x 16 x 55 inches in size


The Furhaven Tiger Tough cat tree stands up to its name by being far more durable than competing cat trees.

This is an ideal model of cat tree to purchase if you have cats who tend to destroy most of the things you buy for them. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure that this cat tree will stand up to even the most dedicated cats and come out still standing.

This cat tree is also one of the best cat trees on this list regarding price point as it comes in at just under 70 dollars. The combination of affordability and durability go a long way towards making this cat tree one of the better and more economical deals you will find online for a cat tree.

#3. Furhaven Deluxe Playground Furniture Cat IQ

Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree

Deluxe Playground w/ Busy Box (Brown)


  • Includes soft-sided cat condo
  • Includes Jingle busy box
  • 28 x 16 x 55 inches in size


Another offering from Fairhaven, this model still features the brand’s legendary durability.

You will find that this type of cat tree is ideal for cats with a certain sense of adventure as it features a large number of accessories for your cat to have fun and occupy itself.

One of the more noticeable toys for your cat to play with is the cat-IQ jingle box which will keep them busy and amused for lots of time.

The inclusion of a soft-sided cat condo gives your pet a place to stay in comfort and luxury on the cat tree, and they will scratch away at the natural sisal scratching posts, saving your furniture endless amounts of damage.

#4. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat Cat Tree


  • 30 x 28 x 65 inches in size
  • Faux fur covering
  • Holds up to 50 pounds in weight


The Armarkat cat tree furniture condo is by far the most luxurious of the cat trees we have reviewed for this article.

This model is priced at just over 120 dollars on Amazon and with good reason. This type of cat tree is possibly the best cat tree we have reviewed.

It features strong wooden platforms coated in the softest of faux fur, and the scratching posts will keep your cat occupied for a considerable amount of time.

The kitty hammock and apartment provide two spots for your cat or cats to play and spend some time relaxing and cooling off from their typical antics. Overall, this is an excellent model for those willing to part with the money.

Additional Cat Structure Building Tips

Cat trees are not exactly cheap; some of them go over a hundred dollars. However, plenty of cat owners buy them for their beloved pets because these structures can further improve their lives and curb certain annoying cat behaviors and practices. They provide a place for felines to scratch, play, sleep and observe things around them.

Cat structure prices are often based on their size, quality and features. While you do not need to spend more than a hundred on a model, you can also create your own and do some customizations with your house’s interiors and cat as the basis for its design.

There are plenty of free cat tree plans online that you can use plus simple instructions on how to build a cat tree.

If you do not want to do any construction, you can simply make use of furniture. If you have some old furniture that you do haven’t used for years like an old shelf or chair, you can transform it into a delightful spot for your felines to play and scratch on.

You can also visit a few thrift shops to check out available pieces that you think your cat will be into. Going to thrift shops for used furniture is probably more cost-effective than running straight to home improvement shops.

All you have to do is to keep an open mind and get those creative juices flowing.

If you want to create something for your furry ones, make sure that you keep those items as safe and secure as possible for your cats. Items for cats can be hazardous if they are not taken care of or handled properly.

However, if you are going to produce them yourself, remember that you can make them more reliable than any item that’s being sold in stores.

Here are extra tips that you need to remember while creating that perfect haven for your felines

Make sure that the cat tree’s overall design is intact and stable

The design of the structure should be capable of handling the weight of cats hopping onto it. Cats do have a substantial weight so be sure that you supplement the whole structure with plenty of support. The last thing you need is a faulty limb or platform and a harmed cat.

Balance is key for a successful design

Cats are able jumpers so make sure that the entire structure has a very formidable base so it won’t tip over as the cat jumps on it. A wide base is always recommended and if you can, attach the assembly to the wall. You can also make do with some heavy-duty straps to support the whole ensemble.

In addition, do place the heavier parts on the lower section of the assembly while the smaller ones must be put on the higher section. The extra weight situated on its foundations will keep it secured.

Fasten the assembly properly

Whatever tool you use to fasten the parts, whether they are nails or screws, make sure that they are all positioned appropriately. See to it that things will not come loose easily. Guarantee that the nails you have pounded on the assembly have been struck into the wood very well because loose nails can be dangerous not only to your cats but to yourself and other individuals.

In case you are using staples on some parts, make sure that you give those staples an additional rap with a hammer to guarantee that they have settled deep within the wood because the majority of staple guns do not go down completely.

Cat trees or condos are a great way for cats to enjoy their play, observe the world around them and focus their scratching habits on those structures. They also provide a great spot for the cats to take their everyday naps.

If you do have a budget for a cat tree, make sure that you get one that suits your cat or cats, with a great quality that can take in weight and last for a long period of time.


Finding the best cat tree for your money is not as difficult as it may appear at first. You must only choose something that best suits your needs, whether you have a single cat or many, and boisterous cats or calm ones, your choice of cat tree will differ.


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