Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo Review

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Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

Do you want something special for your cats – a place where they can gather, play and rest?

Do you want them to stop wreaking havoc on your furniture and curtains?

Then a cat tree might be a good solution to keep your cats’ troublesome behavior in check. Cat trees are a structure with elements that resemble a tree wherein cats can climb up or perch. Some feature extra elements like tunnels, scratching posts, or platforms while some even include a dangling toy or two to keep your felines entertained.

Amarkat’s Classic Cat Tree provides a personal resting/playing spot for your kitties where they can get on with their favorite activities. The model has that traditional cat tree design with an ivory finish that suits any kind of interior décor.



  • Easy to assemble and includes complete step-by-step instructions
  • Can be placed indoors or out of doors
  • Includes 7 scratching posts covered with 100% treated sisal for durability
  • Freestanding model
  • Can accommodate up to 3 cats (40 pounds weight capacity)
  • Includes 4 levels
  • Requires assembly; package includes needed tools
  • Can be cleaned with a moist cloth and common liquid soap
  • Includes 6-month warranty

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The Armarkat company is a company that cat lovers often turn to when they need cat products that they can depend on. They have a line of products aimed at cats and dogs to enrich their lives and keep them comfortable and happy at all times.

One of the company’s frequent bestsellers is their cat tree. Amarkat has a nice selection of cat trees with varying features so they can help put up with any cat and the surroundings they live in.

This particular model has a chic design with 4 levels which contain a snug cat condo. The cat condo offers a comfortable, neat place where your kitties can relax, observe, snooze and give themselves baths. It has a sturdy frame that is made from top-notch wood material, while the covering is made from superior-quality, supple faux fleece to further its comfort factor.

Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree

It has a self-supporting design for easier construction and it also includes a total of 7 scratching posts which also act as overall support for the entire structure. The posts are covered with durable sisal rope for your felines’ scratching habits. It also includes a hanging toy for cats which offers hour-after-hour of entertainment.

This model is a nice addition to your home, especially if you have own a few kitties. It has a satisfying number of levels and scratching posts and it provides a roomy enough condo for your cats to sleep in and play, too. In addition, it also includes a hammock with a fur lining located between the structure’s bottom tiers; another cozy area where your cat can grab some sleep.

Customers have loved the model for its quality construction, materials, and design; many have recommended it, especially cat owners who have several cats.

This particular model was in fact a pared-down version of the original but what is nice about this model is the fact that it still retains all the great qualities of the previous model. It is a tad simplified compared to the model that came before it but what is important here is maintaining product integrity.


Several customers have noticed that the spaces between the levels have gaps of approximately 20 inches. Cats might jump or climb from one spot to another and it might tip the structure over. Thus, if you want to have this around and keep your cats, other folks, and furniture safe, it is a good idea to prop the cat tree up against the wall.


Armarkat’s Cat Tree is a recommended model that will easily suit the needs of both cats and cat owners. It can accommodate up to three cats and will serve as a great place for your cats to rest, play and go about doing their feline business. Quality materials and a strong structure make a great investment; definitely recommended.


Product NameCat Tree
Product BrandArmarkat
Weight44 Pounds
Product Dimensions28 x 25 x 57 inches
MaterialPolyester, Pressed wood


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