5 Best Foods for Your Cats Sensitive Stomach

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Best Foods for Your Cat’s Sensitive Stomach

Some kittens are born with a sensitive stomach. Just like a human, the cat may also experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

If your cat is experiencing IBS, symptoms may appear such as diarrhea, stomach pain, enlargement of belly and vomiting. As a pet owner, you must be knowledgeable in handling this situation.

Prevent the possibility of developing this problem by selecting the right cat food. Food that is designed for sensitive stomachs may consist of rice, oats and egg protein which helps provide good digestion.

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  1. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food
  2. Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food
  3. Evo Gain Free Turkey and Chicken Formula
  4. Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food
  5. Purina One Sensitive Systems Dry Cat Food

Sensitive stomachs in cats are something that should not be ignored. If your cat is experiencing diarrhea and vomiting more often, it could be a sign of a digestive issue.

Digestive problems cause other symptoms not only stomach upset and pain. It can also lead to abnormal absorption of nutrients in the body which can develop a serious health condition on your cat’s health and well-being.

To avoid this problem, there is various cat food available for sensitive stomachs. They are often labeled as LID or limited Ingredient Diet.

We are aware that our beloved cats can be picky at times and ignore the food we give to them. This scenario can be a sign that there is something wrong with your cat. If their bathroom habit changes, they may also result from having a sensitive stomach.

Cats need to have a high protein diet because they are carnivorous and their kin is adapted from the wild. Domestic cats require also the same diet. As a matter of fact, they are often called as “obligate carnivores” which means they need meat in order to survive.

Your cat’s diet depends on the breed, age, health and body structure. Most of the time, they need amino acid like taurine and arginine accompanied with vitamin A which can be found in food generated from animals.

cat eating sensitive stomach food

What Are The Causes of Digestive Problems in Cats?

When talking about digestive problems in cats, the possible causes are innumerable. The most common explanation are food allergies and sensitivities which leads to digestive issues. However, these problems can also be a result of medical conditions.

Colitis, for example, is a term used that describes inflammation of the large intestines. Acute gastroenteritis is also an indication of inflammation in the digestive tract. IBS, infections, intestinal parasites and food can also be a cause.

These are the signs and symptoms your cat may experience if suffering from digestive problems:

  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Unable to eat
  • Constipation
  • Weakness
  • Gas
  • Enlargement of belly
  • Dehydration
  • Abdominal pain

What Do You Need to Do if Your Cat has Stomach Issues?

If you see your cat suffering from sensitive stomach or digestive problems, take him to the vet immediately. The vet may perform an assessment to come up with the right diagnoses. Once the vet is aware of what is going on with your cat, you can work together to create a plan of treatment.

There are also different kinds of treatment that can be used to treat digestive problems in cats by following the suggestions below:

  1. Right medication to remove the cause of the problem – the most common cause of digestive issues are intestinal parasites, bacteria, viruses and etc. For some reason, if the cause is one of these factors, medication may be prescribed to kill the organisms causing the sensitivity.
  2. Medication to alleviate diarrhea or constipation – Most cats suffering from digestive problems are experiencing constipation or diarrhea. Sometimes both signs are present. If the any of these indication are severe, the vet may be prescribed medications to control the condition.
  3. Fluid Replacement Therapy – Diarrhea is very typical for digestive issues and it can easily result in dehydration in cats. If severe vomiting and diarrhea are present, fluid replacement therapy is a must.
  4. Pain Reliever – If the condition is accompanied by pain, pain reliever may be given to alleviate discomfort. It is important that your vet diagnose the underlying cause of the pain before prescribing the right medication.
  5. Surgery – Bloating and gas can be a cause of abdominal obstruction. In this case, surgery may require to eliminate the pressure caused by gas, fluid or food in the digestive tract.

Right Food is Necessary

Old Cat Not Eating

Cats require certain nutrients in their body and the kind of food to be given depends on their physical structure, age and lifestyle. Owners need to know the right number of nutrients for their cat. Some helpful tips are below: For indoor and outdoor cats

For indoor cats, most of the time they do not require so many calories since they are not very active. The majority of their time is spent with sleeping, licking hair, relaxing, and eating hair.

To remove the hairballs naturally, fiber-rich diet may help accompanied with low-calorie food that will prevent excess weight gain.


Just like a human, cats at different ages have their own nutritional needs. Dietary changes are important for aging cats especially those that are having difficulty walking, weakness and loss of appetite.

Metabolic changes happen by the age of 10 and dietary adjustment in nutritional needs is a must.

Health Issues

There is a specific diet for cats with health issues such as respiratory problems, heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, overweight and tumors. Obesity is the main risk factor and must be implemented with proper diet. Pregnancy and lactating cats need to have a specific kind of diet to achieve the right nutrition.

Determining the right type of food for cats can be challenging. In fact, there are a lot of best cat food online to purchase and you have to be careful in selecting those products online. In this article, you will be able to read honest reviews of the best cat food for sensitive stomach which is categorized below and will be explained later.

The Right Amount of Cat Food

The right cat food consists of essential nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, calcium and phosphorous. A well-balanced diet manage the body’s metabolism to keep the cat healthy all the time. 

High-calorie diet helps a cat with anemia by providing increase blood cell replacement. If your beloved cat is prone to kidney infection or bladder problems, a low amount of PH food is necessary.

Food Diet of Kittens to Adult

  • Kitten – Diet requires 275 calories each day
  • Adult – Should be around 200-300 calories each day
  • Overweight Cats – Requires 180-200 calories each day

Again, the specific number of calories or nutrients may vary depending on their physical structure, lifestyle and age.

Canned or Wet Food?

Canned food type is rich in moisture which is good for cats with urinary tract infections and kidney problems. It also consists of an animal-based protein that your cat may need. The amount of carbohydrates is lessened compare to wet food which is beneficial for your beloved friend. It is also good for their muscle and bones. Cats that are very picky are more likely to eat canned food. However, it is a bit pricey than the dry food.

Top 5 Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs

1. Blue Buffalo Life for Adult Cats with Sensitive Stomach

Blue Buffalo Life

Blue Buffalo life cat food is made with natural ingredients that is rich in antioxidant that is very healthy for your cats. It does not contain any meat products (chicken or pork), soy, soy or any artificial element added. It is good for cats in all life stages.


  • Rich in antioxidant ingredients, vitamins and minerals
  • Good for cats with sensitive stomach
  • Excellent digestion
  • Rich in protein
  • Contains veggies and grains
  • Made with tasty chicken
  • It has an Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that help nourish skin and coat
  • Boost immune system


  • May cause vomiting for some cats
  • Shedding and allergies may develop for some cats
  • A bit expensive compared to other products
  • Some cats may not appreciate the smell

2. I AMS Proactive Health for Cats with Sensitive Stomach 

I AMS Proactive Health for Cats

This cat food is formulated for sensitive stomach. It uses 100% of protein-rich ingredients to promote strong muscles. It has prebiotics that works inside the digestive system to encourage healthy digestion and maintain a healthy weight of adult cats.


  • Good for cats with sensitive stomach
  • Makes the cat healthy inside and out
  • Rich in high-quality proteins to build strong muscles
  • Rich in antioxidants to improve immune system
  • It consists of 7 essential nutrients that is good for the heart
  • It keeps your cat strong and healthy all the time
  • Prepared with L-carnitine to help burn fats easily and encourage metabolism


  • Some cats do not like the flavor
  • May cause vomiting to some cats
  • Other cats refused to ingest it
  • A bit expensive

3. Evo Gain Free Turkey and Chicken Formula

Evo Gain Free

This cat food is a ground chicken and turkey meat food which includes raw fruits and vegetables. It also contains micronutrients and phytochemicals which is essential to your cat’s nutritional needs.


  • It is rich in chicken and turkey based protein
  • It is based on eggs, apples, carrots, vegetables and tomatoes
  • Rich with antioxidant, vitamin A and Vitamin E
  • It has an omega 6 and Omega 3
  • The product is made in the USA
  • No grains included
  • It provides the highest meat content
  • Your cat will definitely love it
  • It is good for digestion
  • It maintains the body tissue due to amino acid


  • Some Evo cat food consists of so many grains
  • The residue may not be appealing to some cats
  • May cause gas to some cats
  • Protein content is very high which can cause kidney problems to cats
  • High content of calories

Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food

Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

It provides a well-balanced diet and necessary nutrition to improve the skin and coat of your cat. It is designed to meet the needs of your indoor cats especially those that have sensitive stomach from ages 1 to 6 years old.


  • Recommended by most vets
  • Good for indoor cats with sensitive stomach
  • Healthy digestion for easy litter box cleaning
  • No added preservatives, flavors and colors
  • It has an antioxidant benefits
  • Comes with a great taste
  • It composes of Omega 6 which is healthy for skin and coat
  • Rich in Vitamin E and C that boost the immune system
  • Cats will love the flavor
  • Good for spayed cats
  • It maintains the bodyweight of your cat


  • Science Diet Cat Food is expensive compare to others
  • Not recommended for kittens, pregnant or lactating cats
  • May cause vomiting to some cats

5. Purina One Sensitive Systems Dry Cat Food

Purina One Sensitive Systems

Purina One Sensitive Systems  consists of nutritional needs to sustain the overall well-being of your cat inside and out. The main ingredient is turkey which is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids with linoleic acid, Vitamin A and E that helps improve skin, eyes and coat of your cat.


  • One of the main ingredients is turkey combined with high-quality protein that keeps the muscles strong
  • It nourishes the skin because of Omega 6
  • Comes with crunchy kibbles that remove plaques and whiten teeth
  • Recommended by the vets
  • Affordable
  • Easy to find in stores


  • May cause vomiting to some cats

Special Considerations

If your cat is suffering from sensitive stomach, it is best to consult this with your vet before purchasing any type of cat food. The vet must be able to suggest a brand that is good for your cat.

cat and purina food

Our product recommendation would be Purina One Sensitive Systems Dry Cat Food which is recommended by the vets. As the name propose, the food is good for cats with a sensitive stomach. It consists of healthy ingredients to cater the cat’s sensitivities.

The essential ingredient is turkey which is designed to improve the overall wellness of your cat. It is affordable and can easily be found in any pet shop or online store.

It is essential to switch to cat food that your beloved friend can tolerate. When switching to a new type of food, slowly introduce a small amount of the new cat food mixed to their regular diet. The transition must take up to 2 weeks. Your cat may exhibit signs and symptoms of digestive upset if the transition is too fast.

Just like human, sensitive stomach is very common for cats. Sometimes it is associated with the breed type, diet or other dominant transitions. Some cats are simply prone to a sensitive stomach. Fortunately, most of the signs associated with stomach upset can be fixed by adjusting their diet.


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